Syrian opponents of regime encourage Israeli airstrikes

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

I Stand With IsraelSyrians who are suffering persecution under the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad in their nation’s ongoing civil war declared their fervent support of Israel in its recent campaign to bomb Iranian targets at military bases within Syria.

In fact, a recent Twitter poll conducted by the host of Al Jazeera’s debate program, The Opposite Direction, Faisal al-Qassem, indicates that a majority of his followers (56 percent) – many of whom are Syrian – cast their support for Israel’s airstrikes against Iran inside Syria’s borders.

“[Even though] no Syrian in his right mind would side with Israel against his native Syria, [there are] millions of Syrians lining up with the blue devils [Israel] against the fascist sectarian [Assad] regime that has surpassed all the monsters on earth in killing Syrians,” an anonymous Syrian asserted, according to Breitbart  News.

Another native of Syria acknowledged how Iran has manipulated global sentiment by making Israel out to be the bad guys.

“Iran proved – through its intervention in Syria – that it incited hatred against Israel just to achieve its goals of keeping the regime in power,” one Syrian contended regarding the Islamic Republic’s staging of events designed to get the international community against Israel, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Outpouring of Israeli support in Syria

One knowledgeable source within Syria who backs the opposition against Assad in the Middle Eastern nation’s civil war welcomes Israel’s bombing of Iranian targets within Syria.

“Everybody now – including me – is thinking that if Israel does not hit, then it is afraid – one harsh hit at least,” the Syrian stressed, noting that he hoped Iran and its Assad-supporting terrorist group Hezbollah would be “broken” by the Israeli airstrikes, according to the Jerusalem Post. “After the massive killing inflicted on civilians, the opposition and activists started to see Iran as the biggest enemy, [as] Syrians always compare between Israel and the Iranian-supported regime.”

He went on to note the stark contrast between those who support Assad and those who back Israel.

“If [the father of regime supporter’s daughter [Ahed Tamimi] was a Syrian, would she dare shout at a soldier [as she shouted at Israeli soldiers]?” the Syrian insisted.  “[No … She would be killed [by the regime] immediately.”

It was also noted how Iran has manipulated the Palestinian conflict to turn Syrian regime supporters against Israel.

“It will incite hatred against Israel just to achieve its ideological dream and to keep the regime of clerics in power,” the Syrian opposition supporter explained. “Now they [Israel] faces Iran in Syria. A lot of Arab youth are misled by these two evil regimes [Syria and Iran].”

Even former al-Qaeda Syrian leader Saleh al-Hamwi, who was the founder of the jihadist Nusra Front in 2012, praised Israel for its anti-Iranian attacks on Syrian military bases, calling for the Jewish State to quickly “uproot” Iran from Syria.

“We welcome any Israeli aerial or naval bombardment against the [Syrian] regime and Iran in Syria,” al-Hamwi posted on Twitter after the airstrikes. “We urge them to do more. And we say to Israel: Your silence over Iran’s intervention in Syria will turn against you. It’s inevitable. Act with haste to uproot them.”

He went on to stress how Iran strategically had its drone violate Israeli airspace to lure Israeli fighters into the range of anti-aircraft munitions that were stationed at the Syrian military base from which the UAV (drone) launched.

“[Iran] sent a drone and penetrated Israeli airspace with the prior knowledge that Israel would respond and bomb the launch site of the UAV,” he continued in his tweet, according to the Times of Israel. “A decision was made in advance to bring down any Israeli fighter plane that would bomb the airport [using the Russian-made S-200 air defense system].”

Israeli support elsewhere in the Middle East

Support for Israel from abroad came from the head of Iraq’s Shi’a Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq militia, Qais al-Khazali, who sent out a series of tweets commending the only democracy in the Middle East.

This pro-Israel sentiment was also reflected in Saudi Arabia via an influential Saudi by the name of Mansour al-Khamis, who claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood backs Iran, Hezbollah and Assad’s Syrian dictatorial regime.

“A happy day that Israeli planes bomb Hezbollah and Iran sites in Syria and other sites of the Bashar [Assad] regime,” al-Khamis tweeted to his 29,000 followers in Arabic on Saturday, according to the Jerusalem Post. “I will stand not to salute the Israeli Army, but to that the oppressors will destroy the unjust.”

Over the weekend, tensions in the Middle East’s “Powder Keg” were ignited by Iranian operatives working out of Syria in order to draw Israeli’s retaliation, which in turn brought on a slew of support for the Jewish State.

“The Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace early Saturday morning and remained there for a minute and a half before being downed by a combat helicopter,” Breitbart’s Deborah Danan reported. “In response, Israel launched airstrikes on 12 Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria, including three air-defense batteries and four Iranian targets such as the control center that launched the drone, marking what IAF Air Staff Commander Brig. Gen. Tomer Bar said was ‘the biggest and most significant attack the air force has conducted against Syrian air defenses since Operation Peace for the Galilee’ in 1982 during the First Lebanon War.”

In an attempt to downplay Israel’s strong and devastating response to Iran’s luring strategy, the Assad-supporting and Iranian-backed Lebanese militia Hezbollah praised Syria’s air defenses, which took credit for downing one of Israel’s F-16 fighter jets.

“This is the beginning of a new strategic era that puts an end to the violation of Syrian airspace and territory,” the Islamic terrorist group proclaimed in a statement that was published by the ANI news agency in Lebanon, according to the Times of Israel.

Rubin, DavidSituation intensifying, Bibi getting serious

Chad Groening, Carrie Hart (

U.S.-born Israeli author and terrorism expert David Rubin says the shooting down of the Israeli F-16 fighter over the weekend is a sign that things are heating up in the Middle East.

The Israeli jet was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire after Israel intercepted an Iranian drone that was launched from Syria. Israeli Defense Forces targeted the Iranian control systems in Syria that launched the drone. The F-16 crashed in Israel and the pilots were able to eject to safety. It's the first time Israel has lost a fighter jet in more than 30 years.

Rubin says things are heating up on the northern border.

"We've been building up to this for a while," he tells OneNewsNow. "But in recent months they've been moving Hezbollah and Iran's revolutionary army – the Islamic Revolutionary Army's units – into Syria; so things have been getting really hot. And it's gotten to the point where we've have Iranian drones trying to infiltrate Israeli air space."

General Amos Yadlin, head of Israeli Military Intelligence during the second Lebanon war, spoke to journalists about the recent clashes on Israel's northern border.

"I think it is the most powerful or serious event, maybe since the Second Lebanese War, or the alleged Israeli attack on the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007."

Iran is trying to establish ground, sea, and air bases in Syria – and to upgrade Hezbollah's military capabilities both in Syria and Lebanon. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been cautioning against any attempt by Iran to do that. Rubin says Netanyahu is serious.

"Israel is moving reinforcements to the northern border, and things are very tense," he shares. "The security cabinet has been meeting. And it could be leading to war very soon."

Israel's strategic goal is not to allow Iran to establish a permanent base in Syria – and if either country crosses Israel's red lines, the clashes are expected to continue.


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