Pence sees 'hand of Heaven' on Israel, U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

Thursday, November 30, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (

Mike Pence flag micWhile commemorating the 70th anniversary of the United Nations’ vote leading to the reestablishment of Israel after 2,000 years, Vice President Mike Pence recognized God’s hand on the Jewish State today and said it is just a matter of “when” and “how” the United States Embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

"While Israel was built by human hands, it's impossible not to see the hand of heaven here, too," Pence declared, according to CBN News, while addressing the crowd at the Queens Museum in New York City – the site of the original U.N. vote in 1947 that called for a Jewish state to be created in the land of Israel after its people were dispersed throughout the for nearly two millennia.

The organizer of the event – Israel’s ambassador to the U.N., Danny Danon – recreated the museum to appear as it did seven decades ago during the historic vote, and he recounted Israel’s resurgence into world as a global leader and power.

“Seventy years ago, in this very room – in these very seats where you are sitting today – the dream of the Jewish people of 2,000 years came true,” Danon reminded the crowd, according to the Jerusalem Post. “In 1897, Theodor Herzl dreamed of the impossible. In 1947, the Jewish people realized the impossible. And today, in 2017 – 70 years later – the modern State of Israel has made the impossible, possible. From this day onward – for the next 70 years and beyond – Israel will continue to be a beacon of democracy … a powerhouse of innovation and a light unto the nations.”

Pro-Israel through and through

Pence also spoke on the need for the Jewish State to remain independent from the Palestinians – going against the pleas of the U.N., Arab world and other pro-Palestinian diplomats pushing for a two-state solution.

"The horrors of the Holocaust reminded the world that the safety and security of the Jewish people could not be assured," the former governor of Indiana insisted, according to CBN News.

He also maintained that even though previous U.S. presidents have indicated that they would relocate the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, President Donald Trump is taking action steps to ensure that the transition actually takes place during his administration.

"President Trump is actively considering when and how to move the American embassy," the evangelical Christian politician assured those in attendance.

Israel’s safety first

Pence also reinforced America’s dedication to Israel as its longstanding ally in the Middle East – the only democracy among it enemies in the volatile region known as the “Powder Keg.”

“[The United States] stands with Israel because her cause is our cause, her values are our values and her fight is our fight," the pro-Israel VP reinforced.

The Trump administration’s unwavering commitment to support Israel – as opposed to the Obama administration’s pro-Palestinian stance – was also reinforced.

[Under the Trump administration, the U.S. will] always stand with Israel,” Pence proclaimed, according to the Jerusalem Post. “As President Trump says, ‘If the world knows nothing else, let them know this: America stands with Israel.’”

Trump’s decertification of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal brokered by former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry was also mentioned during Pence’s speech in the Big Apple.

“[O]ur administration is working with Congress to overcome some of the Iran deal’s most glaring problems,” the emphatic VP stressed. “Under President Trump, the U.S. will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. This is our solemn promise to you, to Israel and to the world.”

He also touched on the president’s commitment to push for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, noting that Trump has made progress toward reaching that goal in recent months.

“And while compromise will be necessary, you can rest assured: President Trump will never compromise the safety and security of the Jewish State of Israel,” Pence continued.

He went on to remind the crowd that the approval of the international community and other diplomats are not needed to establish the right for Israel right to exist.

“[Israel does not need a resolution to call for its existence] because its right to exist is self-evident and timeless,” Pence impressed, according to the Israeli daily.

He also indicated that the U.N.’s anti-Israel agenda – seen late last year in its resolution against Israeli settlements the month before Obama left office – has come to a close, as the Trump administration has threatened to cut off its funding to the global agency if such anti-Semitic policy decisions persist.

“[T]he days of Israel-bashing at the United Nations are over,” Pence vowed, according to The Hill.

It was also announced by Pence that he is slated to address the Knesset during his visit to Israel next month, CBN News reported.

Americans and Israelis are anticipating a positive reaction to Pence’s speech via video in the upcoming days by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

About the move …

Pence’s assurance that the U.S. Embassy’s move to Jerusalem is just a matter of time comes nearly half a year after Trump’s balk to push the plans forward.

“Although Trump pledged repeatedly during his campaign to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, he signed a waiver on June 1 blocking the move,” the Jerusalem Post’s Herb Keinon recounted.

However, the vice president’s assurance this week is a positive indication that Trump will shift the plans for the move back into gear.

“Congress passed a law in 1995 mandating moving the embassy, but stipulated that each U.S. president could sign a waiver every six months that would effectively keep the embassy in Tel Aviv,” Keinon added. “Trump will have to make a decision within the next couple weeks whether to sign it once again.”


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