P.A. using U.S. funds to slaughter Israelis

Friday, July 28, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian leader)American money given to the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) as aid was used to pay the monthly salary of a family of an Islamic Palestinian terrorist who killed three Israeli Jews and wounded a fourth – a salary that is determined by how many Jewish people a terrorist is able to murder.

The family of United States government-funded terrorist, 19-year-old Omar al-Abed, is receiving more than $3,000 per month – reaping the rewards of their jihadist son for fatally stabbing three of 10 Israeli family members, according to an account given by Brandon Morse on TheBlaze’s Glenn program.

Unsolved problem

The fact that the P.A. – led, in part, by the internationally recognized Islamic terrorist group, Hamas – has made it a habit of using foreign funds to carry out acts of jihad has done little to deter the U.S. and its European allies from handing over more than a billion dollars to the militants. It appears that President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have endeavored of late to put an end to P.A.’s underhanded dealings to use foreign money to wage jihad against Israel and the West.

“The problem is not just that the P.A. uses the massive aid it gets from both the European Union and the United States to pay for terrorism – in just the last four years, they have doled out more than $1.1 billion to those who seek to kill Jews, Israelis and Americans,” the New York Post reported last month. “But by going public about this outrage, Trump and Tillerson have staked their reputations on ending it.”

The deceitful ways of P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas resurfaced after his recent visit to the U.S.

“When Abbas visited the White House in early May, he told Trump the Palestinian Authority didn’t conduct incitement or pay terrorist salaries,” the Post’s Jonathan S. Tobin recounted last month. “But by the time Trump met with Abbas in Bethlehem weeks later, he learned that the Palestinian leader had lied. Reportedly, Trump pounded the table while demanding Abbas clean up his act.”

It is reported that U.S. leadership is unwise in giving the Palestinians the benefit of the doubt regarding its claim that it no longer funds Islamic terrorism.

“But apparently neither Trump nor Tillerson has drawn the logical conclusion from this exchange.,” Tobin continued. “Abbas has a long record of lying about his connections to violence – as well as the hate broadcast on the P.A.’s official media … and taught in its schools.”

Coming back to haunt the U.S. … and terrorize Israel

The most recent U.S.-funded pay-to-slay endeavor was reportedly sparked by a recent attempt by Israel to revamp its security around its holy sites.

“[A]ll this began when Israeli security forces put metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem,” TheBlaze’s Glenn Beck shared. “Via the chalkboard, {Morse] illustrated how the Muslim section of the temple overlooks the Jewish and Christian sections, leaving those worshipers vulnerable to attack.”

Shortly after government officials received much opposition to the controversial metal detectors, Israeli security forces began removing them early Tuesday.

Never good enough

Despite Israel’s efforts to appease its hostile neighbors occupying the West Bank and Gaza Strip by removing the metal detectors, Palestinians continued their boycott of the holy site.

“Violent clashes broke out in Jerusalem’s Old City on Tuesday evening as Muslim worshipers kept up mass demonstrations and refused to enter a sacred plaza outside a contested shrine – even after Israel removed the metal detectors that had sparked the unrest,” the Los Angeles Times reported. “The move by Israel was a bid to defuse tensions that have sown a tide of unrest and a diplomatic crisis, but mass prayer services devolved into rock throwing, with Israeli police forcibly dispersing the demonstrators with sound bombs. A witness said that several demonstrators were injured by police gunfire.”

Israel was prompted to install metal detectors after two Israeli police officers were fatally shot by an Arab Israeli on July 14 at the holy site – the location of the Temple Mount revered by both Israeli Jews and Christians alike. It is also sacred to Muslims, who call it the Noble Sanctuary, where they believe their prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

Soon after Israel’s increased security precautions were in place, the Jewish State received much opposition from the outside, causing its officials to rethink their safety measures.

“Following days of quiet talks with Jordan – the official custodian of the Muslim sites in Jerusalem – and mediation from the White House, Israel’s Cabinet voted to replace the metal detectors with $29 million worth of high-resolution cameras equipped with ‘smart’ technology to inspect worshipers,” the Times’ Joshua Mitnick recounted. “But leaders of the Muslim Waqf authority at the holy site announced on Tuesday morning that the new surveillance devices would still be an unacceptable infringement on the rights of the worshipers and instructed followers to remain outside the complex in protest.”

At the head of the protests, Abbas warned that he would not resume his contacts with Israel unless it cancelled its beefed-up security measures.

“[The P.A. will] study the new developments [to] decide where to go from here,” Abbas announced on Tuesday, according to the Times.

Reflecting their obstinate leader, thousands of anti-Semitic demonstrators crammed onto the street, calling for “rockets” and “bullets” to take down Israelis at the holy plaza’s Lions Gate entrance, where militant Palestinians stood across from Israeli police suited in riot gear and armed with machine guns.

“We are not afraid of your cameras,” the hostile demonstrators chanted, the Times reported.

Taking a break from their militant battle cries, the Islamic worshipers lined up in rows several hundred feet from where the metal detectors were removed, chanting “God is great” while kneeling and bowing” to Allah.

Trying to motivate Palestinians to continue their demonstrations – even after Israel compromised by removing its metal detectors – a Muslim speaker gave a brief sermon to keep pressuring the Israeli government to remove the state-of-the-art security cameras, as well.

“Don’t become bored … don’t become frustrated,’’ the Muslim cleric urged the worshipers, according to the Los Angeles daily. “We must remain united.”

It was contended by Israeli authorities – in retrospect – that the installation of metal detector was a bad idea.

“They cause tensions with our neighbors and our enemies took advantage of it,’’ Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz told Israel’s public radio on Tuesday, the Times noted. “The considerations are not just security on the Temple Mount. They are strategic [and] geopolitical.”

In addition to the state-of-the-art security cameras – and in the absence of the metal detectors – Israel announced that security detachments around the holy esplanade would be reinforced, as police armed with machine guns patrolled the surrounding streets in teams of four.

Even though the holy plaza was all calm and virtually empty by midweek – except for some foreigners and Jewish visitors spotting the vicinity – an Israeli policeman on guard duty at the entrance, which is now devoid of metal detectors, was skeptical about the tensions subsiding any time soon.

“We don’t trust their calm,” the Israeli law enforcement officer asserted.

Unrest continues, as demonstrators insist that Israel’s removal of the metal detectors at the security gates was only a momentary win for the Palestinians – arguing that Israel is augmenting its control over the holy site with the installation of the cutting-edge surveillance equipment.

“We don’t feel victory, because the cameras are worse than the metal detectors,” 48-year-old construction worker Salah Abu Sneineh insisted after the evening prayers, according to the Times.


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