Public U.K. donations funding Islamic terrorism

Sunday, July 16, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (

Islam in EnglandGreat sums of money through public donations are being raised by militant Islamic organizations in the United Kingdom, according to a report released by the British government.

U.K. Home Secretary Amber Rudd revealed that the jihadist groups are taking in funds to fuel their terrorist activities within the island nation and abroad.

“In some cases, these organizations receive hundreds of thousands of pounds a year,” Rudd announced in a statement obtained by the U.K. daily, The Times. “This is the main source of their income. Those giving may not know or support the organizations’ full agenda.”

It was indicated by Rudd that some of the British Muslim donors were quite possibly scammed by the Islamic terrorist groups, which acted as though they were legitimate charitable organizations.

“[The government will work] to encourage people to understand the full aims of the organizations that they give to,” Rudd continued.

Saudi-based terrorism?

A tweet posted by Breitbart’s London office noted that Saudi Arabia is the likely recipient of the contributions.

"It is thought the report focused on Saudi Arabia" Breitbart London posted on Twitter on June 17.

The conservative British news outlet suggested that government officials could be covering things up to protect their Middle Eastern ally.

“The report has generated significant interest, with much speculation that the Government is refusing to publish the report – in case it implicates Saudi Arabia as a key exporter of extremism,” Breitbart News' Jack Montgomery noted.

Of the mentioned foreign funding sources for Islamic terrorism in the U.K., the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) – a conservative think-tank – notified in an independent report that the Wahhabi theocracy is one of the main groups suspected.

"While entities from across the Gulf and Iran have been guilty of advancing extremism, those in Saudi Arabia are undoubtedly at the top of the list,” the author of the HJS report, Tom Wilson divulged. “[Research] indicates that some Saudi individuals and foundations have been apparently heavily involved in exporting an illiberal, bigoted Wahhabi ideology.”

The directives disseminated – courtesy of donation funds – could very likely be fueling future Islamic terrorist attacks.

“The kingdom's 60-year campaign to export Wahhabism – a strict interpretation of Islam – has led to support for mosques and Islamic institutions that appear to have links to extremism, the [HJS] organization said,” U.K.’s reported. “It found there have been ‘numerous’ cases of Britons who have joined jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria, whose radicalization is thought to be linked to foreign-funded institutions and preachers.”

Exporting jihad

Wilson emphasized that overseas financing for jihad in Britain predominantly derives from governments and state-backed foundations along the Persian Gulf, including Iran.

“There is a clear and growing link between foreign funding of Islamist extremism and the violent terrorism we have witnessed across the U.K. and Europe,” Wilson impressed. "The key now is to get ahead of the issue and find out the full extent of what has been going on. A public inquiry would go some way to informing the debate."

The presumed government coverup recently shot across social media waves.

“Downing Street Accused of Burying Terror Report to Protect Saudi Arabia,” Breitbart London tweeted on July 4.

The HJS report showed that directives to implement militant Islamic practices taught in Muslims’ holy book, the Quran, were being financed through the solicited funds.

“[Foreign funds were being used to educate Muslims in] deeply conservative forms of Islam and [provide] highly socially conservative literature and preachers to U.K. Islamic institutions,” the government report explained.

Despite the disturbing information that could be used in the interest of national security, Rudd is still determined to withhold the full report.

“Having taken advice, I have decided against publishing the classified report produced during the review in full,” the British home secretary stressed. “This is because of the volume of personal information it contains and for national security reasons. We will be inviting privy counsellors from opposition parties to the Home Office to have access.”

A similar government coverup to protect the Saudis was witnessed two years ago under different British leadership – former British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Cameron Pulls Publication Of Muslim Brotherhood Report after Saudi Pressure,” Breitbart London tweeted on March 17, 2015.

In fact, it was the exact same British political party that was protecting Saudis – above its own citizens.

“This is not the first time the Tories have been accused of covering up Saudi involvement in extremism,” Montgomery recounted. “In 2015, former Prime Minister David Cameron was accused of burying the Jenkins Report, which exposed connections between British front organizations for the Muslim Brotherhood and terror networks in the Middle East – under pressure from the Saudi regime.”

Will anyone step up?

There have been different indications as to whether or not anything will be done to ramp up the protection of British citizens from Islamic militants, as the island nation continues to be besieged in the name of jihad.

“Prime Minister Theresa May – who visited Saudi Arabia earlier this year – has faced accusations she is ‘kowtowing’ to the kingdom by ‘suppressing’ a report into the funding of extremist groups in the U.K.,” Political Reporter Alan McGuinness informed. “An inquiry was ordered by her predecessor, David Cameron, in 2015, but reports have suggested the findings may never be published because of the sensitivity of the information regarding Saudi Arabia.”

Another politician from one of Britain’s more Right-leaning parties, Labour Party MP Dan Jarvis, insisted that something must be done in light of the new revelation.

“[The report] sheds light on what are extremely worrying links between Saudi Arabia and the funding of extremism here in the U.K." Jarvis asserted, according to, as he called upon the British government to fully release the inquiry’s report.

In an attempt to assure British citizens that their security is a prime concern, a government spokesman sent out a message it British authorities are doing what they can to deter future Islamic terrorist attacks.

"Defeating the evil ideology of Islamist extremism is one of the greatest challenges of our time,” the spokesman announced, according to "The Commission for Counter-Extremism, which the PM announced earlier this year, will have a key role to play in this fight. We are determined to cut off the funding, which fuels the evils of extremism and terrorism, and will work closely with international partners to tackle this shared global threat, including at the upcoming G-20 summit."

Sheer denial

Countering the claims made by the government and independent reports on the matter, the Saudi embassy insisted that the Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with supporting jihadist groups.

“[The kingdom] has not and does not support or fund any group that has direct or indirect links to any terrorist organization," the Saudi embassy expressed in a statement, according to "Accusations that blame the Kingdom for radicalizing a small number of individuals are baseless and lack credible evidence. Terrorist ideology knows no nationality, language or borders.”

The statement argued that Saudis are on the side of the British when it comes to fighting jihad.

"All charitable donations to educational and religious establishments by the Saudi state are made to registered charities in the U.K.,” the Saudi embassy continued in its statement. "Saudi charities are prohibited from transferring money abroad and cannot operate abroad, except through the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre or the Saudi Red Crescent, which is a semi-government entity. Saudi Arabia has been at the forefront of fighting the spread of extremism and terrorism at home and abroad."


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