Proof is in the footage: Iran's missiles destined for Eastern Seaboard?

Friday, January 30, 2015
Michael F. Haverluck (

Verifying what conservatives in Washington have been saying all along, a video recently acquired by an Israeli news agency is being used as proof that Iran is more than on its way to developing and delivering a nuclear warhead with the Eastern Seaboard's name written all over it.

A Closer LookIt is now known that a 90-foot missile created by the Islamic Republic of Iran is well on its way to hit the skies in the near future on an intercontinental flight across the Atlantic — information that was made available thanks to satellite footage recently captured by Israel's Eros-B satellite.

An on-the-ground source based in Jerusalem, Israel — Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) News Middle East bureau chief Chris Mitchell — says it is just a matter of time before this weapon of mass destruction will be unleashed from an area not far from Iran's capital.

"This never-before-seen missile and launch site stand outside Tehran appear capable of sending a rocket into space or being used as an ICBM [intercontinental ballistic missile] to launch an attack on a long-range target," Mitchell reports. "Some reports indicate the Pentagon estimates it may have been two years in development."

Confirmation that Iran's nuclear program is busy at work to turn out ICBMs has been given by former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Dore Gold, who says the United States' Eastern Seaboard will be well in range — soon.

"Originally many in the U.S. think of Iran, as well you know — that's a problem for Saudi Arabia or Israel, but it's not our problem," Gold told Mitchell in a CBN News television interview. "That's not true. The trend in Iranian planning for long-range missiles that can eventually reach the Eastern Seaboard of the United States — that's a given now."

Is the WH raising white flag against Iranian threat?

This kind of information is reportedly the exact kind of news out of Iran that the White House wanted to avoid when it chided the House of Representatives for inviting Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak several weeks from now at the U.S. Capitol about the imminent Islamic threat in the Middle East (Iran) – a threat the Obama administration has been attempting to play down. Obama's lenient and sympathetic foreign policy toward Israel's militant Muslim Middle Eastern neighbors, including jihadi terrorists operating from within the West Bank and Syria, are topics the president would allegedly rather Netanyahu not visit.

satellite image of Iranian missile launcher 620x300But with the recent discovery transmitted from Israel's satellite (image compliments of CBN News), Gold says Netanyahu is more than eager to accept the invitation extended by House Speaker John Boehner to address a joint session of Congress in March. According to CBN News, Netanyahu is willing to set aside his recent tensions with the Obama administration that have escalated over recent months in an attempt to make an appeal to a captive audience in Washington, DC, to personally issue an alert about the real threat that Iran poses to both Israel and America — and the entire planet, for that matter.

Despite all of the red flags about Iran's nuclear program over the years, the Obama administration continues to want to treat the Islamic Republic as an ally rather than a threat — not only taking the possibility of military action off the table, but sanctions, as well.

"Yet the White House and Congress differ on how to respond to the Iranian threat," Mitchell argues. "The administration wants to negotiate, while congressional leaders from both parties prefer any negotiations to include the threat of sanctions."

This kind of acquiescence and cozying up to the Islamic terrorist regime in Iran was recently pointed out by Senator Bob Menendez (D-New Jersey) in a candid statement he made before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a hearing on Iran and the threat it posed to the U.S. and the only democracy in the Middle East — its Israeli allies.

"The more I hear from the administration and its quotes, the more it sounds like talking points that come straight out of Tehran," Menendez expressed to his colleagues.

This problem in the White House was also addressed by Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee). He recently shared his frustration with his inability to comprehend how Obama can threaten to veto upcoming congressional legislation concerning America's foreign policy with Iran before it's even been written up.

"For Congress not to have the ability to weigh in on this, which has such geo-political importance in a place where Congress has played such an important role, is ridiculous and candidly irresponsible for Congress not to play a role," Corker recently told news agencies in Jerusalem, according to the CBN News Bureau there.

But time is running out for action to stop Iran's nuclear program dead in its track, and whether the Obama administration will block efforts to put the reins on the Islamic Republic of Iran will be seen in the upcoming months.

"The United States and five other nations negotiating with Iran on its nuclear program have set a June 30 deadline for reaching a final settlement," Mitchell informed. "Some leaders on both sides of the Atlantic believe the expanding nuclear and missile program represents Iran's ultimate goals of attacking what it calls 'the little Satan' (Israel) and 'the great Satan' (the United States)."


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