Lying media ups its game as cities burn, Election Day gets closer

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl (

Portland riots - carrying shieldsGlowing examples of media bias are nothing new for anyone paying attention but those examples are quickly becoming more numerous, and more desperately audacious, as Election Day nears.

The now-demolished “autonomous zone” in Seattle, the scene of murders and robberies, and a security guard handing out guns from the trunk of his car, was hailed by The New York Times at the time as a “experiment in life,” and NPR wrote about the food co-ops and festive music.

But that is yesterday's manipulated news. A few hours south in Portland, which has endured nightly riots and street fighting, a CNN correspondent mocked claims of Antifa militants in the streets with a serene scene from the city.

Downtown Portland “remains intact with no raging fires,” Josh Campbell assured readers via Twitter. “There are some routine contrails (not chemtrails!) above the city from arriving flights, but no indication any of those airplanes are bringing in brigades of Antifa commandos.”

Josh Campbell Portland tweetIn a 36-word tweet, the CNN reporter managed to blend a conspiracy theory about chemtrails with a claim no one has made --- that Antifa thugs are landing by the planeload – in what appears to be an attempt to mock claims of violence. 

What is true, however, is that the same day Campbell posted the photo and his mocking statement the city’s liberal mayor was condemning the nightly acts of violence.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe in their community. This is what we’re all supposed to be fighting for,” Mayor Ted Wheeler stated on Twitter. “But last night saw more senseless violence in Portland. Another minority-owned, local business was destroyed by a violent group of individuals.”

The time stamps on Campbell’s tweet shows it was published at 12:42 p.m. on Sept. 1. The mayor’s call to end the nightly violence was published that same day, on Tuesday, at 7:42 that same evening.

Back in Seattle, later that same night, journalist Andy Ngo filmed an Antifa mob firebombing the police department's East Precinct. 

Portland riots - fence“I kinda respect the new two-pronged attack from Leftists on the rioting,” Jesse Kelly, a Texas-based talk show host, reacted on Twitter. “On one hand, there’s no rioting. On the other, all this violent rioting is Trump’s fault.”

Kelly went on to call Campbell’s claim “brilliant” on the basis that there is “no limit to what you can push if you’re unmoored by truth or reality.”

“They don't want you to believe your lying eyes that what's going on in Kenosha and Portland is happening,” says Curtis Houck of the Media Research Center. “Police officers are not getting bricks thrown at them, fireworks launched at them, lasers pointed at them attempting to blind them.”

In the riot-torn city of Kenosha, meanwhile, the lethal street battle between 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse and a left-wing mob that was chasing him has made national news. NPR, for example, reported correctly in Twitter headline that President Trump is defending Rittenhouse’s actions that killed two and wounded one, calling it self-defense. But the headline also claimed, quite wrongly, that Trump is doing so much without any evidence.

NPR logoNumerous news outlets, including an in-depth analysis by The New York Times, have reported on video footage of the lethal confrontation.

The NPR story itself didn’t fare better: It mentions a “graphic video from the chaotic scene” but fails to describe the video itself.

The video evidence shows a compelling case of self-defense, Houck insists.


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