'Panicmongers' ripped for inconsistency on COVID, flu

Sunday, July 19, 2020
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Coronavirus patientDemocrats and other “panicmongers” spreading fear about the coronavirus pandemic – while calling for renewed lockdowns, self-quarantines and school closures – are being called out for not raising the same level of alarm for the flu every year, which statistics show children spread more rapidly ... and is much more deadly.

In an op-ed for TheBlaze, Daniel Horowitz noted how the flu frequently causes life-threatening pneumonias to perfectly healthy children every year, while COVID-19 almost exclusively kills those with preexisting medical conditions.

Really for the safety of the children?

While the left continues to press for the re-closure of schools and the economy over the coronavirus, pandemic alarmists are being asked why they didn’t sound the alarm for such closures when learning about the fatality of the flu season earlier this year – when Democrats were in business-as-usual mode.

It is indicated that anti-Trumpers and pandemic promoters show little concern for deaths when they cannot be used for political advantage, as was demonstrated when Democrats ignored a January CNN report about the deadly flu season that killed 174 school-age children last year. But this received virtually no coverage by the leftist mainstream media.

“[L]ike most facts that can be gleaned through extensive research online, if it's not published incessantly in daily headline news and obsessed about by the media-political complex, people don't know about it – and if they don't know about it, they are not scared of it,” Horowitz pointed out. “The reality is that every flu season, many more children die from this common ailment than have from COVID-19, and unlike with COVID-19 – where the rare pediatric deaths are among those who have serious conditions – many of the flu deaths occur in perfectly healthy children.”

He stressed that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) declared that “influenza is dangerous to children,” while reminding Americans that it considered the 2017–2018 flu season a pandemic when reporting approximately 600 pediatric deaths – and the mortality of the flu is nothing new …

“A 2018 CDC study of six flu seasons concluded that half of flu-related deaths occurred in otherwise healthy children, 22% of whom were fully vaccinated,” Horowitz added. “Thus, even with a vaccine, the flu is still much more deadly for children, especially perfectly healthy children.”

And the flu is a much quicker killer than COVID-19, too – to healthy children.

“Nearly two-thirds of children died within seven days of developing symptoms,” the CDC study divulged. “Over one-third died at home or in the emergency department prior to hospital admission. In fact, children without other medical conditions that would predispose them to serious flu complications were more likely to die before hospital admission.”

Unlike the mostly asymptomatic coronavirus, the flu is often accompanied with severe symptoms that bedridden kids for more than a week – even causing side effects including blindness – but calls for school closures and quarantines are rarely made over it.

“Thus, if we are going to limit or modify schooling and mandate that kids wear suffocating masks all day, shouldn't this be done every year from November to April – by a factor of 10,” Horowitz posed. “And given that the flu does linger for all months of the year – at least at the threat level of COVID-19 to children during the off months – if schools are closed for COVID-19, shouldn't they always be closed because of the flu?”

He then called out alarmists bombarding the media with apocalyptic fears, warnings and daunting statistics that are frequently inflated and debunked.

“[I]f you give me control of the media and medical academia for a month, I will have every parent in America easily convinced that children must be locked down forever,” Horowitz assured. “If the threat level of COVID-19 to children is the new threshold for shutdown, we are done as a civilization – even if this particular virus becomes extinct tomorrow. Remember, unlike with this virus – where children barely contribute to community spread – with the flu, children contribute substantially to the spread and pick it up most often from other kids in school.”

He recounted how many states – such as California – are keeping school campuses closed and resorting to online teaching … while noting that not even one child in the most populous state of 40 million people has died from COVID-19.

It was also noted that students have a better chance of dying in a car accident or in a school playground accident than from the coronavirus, but many superintendents are insisting that they shouldn’t reopen schools until a vaccine is developed. Then the question was posed about the real agenda behind closing schools.

President Donald Trump answered this question before it was asked after tweeting, “SCHOOLS MUST OPEN IN THE FALL!!!”

He recently contended it was merely a pre-election ploy by his Democratic rival.

“Corrupt Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t want to open schools in the Fall for political reasons – not for health reasons!” he later stated, according to Fox News. “They think it will help them in November. Wrong, the people get it!”

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