Billion-dollar corporation links arms with commie-endorsed BLM

Monday, June 15, 2020
Chad Groening (

Black Lives Matter protesterA black conservative activist says the Disney corporation is foolishly aligning itself with the radical Black Lives Matter group at the same time it is boycotting Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Disney has pulled its advertising from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the host denounced the Black Lives Matter movement and also questioned why the public is “required" to be upset about the death of George Floyd, the black man killed by police in Minneapolis.

Disney pulled ads for T-Mobile and for ABC from Carlson’s show, USA Today reported.

Horace Cooper of Project 21 tells OneNewsNow the leaders behind Black Lives Matter are not just marching to oppose police brutality. They are radical communists who oppose ownership of private property and the free market.

In fact, communist-run newspaper People's World proudly reported on the Young Communist League working alongside Black Lives Matter during recent New York City protests. 


Jarvis Tyner, a longtime Communist Party leader, is credited in the story for printing and distributing Black Lives Matter materials to marchers. 

The movement has earned a collection of stories on the Communist Party USA website, and separately the website is also writing glowingly about the movement. 

 BLM: Fight police brutality and 'heteronormative thinking'

What is Black Lives Matter?

Three black feminists founded BLM after the death of Trayvon Martin, a black teen, in 2013.

Under the “What We Believe” banner on its website, BLM predictably states it seeks justice for police brutality against minorities. It is also “unapologetically Black” for its positions on seeking freedom and justice.

Yet the website is also sprinkled with Marxist and LGBT themes:

*Dismantling “cisgender privilege”

*Seeks to “uplift Black trans folk”

*“Disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” so families “collectively” care for each other, especially children

*Engage “comrades” with the intent to learn

*Free people from the “tight grip of heteronormative thinking”

"The task of Marxists," the website states, "is to actively and energetically participate in the movement, as we are already doing..."

So it is the “height of irony” for Disney, worth approximaely $130 billion, Cooper says, to take the side of BLM.  

“For Disney to side with them over Tucker Carlson,” Cooper says, “tells us a lot more about Disney than about anything about what Tucker Carlson is doing." 

Carlson’s show was the second-favorite among viewers in May, averaging 4.1 million viewers, following Sean Hannity. It was also the most-watched cable news program on any network among adults 25-54, a key demographic that makes the show a favored slot for advertisers. 

A spokesman for Disney said the company was unaware its corporate dollars were being used on Carlson's show and blamed a third party for allowing it.

Deadline, the entertainment news website, was the first to report on Disney’s exit in a story that recalled advertisers have bolted from Carlson’s show in the past over previous comments he has made.

Left-wing media sites reacted with a collective gasp at Carlson's cold reaction to Floyd's death, though the talk show host was reacting to a comment from Nikki Haley about being "heartbroken" over Floyd's death.

A brief article at National Review points out that Carlson twisted Haley's comments to report she suggested being "personally responsible," when the former UN ambassador wrote that Floyd's death "needs to be personal and painful for everyone.”     

Tucker Carlson (Fox News)Cooper, a frequent guest on Carlson's show, last appeared June 10 in a segment that highlighted a Black Lives Matter rally in which white protesters bowed down in a sign of humiliation and regret for their “white privilege.”

Cooper told Carlson that a “problem-solving class” has become enriched while promising to address problems that never get fixed.

“There is a class of Americans whose entire livelihood is based on the existence of victims," Cooper said. "If people got a good education, if people had great jobs, if people controlled their own lives, a whole large number of people couldn't get that new auto, they couldn't go off to Aspen for their ski trip.”


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