Seattle takeover a 'festive zone'? Think again …

Friday, June 12, 2020
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CHAZ Seattle WA June 2020Anarchists have taken over a section of downtown Seattle – something that may surprise those who rely solely on the liberal media.

Several square blocks of Seattle remain under control of a group of radicals who are calling for the defunding of the police department and have dubbed the area the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" – or CHAZ. Seattle police pulled out of the popular downtown dining and entertainment zone on Tuesday, leaving it to the anarchists. There have been reports of armed thugs patrolling the six-block area and extorting money from local businesses in order to provide "protection."


In a headline on Thursday, The Associated Press described the area as a "festive zone" – something Curtis Houck of Media Research Center says is nowhere near the truth.

"The New York Times, similar to the AP, left out reports of protesters extorting business owners [and] demanding payment basically for existing within their zone, which is something you'd see out of mob families," Houck tells OneNewsNow.

"You also see armed guards patrolling the edges of the zone and residents having to present IDs to enter their own homes that happen to fall within this 'autonomous zone.'"

Obvious hypocrisy of BLM movement

A traditional values group is questioning the stance of Pennsylvania's Democratic governor on Black Lives Matter.

Governor Tom Wolf marched in last week's BLM protest in Harrisburg but didn't wear a mask or practice social distancing, in violation of his own pandemic emergency order. But Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania object to the fact that Wolf was holding a sign that read "Black Lives Matter." She recalls that before he was governor, Wolf was a volunteer for Planned Parenthood, escorting women into the abortion mill.

Gramley, Diane (AFA of Pennsylvania)"How many black women did he escort into Planned Parenthood to have their black babies killed?" she wonders. "I looked up some statistics and in 2018 [and] there were 30,364 abortions in Pennsylvania. Nearly half of those were little black babies." About 12% of the population of the state is African American.

Gramley contends Wolf has done nothing to preserve those little African-American lives since becoming governor.

"Ever since he's been in office, he has vetoed every single pro-life bill that has come across his desk," she points out. "He has a very bad record when it comes to saving all babies – and when it comes to saving black babies especially when you look at the statistics."

Gramley concludes black lives don't really matter to Governor Wolf and that he only used the march as a photo op.

President Donald Trump is threatening to send in the troops to restore law and order if local and state authorities can't "straighten it out," the president says.

Houck says this would be the week's biggest story by far if the roles were reversed. "If a group of Trump voters decided to seize part of New York City and kick out the police there, the news media would be freaking out about that," he offers.

Ultimate target: Trump's ouster

A conservative activist, author, and commentator says what's going on in Seattle is part of a larger plan to bring down President Trump.

Corsi, Jerome"This is part of a larger plan, which is a coup d'état plan that's being implemented right now – and the goal is [to take] down Donald Trump," argues Dr. Jerome Corsi. "It's really more about destroying the United States of America. So, what you see in Seattle is just one phase of a plan."

All of these demonstrations have been orchestrated, adds the author of "The Plan to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency."

"They have a 'Ferguson syndrome,' and all they're looking for is an incident, any incident, where a white police officer is in an altercation with a black male who's unarmed and the black male dies," he continues. "But it has to be filmed; it has to be videoed.

"Then in comes Antifa, in comes Black Lives Matter. They've got a little scenario, they do their routine – and this time it's planned to go on and on and on."


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