CNN: Teary-eyed jokes over Trump 'rubes' just case of bad hearing

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl (

Lemon and Wilson on CNNA pair of CNN analysts mocked Americans who support President Trump, and news anchor Don Lemon doubled over with laughter at their jokes, only to claim later it was all a big, honest mistake.

Lemon was literally in tears during the two-minute segment when Rick Wilson, a vulgar GOP-strategist-turned-Never Trumper, mocked President Trump’s knowledge of world geography, such as finding Ukraine on a map. But the Trump-hating Wilson mocked not only Trump but his “boomer rube demo[graphic]” that supports him.

 “Donald Trump is the smart one,” Wilson said, faking a deep Southern accent, “and y’all elitists are duuumb.”

“You elitists,” continued Wajahat Ali, a New York Times columnist, “with your geography and your maps and your spelling-”

“And your math and your readin’,” Wilson jumped in.

“Yes, your reading, you know,” Ali continued. “Your geography. Knowin’ other countries. Sippin’ your lattes.”

“All those lines on the map!” Wilson replied.

“Only them elitists,” Ali finished, “know where Ukraine is.”  

Lemon, meanwhile, wiped away tears during the segment and thanked his guests for the belly laugh. "I needed that," he told them. 

The segment aired Saturday but went mostly unnoticed thanks to CNN’s few viewers. According to The Daily Wire, however, the clip went viral after a former CNN producer tweeted it and criticized the “arrogance, the dismissiveness, the smug cackling” of the two guests.

Then the clip got noticed by President Trump, who retweeted it and thus guaranteed a lot of unwanted attention for CNN.

Kyle Drennen of Media Research Center tells OneNewsNow that CNN seems unable to decide if it wants to be a comedy skit or a news show.

“It's supposedly a news show,” he says of Lemon’s primetime slot. “This is supposed to be some kind of journalism.”

It did not go unnoticed by many that CNN itself has trouble with geography, too, such as showing a map to viewers that mixed up the state of Mississippi with Alabama – in a segment that was ironically mocking Trump.  

CNN also once aired a graphic that placed Hong Kong in South America.  

Wilson mocked the criticism that poured in as “fake outrage” from “hustlers” and “snowflakes,” but Lemon looked into the cameras Tuesday night and  blamed bad hearing because he “didn’t catch everything that was said” by the guests.

“I was laughing at the joke,” he told his audience, “and not at any group of people.”

Drennen predicts the last laugh will be on Lemon and the Left: Voters are “sick and tired” of being described as a “bunch of rubes” for supporting Donald Trump.

“It just reinforces their commitment,” he says of voters, “to go out and vote and try to push back against that.”

Political observers, in fact, “thanked” CNN for producing an ad for President Trump’s re-election, and by Monday evening the Republican National Committee had produced a digital ad featuring the clip and was emailing supporters about the “radical hacks” who called conservative voters “illiterate hillbillies” on national television.




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