Castro's Trump boycott grilled; business booming at pro-Trump BBQ

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

Trump supporters in MinnesotaRep. Joaquin Castro’s (D-Texas) tweet calling for a boycott of San Antonio donors he listed who support President Donald Trump went up in flames when diners lined up out outside one Trump-supporting BBQ restaurant, with drive-thru lines going around the block and customers packing other restaurants in the chain.

Protesting the president’s visit to console victims of the El Paso shooting that left 22 dead and blaming him for inciting the racist rampage, the Latino Democrat said he wanted San Antonio diners to rethink eating out at restaurants whose owners support the president.

“What I would like for [these donors] to do is think twice about supporting a guy who is fueling hate in this country,” Castro said in an interview on Morning Joe.

Having his own second thoughts?

After triggering the opposite effect he intended, it is now argued Castro – the brother of Democratic presidential primary candidate Julian Castro, who served as secretary of Housing and Urban development under the Obama administration – is the one who should be reconsidering his actions.

“But based on what's happening at the business of one outed donor, maybe it's Castro who should think twice next time,” TheBlaze asserted.

In fact, one consumer suggested that Castro’s tweet was better than paid advertising for Bill Miller Bar-B-Q.

“Cars were lined up around the block at one of the San Antonio, Texas, locations!” Tamie J. McDonald tweeted last Wednesday, with a photo of cars lined up down the street. “Loved The Bill Miller Breakfast Special. I even purchased breakfast tacos for my co-workers! #MAGA #Trump2020”

The results of Castro’s negative campaigning were noted by another Texan who called out Castro for posting a graphic of information about Trump donors, but the lawmaker insisted he was blameless because the data was public information.

“Here in San Antonio, it has resulted in some unintended consequences,” Bobbi Kirk tweeted Wednesday. “One of the companies he fixed is Bill Miller’s Barbeque. The lines were out the door, and the drive-up lanes were several times longer than usual. So, thank you, Joaquin, we show you don’t matter.”

Another sarcastically expressed his gratitude to Castro for bringing more business to Trump supporters.

"It works both ways Mr. Castro," BardsofWar goaded Castro on Twitter. "There was a line out the door all day at Bill Miller's BBQ. Nothing like free advertising."

But Castro claimed innocence – insisting he did no wrong.

“No one was targeted or harassed in my post,” Castro tweeted last Tuesday. “You know that. All that info is routinely published. You’re trying to distract from the racism that has overtaken the GOP and the fact that President Trump spends donor money on thousands of ads about Hispanics ‘invading’ America.”

Castro’s denial of blame was soon contested.

“Targeting and harassing Americans because of their political beliefs is shameful and dangerous,” Kevin McCarthy retorted on Twitter last Tuesday. “What happened to ‘when they go low, we go high?’ Or does that no longer matter when your brother is polling at 1 percent? Americans deserve better.”

After what Castro was trying to do caught wind on social media, a flood of posts – about Bill Miller Bar-B-Q’s thriving business and intents for future dining there … spurred by Castro – inundated Twitter:

  • “Every Bill Miller BBQ in SA has been PACKED constantly from open to close!” Well one”
  • "I looked up Bill Miller BBQ – one of the businesses targeted by Castro. They offer tee shirts, hats, belts, etc. with the company logo online. People can support the business wherever they live and tell Joaquin Castro to shove it."
  • "Just found Bill Miller BBQ site and it looks great! I'll be there next week for dinner. Thanks for the tip, Fidel!"
  • "Another reason to make sure I eat lunch at Bill Miller BBQ! Thanks for the motivation."
  • "Next time I am in [San Antonio] for business, you better believe I will be dining at Bill Miller's BBQ. MAGA! Keep America Great!"
  • "I bet Bill Miller has done more for Hispanics than Castro and his leftist friends would ever do! I'm thinking of packing my motorcycle and riding down to eat some BBQ!!"

Gov. Gregg Abbott (R-Texas) tooted the Trump-supporting restaurant’s horn, as well.

“Perfect night for @BillMillerBarBQ,” Abbott tweeted last Tuesday, next to a photo of one of the restaurant’s rib plates.

In the meantime, the representative’s brother, Julian, praised Joaquin’s exposing of Trump donors and making them vulnerable to attacks.

“I’m very proud of my brother [for calling out Trump donors],” the Democratic presidential candidate declared, according to MSNBC.

Can’t fess up, have it both ways

Joaquin Castro took to the leftist mainstream media to try and ward off the blame.

“When confronted on Morning Joe about the gathering and sharing of Trump supporters’ personal information, Castro squirmed and tried to defend himself by saying he didn’t create the graphic he shared, which is a pathetic defense because Castro did not retweet the image – he tweeted it himself,” recounted.

He claimed the intent behind his tweet was not to incite harassment against Trump donors – even though many in the media do not see how that could not have been his intent.

“Castro wants to have it both ways – he wants to not take responsibility for intimidating Trump voters, but he wants to intimidate them and encourage harassment against them at the same time,” BizPacReview’s Zachary Leeman contended.

“Considering the support people are showing to this business following the hit list, maybe Castro should ‘think twice’ about encouraging such harassment in the future.”


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