GOP: AOC stages stunt, lies under oath for photo-op

Sunday, July 14, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (wide-eyed)Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is up to her antics again on Capitol Hill, allegedly staging another publicity stunt for prime social media material, complete with a photo-op catching her unnecessarily requesting to be sworn in before regurgitating hearsay, insisting illegal migrants told her they were ordered to drink toilet water – a claim refuted by  a GOP lawmaker who investigated the border facilities under question.

“Appearing before the House Oversight Committee, the far-left freshman congresswoman asked to be put under oath, prompting a confused panel chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) to remind her the move was not necessary,” the Washington Examiner tweeted Friday before relaying their exchange. “’We usually don’t require a swearing-in, but you want to be sworn in?’ Cummings asked. ‘Yes,’ Ocasio-Cortez replied solemnly. At a hearing on migrant children and border security, @AOC is sworn in for dramatic effect.”

Enough of the thespian high school dramatics

It’s been just over a decade since the rookie 29-year-old congresswoman has been in high school, but Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) says the “nonsense” AOC is staging for her anxiously listening socialist following is nothing short of high school theatrics used to bolster her ultra-left political career and add dramatic effect to her unsubstantiated accusations.

“You had Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez complaining about the supposed drinking of toilet water. Well, that’s nonsense,” Roy told Breitbart News. “There were coolers [of water] literally right outside [of the rooms] where water is available.”

The House representative stressed that even though sinks are attached to toilets by design, the water is perfectly clean – leading many to believe that AOC is spinning migrants’ stories to mold to her pro-immigration narrative … or to conclude that her Latino “informants’” accounts were lost in translation (they could have actually been told to drink from the sink faucet connected to the toilet – unaware if they were broken – or AOC could be misinterpreting her witnesses’ Spanish explanations).

“What we’ve seen is the truth of what is happening there is very different – very different – from what is being portrayed by the media and by colleagues who are distorting the truth,” Roy added.“The claims that kids don’t have showers is false. The claims they don’t have toothbrushes is false. The claims that they don’t have diapers is false.”

Roy has had firsthand knowledge of what takes place in border facilities for some time – an account that was confirmed last week.

“Roy said he has toured these facilities – excluding the Clint facility – many times since becoming the representative for the San Antonio-based congressional district,” Breitbart’s Bob Price reported in a separate interview piece on the Texas representative. “Last week, he sent his chief of staff to take an in-depth tour of the Clint facility. The San Antonio congressman said his chief of staff spent hours in the Clint facility and had a full briefing.”

Take 2 …

Reinacting her “concentration camp” rendition of what she would like the American public to believe about conditions at border detention centers, Ocasio-Cortez is now joining ex-San Francisco 49er quarterback-turned social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick in complaining about the presence of the United States flag – not in football stadiums or on athletic shoes, but inside holding facilities for illegals.

“When these women tell me they were put into a cell and their sink was not working – and we tested the sink ourselves and the sink was not working and they were told to drink out of the toilet bowl – I believe them,” AOC said under oath, according to Breitbart. “What’s worse, Mr. Chairman, was the fact that there were American flags hanging all over these facilities – that children were being separated from their parents in front of the American flag … that women were being called these names under an American flag. We cannot allow for this.”

What??? Are you serious?

AOC then resorted to making ridiculous comparisons once again, taking aim at President Donald Trump and his administration’s “remain in Mexico” policy and comparing it to “human trafficking” by arguing it puts illegal migrants in the “crosshairs” of Mexican criminals,

“Speaking of trafficking, it is unnecessary for this administration to choose to implement policies like metering and so-called ‘remain in Mexico policies’ that don’t [protect] innocent people in dangerous territories that puts them right in the crosshairs of human traffickers – ripe for picking,” AOC insisted.

She then went as far as to blame Trump for putting migrants who broke into the country illegally in harm’s way – having the audacity to fault him for underfunding when she and fellow House Democrats are the ones who blocked the president’s request for more resources to accommodate the overcrowded conditions brought on by her party’s refusal to allocate the $5 billion needed to build a secure, impenetrable southern border wall.

“This is a manufactured crisis because the cruelty is manufactured,” AOC claimed. “This is a manufactured crisis because there is no need for us to do this. There is no need for us to overcrowd and to detain and under resource. There is no need for us to arrest innocent people and treat them no differently than criminals when they’re pursuing their basic human rights.”

Ocasio-Cortez is essentially saying here that people should not be arrested for breaking the law if they are trying to get something that is considered desirable or benefits them. Simply put, AOC is giving anyone in America who is strapped for money an excuse and get-out-of-jail-free card for stealing food, necessities or even cars they need for transportation.

No excuse …

Realizing how blatantly staged her recent performance on Capitol Hill appeared, Ocasio-Cortez attempted to rationalize giving repeated “testimony” under oath before the House Oversight Committee by appealing to her Twitter fans – as if swearing in would change anything … except her news coverage.

“GOP has been stating that I am lying about the translated accounts of migrants at the border – particularly about the fact that women were drinking out of a toilet bowl,” AOC tweeted Friday. “Committee staff conferred with me ahead of time about requesting to be sworn in.”

First of all, she originally said women were “told” to drink out of a toilet bowl – not that they actually drank from one, but now AOC is making it a “fact” that they drank toilet water … proving more and more the inconsistency and unreliability of her accounts.

The absolute waste of time – besides political grandstanding – of going under oath was further impressed by a Washington daily.

“It is against the law to lie to Congress – even if someone is not sworn in,” the Washington Examiner informed.

Republican sources close to the House Oversight Committee blasted Ocasio-Cortez for turning Capitol Hill into her political stage for pushing her open-borders propaganda.

“Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is more interested in scoring political points than actually solving the crisis at the southern border," the anonymous sources told the Washington Examiner. "Time and time again, she chooses photo-ops over actually legislating. Just look at today’s hearing. She asked to be sworn in prior to testifying before the Oversight Committee – something that never happens for members of Congress – but that doesn’t matter to her. She just needed something to tweet. It just shows that Democrats are obsessed with political theater and attacking the president – rather than solving real problems facing the American people."


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