Clinton rape victim: Leftist media won't interview me

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Clinton FoundationJuanita Broaddrick – an accuser and rape victim of former President Bill Clinton – recently divulged that CNN, CBS, MSNBC and 60 Minutes have never interviewed her.

When asked on Fox News with Sean Hannity Monday night if she had ever been interviewed on 60 Minutes, Broaddrick admitted that the left-leaning program never wanted to give publicity to her story disgracing the popular Democratic president.

“No, never,” Broaddrick answered on the Fox television program. “Or CNN, or MSNBC.”

Left gives porn star accusing Republican the red carpet

Broaddrick believes that if she was a porn star – and accused a Republican president – her story would be snatched up by the mainstream media in a second.

“A woman who accused then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton of raping her said the media is treating porn star Stormy Daniels wildly different than herself,” Fox News Insider reported. “Sean Hannity asked Juanita Broaddrick if CNN's Anderson Cooper – who interviewed Daniels for CBS – has called her to hear her own story of alleged sexual misconduct by a president.”

The Clinton rape victim informed Hannity that Cooper was simply not interested in her story after his lackluster interview with Daniels – even after tweeting at the left-leaning host in order to inquire why he continues to be silent on her case.

“HEY 60 MINUTES @andersoncooper, HOW ABOUT HAVING ME ON to discuss my book, You’d Better Put Some Ice on That?” Broaddrick tweeted at Cooper Saturday. “What Bill Clinton said to me after he Raped Me.”

Hannity followed up asking Broaddrick if Cooper ever replied to her tweet.

“Have you heard from Anderson?” Hannity asked the Clinton victim Monday night on his show.

“No,” she responded.

Defending Dems, ripping Republicans

When speaking on the coverage of allegations waged against Clinton by porn star Daniels, fellow Clinton accuser Paula Corbin Jones said Broaddrick’s and her own story pale in comparison – with both virtually getting the silent treatment from the mainstream media.

"There's no comparison," Jones insisted, according to Fox News Insider.

Yet Jones’ story was indeed newsworthy – like Broaddrick’s.

“Paula Jones won a judgment in court and a huge $850,000 settlement from Clinton after she accused Clinton of exposing himself to her,” Breitbart News noted. “To protect Clinton, the media – primarily led by CNN – attacked her as trailer trash.”

After Broaddrick’s Fox appearance, Jones shared her story on Hannity Monday night and retold how the establishment media dealt with her and the former Democratic president’s other accusers.

“We did not get the same kind of coverage [Stormy Daniels is] getting,” Jones insisted on Fox. “We were made fun of. We were on late night talk shows – they made fun of us. It was horrible. Remember James Carville’s ‘You can drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park?’ I’ve never lived in a trailer park. But that’s the way they treated us, and this was a serious thing.”

And only a small handful of news outlets would touch Broaddrick’s story.

“Broaddrick said Sean Hannity and former NBC journalist Lisa Myers were some of the very few media personalities interested in hearing her story,” the Insider noted. “She said Clinton raped her in a hotel room and kept her silent by biting her lip. Her new book, You'd Better Put Some Ice on That, tells of the incident, and the only words Clinton spoke after the alleged rape before he ‘put on his sunglasses’ and left the room.”

Broaddrick gave an explanation as to why Daniels’ story was quickly picked up, while hers was not.

"I'm not a porn star – I was a hard-working nurse and businesswoman," Broaddrick stressed in her book, according to RealClearPolitics. "I wasn't a porn star, so that's why they weren't interested in me."

But when allegations are waged against conservative politicians, the mainstream media is witnessed having a feeding frenzy.

Not an opportunist …

Unlike many accusers, Broaddrick did not come out with her story for money, vengeance or fame. In fact, she was reluctant when first going public with it nearly two decades ago.

“Broaddrick’s 1999 claim that then-Arkansas Attorney General Clinton raped her in 1978 was so credible the media had no choice but to cover it up,” Breitbart’s John Nolte asserted. “It is important to recall that Broaddrick was dragged kicking and screaming into telling her story, which had only gotten out, one presumes, because she told people about the alleged rape immediately after it happened.”

Political motivations did not spur her coming out, either.

“Broaddrick refused to come forward in 1992 when Clinton was running for president – and refused for another seven years,” Nolte continued. “It was only after a false story appeared about her accepting a payoff to keep silent that she decided to set the record straight.”

The fact that the left-leaning media hub, NBC, shared Broaddrick’s story is still a marvel to many – the exception and not the norm when it comes to what the mainstream media will and will not over.

“Once Broaddrick did come forward, only Lisa Myers of NBC interviewed her, [and] in this pre-Internet era – when the elitist had a bottleneck on the dissemination of information – she was never seen again,” Nolte pointed out. “Even when her story again became valid news during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, Broaddrick was ignored – ignored by 60 Minutes, by CNN, by the same Anderson Cooper who has gleefully interviewed the porn star and the playmate over Trump’s alleged consensual affairs for 60 Minutes and CNN.”

Following her appeal to Cooper to cover her story, Broaddrick retweeted the following Twitter post:

“Why we hate the Media: Paula Jones: Not believable; Kathleen Willey: Not believable; Gennifer Flowers: Not believable; Monica Lewinsky: Not believable; Juanita Broddrick: Not believable; Pornstar Stormy Daniels: Impeccable integrity, 24/7 coverage.#StormyDanielsDay,” Joel Fischer tweeted Sunday.

Underneath this retweet, Broaddrick posted her short commentary.

“Yep, that about sums it up,” Broaddrick commented on her retweet.

Media double standards

The way the mainstream media deals with Republican and Democrats is noted as anything but fair and equal.

“Those of us who lived through the 1990s are watching with endless amusement as our disgraced, impossible-to-shame media twists itself into knots over the fact that some 12 years ago, President Trump is alleged to have had consensual, extra-marital flings with a Playboy playmate and a porn star,” Nolte insisted. “The reasons for this amusement are countless. To begin with, when Bill Clinton’s 12-year affair with Gennifer Flowers went public in the heat of his 1992 quest for the presidency, 60 Minutes came scurrying to his rescue. Bill and Hillary appeared on the storied news magazine show, lied about the affair, and turned his campaign around.”

Media bias in favor of the Democrats was emphasized when comparing how the two accusers were handled.

“Although Flowers had audio recordings of her telephone calls with Clinton, the very same media – now obsessing over playmates and porn stars – still wrote Flowers off as an opportunistic slut and informed the voting public that personal character no longer matters when choosing a president,” Nolte explained.

Even when Clinton’s adulterous affairs took place during his presidency – in the White House – the media did not want any part of it.

“About five years into his presidency, and just a few rooms away from his own wife and daughter, Clinton had a sexual affair with a 22-year-old White House intern in the Oval Office,” Nolte recollected. “Even after he committed perjury to cover the affair up, the media actually joined the White House campaign to personally destroy Lewinsky as a dangerous stalker. After she provided DNA evidence of the affair, the media then told us this was a private matter between man and wife.”

Throughout his presidency, Clinton enjoyed the protection of the mainstream media – a younger version of the same anti-Trump media that relentlessly bashes the president every time anything remotely negative surfaces – whether it is real news or “fake news.”

“In 1998, Kathleen Willey, a Democrat, accused Clinton of groping her in 1993,” Nolte recounted. “The media wrote her off as a disgruntled gold digger.”


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