Ellison gets '4 Pinocchios' award for lies on Farrakhan ties

Sunday, March 11, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Rep. Keith EllisonDemocratic National Committee (DNC) Vice Chair Keith Ellison was bestowed the “Four Pinocchios Award” by the Washington Post for continually lying about his connections to the Nation of Islam’s unapologetically anti-Semitic leader, Louis Farrakhan.

Since he became a member of the United States House of Representatives in 2006, the Minnesota congressman has repeatedly denied having any ties with the racially divisive Farrakhan – despite overwhelming self-incriminating evidence to the contrary.

“[Ellison received the Washington Post’s highest rating for falsehoods after the congressman claimed his relationship Louis Farrakhan ended in 2006,” the Washington Free Beacon reported. “Ellison has claimed recently that he does not really know Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan, who has made numerous anti-Semitic comments, [h]owever, there have been multiple instances in the past few years where the two have been at the same event.”

Got no strings to hold up lies

Back in December 2016, Ellison publicly declared that he denounced Farrakhan a decade earlier in 2006.

“We’re talking about something that happened in 1995,” Ellison told Morning Joe at the time, according to Breitbart News. “This was the year that the Million Man March took off. People were attacking the march at the time. Man, I’m telling you back in 2006 and before, I disavowed them.”

The Muslim Democratic representative’s spokesperson vouched for his boss’s claim the same month.

“[Since the Million Man March in 1995, Ellison has] had no additional involvement with March organizer Louis Farrakhan or his organizations, has long since denounced him and rejects all forms of anti-Semitism,” the spokesman assured, according to CNN.

In an article Ellison penned for the Washington Post after the CNN report, he said he failed to scrutinize Farrakhan’s statements while defending his role in the Million Man March.

“These men organize by sowing hatred and division, including anti-Semitism, homophobia and a chauvinistic model of manhood,” Ellison wrote, according to the Washington Post. “I disavowed them long ago, condemned their views and apologized.”

These assertions, however, were openly called out as a pack of lies by the far-left Washington Post.

“This is simply not true, and even the Washington Post’s fact checker – anti-Trump activist Glenn Kessler – could not find a way to save Ellison from the full boat of four Pinocchios,” Breitbart’s John Nolte pointed out. “The facts are this: On at least three occasions since 2006, including as recently as a private meeting with Farrakhan in 2016, Ellison has ‘crossed paths’ with Farrakhan – once at an event at an Islamic Center in Virginia, once at a dinner for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in 2013, and that private meeting in 2016.”

Kessler emphasized how Ellison’s cloudy past is catching up with him, once again, as Farrakhan continues to proclaim his anti-Semitic worldview and expose his not-too-distant past ties to the Muslim Democrat.

“Farrakhan has been back in the news with a fiery, anti-Semitic speech on Feb. 25 that included a knock on Ellison for having distanced himself from the group when he ran for Congress, [saying] ‘Let me tell you something, when you want something in this world, the Jew holds the door,’ Farrakhan said,” the Washington Post’s Kessler noted. “During his speech, he displayed a photo of Ellison selling the Nation of Islam newspaper in 1998 during a march against police brutality.”

It is worth mentioning that Ellison’s fellow practicing Muslim, Rep. André Carson (D-Ind.), also attended the private meeting with the leader of the Islamic Republic noted above.

Kessler also included a span of several years during the beginning of this decade when Ellison and Farrakhan were anything but distanced from one another.

2010-2013: In a YouTube video uncovered by the Daily Caller, Ellison is seen chatting with a group of men that includes Farrakhan during a function at the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Va.,” Kessler added. “The two men are not seen talking directly to each other, but they are just feet apart. The date of the event is unclear, but it was between 2010 and 2013. The video was uploaded in 2013, and Farrakhan is seen hugging Mahdi Bray, national director of the American Muslim Alliance, because Bray had recovered from a stroke that he suffered in 2010.”

A liberal called out – for once

Many in political circles are shocked that the politically correct mainstream media is now calling Ellison out for his hypocrisy and underhanded affiliation with Farrakhan.

“It is rare for Kessler and the Washington Post to go after a Democrat in this way – much less a sacred cow like Ellison who checks off four important boxes that usually results in the media protecting him at all costs,” Nolte noted. “Ellison is a 1) a Democrat; 2) black; 3) a Muslim; 4) vice chair of the DNC.”

It is stressed that the liberal daily from the nation’s capital typically does not expose the lies of its political allies.

“What the disgraced Washington Post fact-checkers usually do to protect Democrats in these circumstances is either a flat-out lie, as they did to protect Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton from the fact they are both in favor of gun confiscation or wait for a Republican to ‘overreach’ in their criticism of the Democrat; that way, the fact check smears the Republican as the liar while avoiding what would be a damaging fact check of the Democrat’s lies [as when the daily omitted two key facts about the former Secretary of State concerning her Behghazi scandal],” Nolte informed.

Even though the liberal daily based in Washington, D.C., got one right, a warning went out that the paper’s staff should still not be trusted for getting one fact check correct – something it should be obligated to do consistently.

“For the most part, the American people are fully aware of the well-documented dishonesty of the media’s phony fact checkers,” Nolte contended. “At this point in our political discourse, these so-called fact-checkers have rendered themselves completely irrelevant. We do not trust them, nor should we. Nevertheless, while no one should be fooled by Kessler’s sudden act of journalism – or give him credit for doing what he is supposed to do (report the truth) – what is worth noting is a left-wing sacred cow being so blatantly dishonest that even WaPo cannot find a way to get him off the hook.”

Comparing Ellison’s lies to Carson’s honesty

Kessler ended his “Four Pinocchios” piece by comparing Ellison’s incessant denial of his relationship with Farrakhan to Carson’s willingness to admit his association with the Islamic hater of Jews.

“Ellison repeatedly has danced around the question of his association with Farrakhan, including whether they have crossed paths since he publicly cut ties with the Nation of Islam in 2006,” Kessler pointed out. “But he needs to provide a better explanation for what he was doing in Farrakhan’s hotel suite in 2016 and what they discussed. He cannot claim to have ‘disavowed’ Farrakhan more than a decade ago while moving in the same circles and apparently having a friendly chat behind closed doors.”

He gave kudos for Carson’s honesty and explained why Ellison takes the cake for having one of the longest noses in American politics.

“Carson at least acknowledged he met with Farrakhan to discuss issues related to community concerns, [while] Ellison is trying to have it both ways – publicly distancing himself while privately doing something else,” Kessler concluded. “He earns Four Pinocchios for suggesting his interactions with Farrakhan ended in 2006.”


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