Trump may have stumbled in Alabama, but he's not finished

Thursday, December 14, 2017
Chad Groening, Steve Jordahl (

GOP and Dems duking it outThe Roy Moore loss in Alabama Tuesday night has some pundits saying the Republican Party is in a free-fall and President Trump is primarily to blame. At least one political analyst says the GOP's loss might have been avoided if Trump had backed the right candidate in the primary.

Declaring "sanity reigns," The New York Times described Democrat Doug Jones' victory "a triumph for decency and common sense." Politico quoted an unnamed senior administration official describing the Jones win the Alabama Senate race as "a big black eye for the president." And literally within seconds of Jones being declared the winner, CNN's Jake Tapper threw a dart at the president:

Tapper: "This is a huge defeat for President Trump. This is deep red Alabama. President Trump made the calculation that he was going to double down, he was going to stick with this candidate, and it failed. And it failed not only in an embarrassing way, it failed in one of the most Republican states that there is."

Liberal pundits and GOP never-Trumpers alike say Tuesday night was a repudiation of the president and his Republican Party. Republican strategist and radio hose Jeff Crank says it's laughable.


"Literally, the Republican Party could have put any other Republican up against Doug Jones in Alabama and they would have won," Crank tells OneNewsNow. "They picked the worst Republican they possibly could have nominated and he almost won."

Another conservative political pundit, Dr. Charles Dunn, professor emeritus of government at Clemson University, said as much the day after the election, labeling Moore as a "very much tarnished" candidate. Trump himself originally backed Luther Strange in the Alabama GOP primary and only jumped on the Moore bandwagon after the former Alabama chief justice secured the Republican nomination.

Richard Viguerie, chairman of ConservativeHQ, says the president certainly bears his share of responsibility in the Alabama outcome.


"... He weighed in for Senator Luther Strange and should have supported the principled, limited constitutional government candidate Congressman Mo Brooks, a member of the Freedom Caucus," says Viguerie. "And he could have won that easily."

In assessing the outcome of the Jones-Moore race and the president's choices, the USA Today editorial board wrote that Trump was unfit to even clean toilets in Barack Obama's presidential library. The Trump movement is over, said other media pundits.

Crank says it's all a lot of wishful thinking. "Are a lot of people tired of Donald Trump diverting valuable political energy away from things that matter to stupid, silly, petty fights? You bet – and I'm one of those," he admits.

"But we're not so dumb as to not see what's going on," he continues. "It's a war from the day he got elected to undermine him, to impeach him, and to subvert the will of the American people who elected him."

GOP logo 2Regardless, Republicans will be just fine in 2018 and beyond, Crank contends – as long as they take care of business.

"I believe the Republicans need to produce," he states. "They need to get this tax bill through, they need to make the economy roll, they need to get some things done so that there is a good reason for people to go the polls in 2018 and vote for them."

But Viguerie cautions that it may not be easy for Mo Brooks – who still holds his seat in the U.S. House – or some other Republican to defeat Jones in 2020.

"[Jones] knows he's in Alabama – and he's not going to go out of his way to be Chuck Schumer's best friend," says the political veteran. "And he's going to try to give the Republicans meaningless votes where his vote doesn't count.

"But where his vote can make the difference between the Democrats winning and losing, you can count on it for certain that he's going to vote with the Democrats."

Viguerie expects that Jones and the Democrats will do everything they can to pull the wool over voters' eyes.


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