Trump calls WaPo to fire apologetic reporter over 'fake' tweet

Monday, December 11, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (

Trump confident pointing upPresident Donald Trump is calling on the Washington Post to fire its reporter who deceptively tweeted a photo of a half-filled Pensacola, Florida, rally in order to discredit the president’s tweet that the arena was “packed.”

The president added another account of the mainstream media’s “fake news” campaign designed to tear down his presidency and did not hesitate to put the Washington Post reporter on the spot for disseminating false information about his “Make America Great Again” event.

Exposing more of the left’s ‘fake news’

Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel added to his left-leaning paper’s anti-Trump coverage by intentionally taking a photo of the Pensacola arena hours before he arrived at the arena and posting it after the president spoke to make it look as if the president was lying about the great following at his event[s].

“In a now-deleted tweet, Weigel – known for his humorous take on the news on Twitter – posted a photo of a half empty arena to mock Trump for saying Friday’s rally in Pensacola was ‘packed to the rafters,’” Fox News reported.

Weigel’s scheme was devised as a shot to Trump’s credibility, as he attempted to make a liar out of the president after he boasted in a tweet earlier on Saturday about the impressive size of the crowd showing up at his Pensacola rally.

“Arena was packed to the rafters, the crowd was loud, loving and really smart,” Trump tweeted to his millions of followers. “They definitely get what’s going on. Thank you Pensacola!”

It was this tweet that motivated Weigel to feed into the anti-Trump sentiment the media has been encouraging since Trump began his White House run more than two years ago.

Weigel was not able to deceive his Twitter followers for long, however, as Trump was quick to set the record straight by putting out evidence that the Democrat-supporting anti-Trump reporter was manipulating the timing of his photo to make it appear as if the shot he snapped of the half-arrived crowd was taken after the event had already started.

“But that photo was not taken while Trump was speaking,” Fox News’ Alex Pappas clarified. “Trump tweeted photos showing the arena full.”

To get the news straight, Trump took to Twitter in much the same fashion he did during his presidential campaign last year, realizing that if he wanted the truth to be known to America, he must rely on his personal Twitter account to disseminate real and factual news about himself.

“.@daveweigel @washingtonpost put out a phony photo of an empty arena hours before I arrived @ the venue, w/ thousands of people outside, on their way in,” Trump tweeted. “Real photos now shown as I spoke. Packed house, many people unable to get in. Demand apology & retraction from FAKE NEWS WaPo!”

Sorry not good enough

Shortly after the president debunked the falsified account of his event and demanded an apology – calling out Weigel by name for purposely posting the photo misleading people to believe Trump was in the habit of inflating the numbers of fans at his events – the shamed reporter apologized.

“Sure thing: I apologize,” Weigel responded to Trump’s demand.

The D.C. daily’s reporter assured that he had deleted the photo he posted after another reporter told him he had “gotten it wrong.”

Weigel then wrote off his deceptive post as merely being a “bad tweet.”

“It was a bad tweet on my personal account – not a story for Washington Post,” Weigel, tweeted on Saturday in response to Trump’s tweet. “I deleted it after like 20 minutes. Very fair to call me out.”

However, taking into account the perpetuating “fake news” routinely manufactured by left-leaning papers and media outlets from coast to coast, Trump expressed that he was not satisfied with Weigel’s apology and called for the Washington Post to have zero tolerance for its reporters disseminating fake news ultimately aimed at trashing his credibility, lowering his support and getting him out of office as soon as possible.

"FAKE NEWS, he should be fired," Trump posted on Twitter after Weigel’s apology.

Accidental ‘fake news?’

Washington Post Vice President of Communications Kristine Coratti Kelly released a statement Saturday night to address the Pensacola photo issue, excusing the incident as a merely a careless mistake.

“Dave Weigel relied on an inaccurate image in tweeting about President Trump’s rally in Pensacola,” Kelly insisted, according to the Washington Post. “When others pointed out the mistake to Weigel, he quickly deleted the tweet. And when he was later addressed by the president on Twitter, he promptly apologized for it.”

Another leftist anti-Trump publication to the north, the New York Times, tried to turn the tables on Trump over the Pensacola incident, insisting that it was another swipe by the president to “discredit” the mainstream media.

“Mr. Trump’s broadside was his latest attempt to discredit the news media as biased against him – an effort that has accelerated after several recent mistakes by news organizations and individual journalists,” the New York Times’ Zach Johndec claimed.

The other “mistakes” Johndec alluded to included ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross falsely reporting that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn would testify that Trump directed him to contact Russian officials while the president was still a candidate. The “error” was exposed and ABC suspended Ross for four weeks without pay.

Defending anti-Trumpism

Johndec also implied that Trump overreacted to “fake news” that CNN later corrected about Donald Trump, Jr. receiving advanced notice from WikiLeaks about hacked documents it was going to release during the 2016 presidential campaign. The Times reporter said Trump “pounced” on CNN’s “erroneous report” when he called the network out on Twitter.

“Fake News CNN made a vicious and purposeful mistake yesterday,” Trump tweeted on Saturday morning before tweeting about Weigel’s photo.

Trump went on to let the public know that instead of having the goal to provide reliable and accurate news to the American public, CNN is focused on tearing down his administration via falsified news.

“CNN’S slogan is CNN, THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS,” Trump added in another tweet. “Everyone knows this is not true, that this could, in fact, be a fraud on the American Public.”

Johndec then surreptitiously tried to imply that Weigel’s false account was not far from the truth, implying that Trump lied about his crowds before. The Times reporter followed up by seizing the opportunity to insist that former President Barack Obama – a favorite of the Times -- drew a larger inauguration crowd before his first term than Trump did in 2017.

“After taking office in January, he accused journalists of deliberately understating the size of the crowd at his inauguration and said that up to 1.5 million people were in attendance – a claim that photographs disproved,” Johndec continued. “Analyses of news footage showed that fewer people attended Mr. Trump’s inauguration than President Barack Obama’s in 2009.”

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