Leftist ad depicts GOP voter mowing down minorities

Thursday, November 2, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Confederate flag over SC state houseThe left-wing group “Latino Victory” aired a television ad in the Virginia gubernatorial race depicting a white GOP voter driving a Confederate flag-flying pickup truck donning a bumper sticker of Republican candidate Ed Gillespie as he tried to mow down terrified brown-skinned children.

The conservative media has called the “shameless race-baiting” ad “one of the most disgusting political ads” ever seen, and Democrats agree.

“The 'Republican-rednecks-want-to-murder-brown-children' commercial was so appalling that a number of media figures and Democratic operatives expressed disgust over it,” Townhall reported. “Even the Washington Post's editorial board, which desperately wants Northam to win, chided the Democrat over his silence on the spot, over which a spokesman very tepidly and very belatedly expressed mild qualms.”

Even Dems disgusted

In fact, the left-leaning D.C. daily said that the ad pushing the Democratic candidate “had no place in Va.’s governor’s race.”

“’FEAR-MONGERING.’ – that is the title of an ad being aired by Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam that takes aim at ads by Ed Gillespie, his Republican opponent for governor, trying to tie Mr. Northam to MS-13 gang violence and to a child pornographer,” the Washington Post announced. “Mr. Northam is correct in his assessment of the poisonous ads and correct that it is ‘despicable’ to imply he would tolerate anyone hurting a child, [b]ut just as despicable is an anti-Gillespie ad created by an independent group that supports Mr. Northam. It behooves Mr. Northam, while he is offering criticism, to make clear that even though the anti-Gillespie spot was not a product of his campaign, his campaign wants no part of it.”

The politically correct racist group tried to appeal to angry liberals who love to play the race card by depicting Republican candidates as representing and condoning white supremacists.

“The minute-long spot from the Latino Victory Fund depicted a pickup truck being driven by a sinister-looking white man, flying a Confederate flag and sporting a Gillespie bumper sticker as it chased down a group of terrified brown-skinned children,” the editorial board of the Post wrote. “Titled ‘American Nightmare,’ the ad ended with the children waking up from a nightmare and adults watching television footage of August’s torch-bearing white-nationalist march in Charlottesville.”

The narrator of the divisive leftist ad then posed a baiting question.

“Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the ‘American Dream?’” the narrator asked.

A true rejection?

The insidious nature of the ad was quickly pointed out – but not by all Democrats.

“The Latino Victory Fund ad was vile,” the Post’s editorial board continued. “Among other faults, it glossed over the fact that Mr. Gillespie condemned the white-supremacist violence in Charlottesville far more directly than did President Trump.”

Northam’s spokesman insisted that the campaign did not support the inflammatory ad, but did not overtly reject its claims.

“Ralph Northam would not have run this ad and believes Virginians deserve civility – not escalation,” the spokesman emailed the Post.

Subsequently, the Democratic governor’s campaign was severely criticized for not overtly condemning the ad.

“After grandstanding and evincing fake outrage against ‘fear-mongering’ for weeks, Northam could have had a 'Sister Souljah' moment by harshly and publicly repudiating the Latino Victory smear job,” Townhall’s Guy Benson insisted. “He quite conspicuously did not.”

Stopping for the wrong reasons

It is contended that the virulent Latino Victory activist group only decided to stop running the ad because of Monday’s New York City attack that saw an Islamic terrorist run down and kill eight cyclists.

“That was before the Latino Victory Fund announced Tuesday night that it was pulling the ad, issuing a statement that cited ‘recent events,’” the board pointed out. “Maybe that was a reference to Tuesday night’s truck attack in Manhattan. It is sad that it took such a tragedy for the group to realize how out of bounds its ad was. It’s also sad that someone who promises to be a governor for all Virginians didn’t call them out right away.”

The reasoning behind pulling the ad was blasted by the conservative news media, as well.

“The penultimate sentence of that excerpt refers to a ‘tragedy’ that precipitated the left-wing organization's decision to yank down their despicable ad,” Benson contended. “What was that tragedy? Oh, it was someone deliberately plowing into innocents and slamming into a school bus – trying to kill and maim as many people as possible with...a pickup truck. Was the perpetrator a Tea Party-lovin', Confederate flag-flyin' Ed Gillespie supporter? He was not.”

Latino Victory was then called out for being a bunch of hypocrites.

A group this vile deserves timing this unlucky – so good work, Latino Victory … What do you have to say for yourselves?” Benson posed. “In truth, the only party they ‘help up a mirror to’ was themselves, and the reflected image was quite ugly indeed.”

Earlier smear

In late September, Northam attempted to one-up Gillespie for his offensive ad tying the Democrat to the proliferation of Virginia gangs when he issued a provocative mailer that politicized August’s Charlottesville tragedy.

“We don’t need state candidates trying to use our pain to their political advantage,” a Thursday op-ed from Daily Progress reads. “The mailer features a photo of the Charlottesville Tiki-torch marchers, and condemns Mr. Gillespie for not speaking out against President Trump’s now infamous ‘good people on both sides’ comment made on Aug. 12. Mr. Gillespie did, however, denounce the white supremacists – before the rally ever took place.”

In fact, he said that the kind of behavior that took place in Charlottesville has no place in Virginia.

“Having a right to spew vile hate does not make it right,” the Republican candidate for governor stated on Aug. 12. “… These displays have no place in our commonwealth and the mentality on display is rejected by the decent, thoughtful and compassionate fellow Virginians I see every day.”

But Gillespie’s Democratic rival would not let go of the opportunity to paint his competitor in a racist light.

“Mr. Northam criticizes his opponent for not going beyond that statement – for not denouncing the president for not denouncing the white supremacists,” the op-ed continues. “That’s because the Northam campaign wants to do everything it can to tie Mr. Gillespie to the unpopular president. And that’s because the race is so close; the Democrats want to grab every advantage they can scramble for, even if it means political exploitation of the Charlottesville tragedy.”

The lengths to which Northam went to make Gillespie and Trump look like virtual Ku Klux Klan (KKK) co-conspirators was heavily criticized.

“But to take the tragedy of Charlottesville and exploit it for political advantage is stomach-turning,” the Daily Progress opinion piece asserted. “We also find it to be more than a bit hypocritical, since the Northam campaign was quick to cry foul over the Gillespie ad that manipulated information in trying to say that Mr. Northam was soft on gang violence.”

The Virginia Democrat’s attempt to pawn off unsubstantiated and untrue claims against the president and Gillespie was also noted.

“The Northam mailer manipulates information, too,” the editorial impressed. “The message on its reverse side urges voters to ‘stand up to Trump, Gillespie and hate’ – as if ‘Trump, Gillespie and hate’ are automatically equivalent. That’s both misleading and cynically calculating.”

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