White mentally challenged teen's torture triggering race war?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Chicago skylineIn the wake of a video-gone-viral showing four young black adults torturing a white mentally challenged 18-year-old Trump supporter, many American leaders on both side of the race line have condemned the act, with one author warning that the act and other racial animosity against whites could lead to a race war – one in which President Barack Obama is partially to blame.

During the video, four African Americans – including three 18-year-olds and one 26-year-old – kidnapped the special needs teen after picking him up at a Chicago-area McDonald’s and tortured him while cursing white people and President-elect Donald Trump on Facebook Live.

No excuse

The ruthless, hate-filled act has spurred condemnation from the black community and leaders alike, with Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND) Founder Jesse Lee Peterson calling the act absolutely insidious.

“It’s 100 percent evil,” Peterson asserted, according to WND. “There’s no love in this at all, and if you don’t have love, you have hate. It’s pure evil. They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Whatever the law is, they should do it. I hope they get life in prison, because those are some mean black kids and they don’t deserve to be out on the street hurting innocent people like that. The fact that they did it to a mentally handicapped teenager makes it much worse, because they attacked a defenseless, helpless person. So, it makes it even worse, but it also shows how deep this hatred they have in their hearts is – that they could do this to an innocent person, a helpless person like that.”

Insisting that the attack was nothing less than a racist hate crime, the author of The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood believes that such attacks are triggered by propaganda being spread into the black community that blames white people as being the root of all of its problems.

“They are taking their anger out on white Americans, because they’ve been told over the last 50 years or so that white people are their enemies,” continued Peterson, who is also a WND columnist. “And Barack Obama has created an environment, divided the races and created an environment where this hostility from blacks toward whites has only gotten worse.”

True root of racism

He argues the home is where much black anger frequently begins, noting that single black mothers often pass their anger on to their children. Peterson says these youth are then told by “race hustlers” in political circles to blame white racism for their problems – rather than encouraging them to forgive their mothers. The black leader insists that because black youth are not led to forgive – but rather to vent their anger – racist crimes take place … and a white mentally handicapped teen gets needlessly beaten.

“If you don’t deal with that anger, it only gets worse, and then you have people you look up to and respect as authority figures – like the president of the United States and the so-called black politicians and white liberals – blaming black people’s problems on white folks,” Peterson explained. “It just adds fuel to the fire and feeds that evil, and the more you carry it out and you go unpunished for doing it, it only gets worse.”

The black leader went on to offer some advice to the Chicago attackers.

“I would tell them they need to forgive their fathers and mothers for failing them and that they need to stop being angry at their parents so that they don’t continue to become like their parents, so that they can have peace within themselves,” he advised.

Even though the latest tragic event stands out, Peterson contends that similar hatred within the black community aimed at white people is nothing rare.

“I can honestly tell you that not all, not all, not all, not all, but most black people hate white folks,” he pointed out. “Even some of the black Christians and non-Christians alike, they hate white people, and this hatred is coming from the parents to the children. They hear it all the time in their homes – they hear it in their communities.”

Peterson then shared a fear that he has – that in the near future, white people will no longer tolerate black people’s hatred and react in volatile ways.

“When they do, we’re going to have a real race war on our hands,” he alerted Americans. “Then the government’s going to come in, pass more laws, and we’re all going to suffer for it. That’s my concern, because how long will young white people take this kind of stuff, especially young white men? You can only abuse and beat and kill and rape people for so long before they start to retaliate against you – especially considering white people are not responsible for the destruction of black America. They have nothing to do with it.”

He proceeded by suggesting that Americans should take two key lessons from the recent racial torture in the Windy City: 1) that criminals in the inner cities must be punished more severely by stricter laws set by government officials and 2) parents, the government and communities must work to rebuild the family.

“We need to demand – in one way or another – that fathers and mothers get together and raise their children,” Peterson impressed. “If you’re not going to raise children, don’t have them. The government needs to stop paying for these out-of-wedlock children and demand that mothers raise their own children the right way. The focus needs to be back on the families, which Barack Obama could have done and should have done in the eight years he was there. If he focused on the families, these situations would have started to disappear already – especially if you punish the criminals – because if they know you’re going to punish them, that would deter them from carrying this out in this way. And then if the parents know they’re going to be punished for what their children do, then they, too, would become more responsible for their children.”

More outrage

Americans for Israel Founder Ben Kinchlow, who authored Black Yellowdogs, was also appalled at the video of the mentally disabled teenager being tortured.

“It is disgusting that a mentally challenged person should be brutally assaulted – regardless of race,” insisted Kinchlow, a longtime co-host of The 700 Club. “However, it is clear from everything that is transpiring on the video that this is a racially motivated act. I think that failure to charge these four perpetrators with hate crimes would have been a gross miscarriage of justice.”

It was recently reported by ABC 7 Chicago that all four attackers were charged with a hate crime, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated unlawful restraint.

What ended up being a torturous night started out as a seemingly innocent slumber party.

“The victim’s parents had dropped off their son at a McDonald’s on New Year’s Eve, thinking he was going to a sleepover with Jordan Hill, 18, an acquaintance from school,” WND reported. “However, Hill picked up the victim in a stolen van and then drove around for the next two days, visiting friends and sleeping in the van. On Tuesday, Hill brought the victim to an apartment on Chicago’s West Side.”

It appears the vulnerable teen was lured into roughhousing before his “friends” began to make sport of sadistically torturing him.

“The victim told investigators he got into a ‘play fight’ with Hill that escalated when two of Hill’s acquaintances, Brittany and Tanishia Covington, became aggravated with him,” WND’s Paul Bremmer informed. “That was when the group, which also included 18-year-old Tesfaye Cooper, tied up the victim. They proceeded to kick him, beat him, yell at him, force him to drink toilet water, force him to curse Donald Trump, [and] to say he loves black people. The whole ordeal was streamed live on Facebook.”

More common than you think

It is maintained that beatings and other racial incidents such as what happened in Chicago last week is nothing new.

According to author and independent reporter Colin Flaherty – who has documented black violence against whites for years – beatings similar to what took place on New Year’s do not catch him by surprise.

“This is new and horrific, but not unusual,” Flaherty, who wrote the book White Girl Bleed a Lot, expressed to WND. “The level of black criminality and violence – and even murder – against old people, handicapped people, gay people, women and vulnerable people of all kinds is astonishing. We document that over and over and over in my books and [the] YouTube Channel, but I never call them hate crimes – because that severely understates the level of black-on-white crime and violence that is so wildly out of proportion. It also severely understates the amount of black-on-white hostility that is now mainstream.”

Flaherty criticized the media for covering the act as an isolated incident. He also pointed out the press’ mistake of condemning numerous commentators and government officials for labeling it a hate crime.

“This violence happens every day and is ignored every day,” Flaherty stressed. “It also ignores the even bigger picture – how black-on-white hostility and violence is mainstream … and lots and lots of people say one of two things: 1) white people do it, too; and 2) white people deserve it.”

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