Four dead Americans, lots of lies, but no 'smoking gun'

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
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Benghazi attackThere is no "smoking gun" among the smoking ruins of the Benghazi compound according to The New York Times and other far-left sources. 

A 800-page reported released this week by the Select Committee on Benghazi describes how no help was ever sent in 2012 to save Americans at the besieged compound in Libya operated by the State Department.

Worse still, the Obama administration lied to the American people – including the families of the four victims - about the cause of the attack.

Those killed in the attack were CIA operatives Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, State Department employee Sean Smith, and Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Benghazi committee member Pete Roskam noted how slow the administration was to send help to the attack, which lasted 16 hours and killed four Americans. No military assets were on their way to Benghazi, he says, but the political spin was already at work as the bullets were flying.

Yet this week's headline in The New York Times read, "Panel ends, finding no new fault by Clinton."

The "smoking gun" is that Benghazi didn't have to be a massacre, says military analyst Bob Maginnis with the Family Research Council.

Citing the congressional investigation, he notes that more security was requested, even by Stevens himself, but was denied.

"And certainly the blood of those four," says Maginnis, "are on the hands of those people who denied them the opportunity to at least have a fighting chance." 

Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center says The New York Times story reads like a Clinton campaign ad.

"The administration did everything it could to avoid dealing with Congress and the press," says Gainor, who predicts the press will "spin" its own post-report stories and claim millions of dollars were wasted to exonerate Clinton.


In fact, a Google search of "Clinton exonerated" produces The New York Times story and left-wing news website Huffington Post. Another left-wing website slams the "sham investigation" led by Republicans. 

Yet the Committee report finds that the Clinton-led State Department originated the lie that the attack was the result of an anti-Muslim video.

In fact, with the four coffins next to them, Clinton lied to family members of the victims four years ago when she blamed the producer of an obscure anti-Islam video for causing a protest that devolved into a riot.

Hillary Clinton what diff does it make Jan. 2013The Republican-led investigation uncovered, however, that then-Secretary Clinton had emailed her own daughter Chelsea that a terrorist attack was behind the attack, not a riot caused by a video.

In an editorial citing the new report, National Review Online opined:

The entire episode is shameful: Foreign-service and intelligence personnel were left in what State Department insiders knew was a death trap even as the threat to them increased. When the inevitable attack came, they were left on their own. And when it came time to explain themselves, administration officials lied: Obama, Clinton, Rice, Rhodes, Carney, and the rest — serially and systematically. 

Benghazi attack"The president had this narrative the Al Qaida's on the run but now they've got a terrorist attack " Committee member Jim Jordan said of White House response. "And they have to mislead the American people because it's 56 days before an election, their legacy is on the line, and she has the goddess of history looking over her shoulder."

Although the report wasn't about Hillary Clinton, Committee member Mike Pompeo confirmed to a reporter he has a definite view of the Democrat Presidential contender.

"Is Hillary Clinton's leadership morally reprehensible?" he was asked at the press conference.

"Yes, it is," he replied.  "Absolutely."

And what is Clinton's response to the report and its findings? "It's pretty clear," she told campaign supporters Tuesday, "that it's time to move on." 

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