Left-wing media gleefully trumpets anti-AFA story

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Chris Woodward, Billy Davis (OneNewsNow.com)

Target store front"I do not think that word means what you think it means," Inigo Montoya famously told Vizzini in "The Princess Bride." 

Such sage advice hasn't stopped website Right Wing Watch when it comes to the American Family Association, even if it's simple words such as "we've" and "people."  

AFA pushed back Tuesday after news stories hit the Internet claiming the family advocacy group is entering women's restrooms at Target stories.

The news stories originated with Right Wing Watch, an arm of left-wing group People for the American Way.  

"There is a false report being circulated on Facebook and by liberal media outlets," wrote AFA President Tim Wildmon, "that AFA has 'encouraged men' to go into women's changing areas or bathrooms at Target. This is completey FALSE."

Those stories began after Right Wing Watch posted a story Monday, May 2 after Sandy Rios was interviewed by Breitbart News.

Sandy RiosRios, a radio talk show host for American Family Radio, talked to Stephen Bannon about the AFA boycott of Target and the corporation's liberal restroom policy. Without any "barriers" to stop people, Target is allowing anyone to enter the restroom of their choice, she said. 

"We've already had people testing this, going into Targets and men trying to go into restrooms," she told Bannon, referring to citizens confronting Target management over its liberal policy.

But that phrase took on a different meaning at Right Wing Watch, which declared in its story that Rios was referring to AFA itself – not the general public.

Target restroomAnd the claim took off from there, hitting the far-left Huffington Post and other liberal websites by Tuesday. The claim then found its way to the more reputable Washington Post, which stopped short of endorsing the claims that had gone viral among left-wing media.

"While there is no evidence of American Family Association-affiliated men entering women’s restrooms in Target," the Post story admitted, "YouTube has filled with videos of men doing just that."

But even that claim is suspect. While there are videos posted to Youtube challenging Target's restroom and fitting room policy, none of them show men entering a women's restroom.

In fact, a Youtube video embedded in the Post's own story (see below) shows a man asking a Target manager about the policy. He then walks out of the store.

AFA is headquartered in Mississippi, where Jackson daily newspaper The Clarion-Ledger reported on the anti-AFA claim, attributing its own story to The Huffington Post story.

Yet that story made an even bigger claim - AFA is sending men into women's restrooms dressed as transgender women.  

"Right Wing Watch, in monitoring my comments on Breitbart, claimed that I said AFA was sending men into women's bathrooms at Target to check the policy," Rios said on her radio program Wednesday morning. "What I was saying was that there are men who are doing that. It's all over Facebook, (people saying), I went into Target, I had my video, I asked the manager if I could go in. And that's what I was saying. But they're claiming that AFA is sending people in and of course that's an abject lie."

The talk radio show host sarcastically congratulated Right Wing Watch for "twisting" her words into a story that has taken off.

"This is the most successful job of twisting my words you've ever done," she told her radio audience. 


American Family Association is the parent organization of American Family News, which includes news website OneNewsNow.


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