UK ruling on sexuality: Bible 'incompatible with human dignity'

Saturday, October 5, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

Bible with stethoscope

According to a recent ruling by an employment tribunal in Britain, Christians must submit to LGBTQ requests or risk forfeiting their livelihood.

After a Christian doctor was forced out of his job in the United Kingdom for declining to use transgender pronouns, the Employment Tribunal issued a ruling affirming the dismissal, declaring his biblical beliefs on human sexuality are "incompatible with human dignity."

"Belief in Genesis 1:27 – lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to transgenderism – in our judgment are incompatible with human dignity and conflict with the fundamental rights of others, specifically here, transgender individuals," the panel declared, according to WND.

LGBTQ way or the highway

Dr. David Mackereth – who has been practicing medicine for 26 years for Britain's National Health Service – was let go by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The panel’s ruling provides a sober warning for doctors of faith throughout the U.K.

"The judgment will have serious ramifications for Christian professionals – and indeed all medical professionals – as the judgment dictates the language that professionals must use in the workplace," the Christian Legal Center contended in an announcement published on Christian Concern. "The judgment is also contrary to scientific reality and is likely to undermine freedom of speech in the workplace."

Punished for devotion to beliefs

Christian Legal Center attorney Michael Phillips – who is representing the 56-year-old doctor – argues the DWP is guilty of discrimination against his client's religious beliefs.

"His belief [is] in the truth of the Bible, and in particular, the truth of Genesis 1:27: ‘So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them," Phillips clarified, according to CBN News.

"It follows that every person is created by God as either male or female. A person cannot change their sex/gender at will. Any attempt at, or pretense of doing so, is pointless, self-destructive and sinful,” the attorney added.

But according to Mackereth's employer, his Christian beliefs are "mere opinion" because they are not protected by the UK’s Equality Act of 2010.

The judgment by Judge Perry places "transgender rights" above religious liberty and devotion to biblical truth, which is regarded as "not worthy of respect" so those who believe in gender-fluidity are not offended.

"Dr. Mackereth holds to the principles of the Great Reformation of the 16th Century, including a commitment to the supremacy of the Bible as the infallible, inerrant word of God as his final authority in all matters of faith and practice, includ[ing] his belief in the truth of Genesis 1:27, and the logical consequence: skepticism about transgenderism and refusal to use transgender pronouns," Perry held.

The Christian Legal Center argues that the ruling essentially puts biblical beliefs on the same level as Nazi racism.

"The ruling will have profound ramifications, excluding foundational Christian beliefs from the protection of human rights and anti-discrimination law," the legal group impressed. "The ruling puts a belief in the Bible on a par with the racist and neo-Nazi ideologies, which have been held to be ‘not worthy of respect in democratic society' in earlier judicial decisions."

Love it or leave it

Because Mackereth told his employer he would not submit to calling a six-foot bearded man "she" or "Mrs." on a whim if asked, he subsequently lost his job.

In an email exchange with his medic employer, identified as Mr. Owen, Mackereth was notified that he must follow the "process as discussed in your training" if he wanted to keep his job.

"If, however, you do not want to do this, we will respect your decision and your right to leave your contract," Owen explained to the doctor, according to the British legal firm.

But Mackereth insisted his Christian faith would not allow him to do so.

"I am a Christian and in good conscience cannot do what the DWP is requiring of me," he replied.

In court, Mackereth clarified his thoughts on the matter:

"[Transgenderism is a] rebellion against God, which is both pointless and sinful … I am, of course, aware that there are men or women who believe they have been trapped in a wrong body, and I do not question the sincerity of their convictions," he explained while on the stand, according to the Daily Wire.

"A small number of such people have always existed. Up until recently, such a belief was considered by medics to be delusional and a symptom of a medical disorder. It is only recently that transgenderism has been recognized as normal and such delusional beliefs accepted at face value. What is responsible for that change is political pressure – not scientific evidence."

Ramifications of the ruling

After the ruling was filed, Mackereth shared his sentiments with the Daily Wire:

"I am not alone in being deeply concerned by this outcome. Staff in the NHS – even those who do not share my Christian convictions – are also disturbed as they see their own freedom of thought and speech being undermined by the judges' ruling. No doctor, or researcher, or philosopher, can demonstrate or prove that a person can change sex. Without intellectual and moral integrity, medicine cannot function, and my 30 years as a doctor are now considered irrelevant compared to the risk that someone else might be offended."

Christian Concern's Andrea Williams lamented at how the medical profession will lose a devoted and honorable doctor at the hands of LGBTQ activism.

"[The ruling was a] crushing of Christian beliefs," Williams told Premier. "Dr. David Mackereth – for almost 30 years has – been working in A and E, loves his patients, and treats all patients. Dr. Mackereth was gentle. He would have called a person by their chosen name. What he couldn't do was put on a form that a biological man was a biological woman, or a biological woman was a man."

However, the beleaguered physician will not go down without a fight.

"I believe that I have to appeal in order to fight for the freedom of Christians – and any other NHS member of staff – to speak the truth," Mackereth shared with the Daily Wire. "If they cannot, then freedom of speech has died in this country – with serious ramifications for the practice of medicine in the U.K."


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