Teacher fired for posting sex ed concerns on FB sues school

Monday, April 22, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Facebook usersA Christian teacher fired for posting her concerns to personal Facebook friends over the pro-LGBT sex education program adopted by her child’s Church of England school is now being defended by a Christian legal firm in the United Kingdom.

“The teacher, Kristie [Higgs], lost her job at Farmor’s School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, after she told her Facebook group about the ‘No Outsiders’ program,” WND reported about her termination – resulting in the loss of her £10,000 (approximately $13,000 in the United States) annual salary.

Covert war on Christian beliefs

In the names of “equality,” “tolerance” and “anti-discrimination,” the LGBT indoctrination program instructing students to embrace homosexual and transgender behavior flies in the face of biblical teachings on morality and sexuality.

“[T]he No Outsiders’ program … challenges the Christian understanding of family and openly promotes LGBT lifestyles to children as young as four,” Christian Concern informed – the sister organization of the United Kingdom-based Christian Legal Center (CLC) that is representing Higgs.

Without being given an opportunity to defend herself, Higgs was terminated almost immediately and without warning by the 1,000-pupil secondary school, where her primary role was to provide emotional support and care for the most needy and troubled students.

“She was dismissed after she shared two Facebook posts that raised concerns about Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) at another school in the same village – her own child’s Church of England Primary School,” Christian Concern recounted. “Kristie – mother of two who had been working at the Gloucestershire academy for six years as a pastoral assistant – was told following an investigation and a six-hour hearing that she would be dismissed without notice.”

Higgs felt compelled to share her concerns about the program with her personal friends via a Facebook post that she sent out after attending a meeting at her child’s school to find out more information about its radically left sex ed program.

“Please read this – they are brainwashing our children!” she exclaimed in her first Facebook post, according to Christian Concern. “Please sign this petition – they have already started to brainwash our innocent, wonderfully created children, and it’s happening in our local primary school now.”

After urging her Facebook friends to sign the nationwide petition against the U.K. government’s proposals to make RSE compulsory for children, beginning at the age of four – an issue that was subsequently debated by British parliament – she took to Facebook in another post to re-share an article she found about the rise of transgender ideology discovered in children’s books being used in schools across the United States.

This is happening in our primary schools now,Higgs alerted in a following post.

Her second post – as well as her first one – was only visible to her personal Facebook friends. 

“Nevertheless, [the posts] were reported to the school where she worked – Farmor's School in Fairford, Gloucestershire – and following an investigation, Kristie was dismissed for gross misconduct,” the British Christian group informed. “Reasons given by the school for her dismissal were: 'illegal discrimination', 'serious inappropriate use of social media' and 'online comments that could bring the school into disrepute and damage the reputation of the school.’”

Discrimination … according to who?

The legal group representing Higgs, CLC, argues that the school’s conclusions on the matter were unfounded and went on to file suit against school officials for discrimination and wrongful dismissal.

Christian Concern noted that at the end of the hearing, Higgs received a written statement that read, “Regarding bringing the school into disreputewe agree that there is no direct evidence that, as a matter of fact, that the reputation of the school has been damaged to date.”

After asking the school exactly who it was that she had discriminated against in her posts, the school attempted to justify its allegation.

"[Y]ou had not directly discriminated against one person – rather it was about the words you had used that could be perceived as discrimination," the school replied, according to Christian Concern.

Part of Higgs’ responsibilities at the school included working with homosexual and transgender teenagers who came to her for emotional and practical support when they felt the burden of the world on their shoulders, and she was deeply offended by the school’s accusation that she would discriminate against such students.

I loved my job, and I loved the children that I cared for,” Higgs told The Daily Mail. ‘It wasn’t just kids who were in trouble – I also helped children who were gay or changing gender. When they came to my office, I opened my arms to them and treated them like any other young people. I never discriminated against them and never would.”

Despite her love for the students, her firing resulted in attacks by LGBTQ advocates across the island nation.

“One anonymous complaint accused her of offending gay and transgender pupils,” The Mail’s Sanchez Manning reported Sunday. “One governor compared her posts to comments made by a ‘far-Right’ extremist.”

Attack on Christian beliefs

Higgs contends that the school and government are coming down on her because of her sincerely held Christian beliefs about biblical morality and sexuality – which are being vigorously challenged by the government’s education program.

"It has everything to do with my religion," Higgs insisted to Christian Concern. “I have been punished for sharing concerns about Relationships and Sex Education. I hold these views because of my Christian beliefsbeliefs and views which are shared by hundreds of thousands of parents across the U.K. My number-one concern has always been the effect that learning about sex and gender in school will have on children at such an age.”

The 43-year-old mother of two pointed out the school and government’s hypocrisy when they claim that her termination was not punishment for her Christian beliefs – because they run contrary to state dictates on sexuality.

“As soon as the investigation into the posts began, I was repeatedly told: 'this is nothing to do with your religion,'” Higgs recalled, according to Christian Concern. “That was clearly a legal tactic, and, of course, it has everything to do with my religion. I am determined to fight this case and to stand for Christians and all parents across the country who are being silenced for sharing and holding these views. This is all about the freedom of a Christian to hold biblical views on sexuality."

CLC Chief Executive Andrea Williams argues that Higgs’ lawsuit has everything to do with the violation of her religious liberty.

"This case is about the freedom to hold Christian views about what it means to be human,” Williams told Christian Concern. “Many Christians have faced pressure for expressing these views in the workplace before, but in this case, Kristie has been dismissed for sharing her views among friends on Facebook. What Kristie shared on Facebook simply reflects the genuine and justified concerns of a parent about the sexual ideology currently being imposed on her own children and thousands of children across the U.K.”

Because she challenged the school and government dictates regarding human sexuality – done throught the propagation of the LGBTQ lifestyle – Higgs could end up suffering irreparable damage to her career and reputation.

“Kristie has not only lost her job, but her whole career is now tarnished with the accusation that for holding these views, she is now a danger to vulnerable children,” Williams pointed out.This is despite an exemplary record at the school and in her work with youth in the wider community. If Kristie does not win this case – due to one complaint –she will never be able to work with children again. Kristie is a kind, loving and courageous woman, and we will stand side by side with her as she fights for justice."



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