Similar prosecution tactics used against Netanyahu, Trump

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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Benjamin NetanyahuAn Israeli expert asserts that there is a “very clear political agenda” behind the pattern of prosecution tactics used against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump.

Middle East expert and author Caroline Glick has no doubt that political opponents are on the same page when it comes to using anti-Netanyahu and anti-Trump strategies to oust them from office.

Left squeeze to get the right out

Currently, Netanyahu is under pressure to resign by opposition to his Likud Party, while Democrats continue to ramp up schemes to impeach Trump.

“Political opponents of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are calling for him to resign after Israel Police recommended his indictment on charges of bribery and breach of trust,” CBN News reported. “Netanyahu denies the allegations, and some believe the entire investigation adds up to a political coup by legal means.”

The call for the Israeli prime minister to step down is being led by MK Tamar Zandberg, who leads Israel’s far-left Meretz Party.

"A prime minister who is accused of the most serious offense for a public servant in the Israeli rulebook cannot keep serving for even on more day,” Zandberg proclaimed, according to CBN News. “He must resign today. Israel must go to elections."

Also urging Netanyahu to leave office is former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who contended that the PM reacted to attacks against him like a mob boss, while others insist that they have observed an entrenched bureaucracy at work.

However, Glick has an altogether different take on what is going on, stressing that it has less to do with Netanyahu’s actions than the political movement being waged against him.

"We see that we have some serious problems with what we call our 'deep state' in Israel, where you have unaccountable clerks and public servants who stay on forever, and they have a very clear political agenda, which is not the agenda of the elected government or of the people who elected them," Glick explained to CBN News. "So, he is highly competent, and the left – on the other hand – has completely discredited itself from so many different perspectives that it really has no chance of winning an election in the foreseeable future."

It was noted that Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, have been targeted with 22 individual investigations since he first took office as prime minister back in the late 1990s.

"So, they've been thinking – and we see this very clearly really since his first tenure in office back in the 1990s – that they can't deal with the competence that he is bringing to bear in the prime minister's office that's making people like him – or vote for him even if they don't like him – and this is despite the fact that the media treatment of Netanyahu has been overwhelmingly and consistently negative for the past generation," Glick asserted.

Trump and Netanyahu bashing a trend?

She sees both Netanyahu and Trump facing the same kind of opposition from their ultra-left political enemies and media opposition.

“Glick believes the police, the judiciary and the media are determined to undermine Netanyahu,” CBN News’ Chris Mitchell noted. “She sees a mirror image between what's happening here with Netanyahu and in the U.S. with President Trump.”

Personal attacks on Netahyahu and Trump have been rife in recent years, as political parties in both Israel and the United States have launched character-assassination campaigns to dethrone the conservative world leaders.

"There are a lot of similarities between what's happening now with Netanyahu and the special counsel investigation of President Trump, where you see that – you know – they can't find an underlying crime and so they're trying to go on 'process' crimes,” Glick pointed out. “And in Israel's case and Netanyahu's case, they are saying that Netanyahu was bad because he made a deal, which was legal [and] that the regulators approved. And because he had this deal, they're trying to turn it into something that was illegal when it was manifestly legal, and they're trying to do this in order to unseat a sitting prime minister."

She is still optimistic about Netanyahu in the face of all the prosecution he faces by opponents in court.

"I don't think this is going to work in Israel's case because, again, the public supports Netanyahu – not because we love him, but because he's an excellent prime minister, and the public wants him to continue to lead,” Glick explained. “So, so long as he maintains that public support in him, I think that the ability of this legal fraternity to unseat him is limited."

It is argued that such attacks against conservative leaders are becoming a “dangerous” trend that is being witnessed across the West.

"But I think that it's very dangerous and it's very disturbing, and we all should be disturbed – both by what's happening in the United States and what's happening in Israel, obviously, and what's happening throughout the Western world that we're seeing more and more of this trend,” the outspoken conservative continued. “And it really has to be addressed and overturned."

Threats of impeaching Trump are still being hurled by Democrats in the U.S., while things are still in limbo for Netanyahu as he continues to be under siege in Israel.

“Israeli Attorney General Avi Mandleblit will make the final determination on any indictment of Netanyahu,” Mitchell informed. “His office has indicated there's no specific deadline, and it's possible a decision may not come until the spring.”

Strengthening a golden bond

In addition to moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem, Trump forwarded his pro-Israel foreign policy by terminating the Iran Nuclear Deal negotiated by former President Barack Obama and his former Secretary of State John Kerry – moves that did not sit well with Democrats, the mainstream media and the United Nations.

“European and other international leaders responded angrily to Trump’s move,” Glick wrote about the deal in her column published in the Jerusalem Post. “The EU’s foreign policy commissioner Federica Mogherini was downright indignant.”

Morgherini apparently did not understand that the U.S. is more valuable of an ally than Iran.

“The European Union is determined to preserve it,” he said about the Iran deal. “Together with the rest of the international community, we will preserve this nuclear deal.”

But Trump made it clear that his alliance with Israel will be protected at all costs – despite pressure from the left.

“The liberal U.S. media outlets were also aghast,” Glick recalled. “Commentators joined the chorus of former Obama administration officials condemning Trump and insisting his move will isolate the U.S. from the international community.”

The commander-in-chief did not cave in to critics’ pressure as he stuck with Israel’s PM.

“You saw Benjamin Netanyahu get up yesterday and talk so favorably about what we did,” Trump said in May, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Trump does not intend on bending his pro-Israel foreign policy to become politically correct.

“In other words – as far as Trump is concerned – Israel’s support is just as valuable as Mogherini’s,” Glick added. “He’s perfectly willing to suffice with Israeli support. Having Israel in his corner means that the U.S. is not isolated.”

Glick also recognized Trump’s commitment to global security by sticking by Israel’s side in a speech when he indicated how the world remains threatened by Islamic terrorism.

“The world is a very dangerous place!” Trump exclaimed last month, according to Breitbart News.

Glick agreed with Trump and his decision to stand by Netanyahu in his battle against jihad.

“Indeed it is, and as Trump and his supporters recognized, by pushing an imperialist vision of Pax Americana – which assumed the harshest areas of the world would happily embrace liberal democratic values and principles once given the opportunity to do so – his Republican and Democratic predecessors did not make the world a better place,” Glick expressed in her Breitbart report. “They made it more dangerous to America, its interests, its values and its allies.”

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