Limbaugh: Obama erred by leaving Ginsburg

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Supreme Court justices 2017With President Donald Trump’s push for ultra-conservative Brett Kavanaugh to replace the liberal retiring United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, radio personality Rush Limbaugh contends that former President Barack Obama should have retired and replaced the aging SCOTUS Associate Justice Ruth Ginsburg while he was in office – for his party’s best interest.

The conservative radio host insisted that Obama, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and leading Democrats only have themselves to blame for their current dilemma of losing their leftist lean in the nation’s highest court.

“The left … is scared to death of [the] next potential nomination [and] scared to death of the future of Ruth ‘Buzzi’ Ginsburg, [who] has been in poor health [and] is over 80,” Limbaugh said on his conservative radio show Tuesday. “If they had known what they were doing, they would have cajoled Ruth Ginsburg into retiring while Obama was prexy [president] so that he could name her appointment and have that seat guaranteed for the Democrats for the next 40 years.”

Killed by over-confidence

It was argued that the 44th president and his former secretary of state were plagued by overconfidence and a lack of foresight heading into the 2016 presidential election – underestimating their Republican competition and the damage it could do to their leftist agenda in the court system.

“But they calculated there was no way Hillary could lose – it didn’t even occur to them that Donald Trump would win,” Limbaugh asserted. “It never occurred to them that a Republican might have a chance to appoint the next couple of justices, or three – they assumed that would be their exclusive right – and so they didn’t make any suggestion to Ruth Ginsburg that she retire.”

He then challenged the left’s crediting Obama and Clinton for their “brilliance” in handling Democratic affairs as being off the mark.

“They are said to be the best and brightest, and so smart we can’t even keep up with them, but it’s the other way around,” Limbaugh continued. “They’re so arrogant and self-focused that they have no room for intelligence – and certainly not any intellectual growth ’cause they already know everything.”

Ginsburg super hero strength at 85?

The vocal conservative then pointed to an article published by the ultra-left Politico magazine the month after Trump’s inauguration, which he contends was written to give Democrats some [false] assurance and comfort that Ginsburg’s health and age should raise no concern that the [then-] 83-year-old would have to leave while Trump is in office.

“She’s been in poor health off and on for a number of years, bless her heart, and she’s hung in there because, you know, she doesn’t want Trump naming her replacement – she just doesn’t, [but] a 27-year-old, 28-year-old journalist claim[ed] that Ruth Ginsburg’s workout nearly destroyed him,” Limbaugh chuckled in disbelief.

Politico’s Ben Schreckinger ran his article with the headline, “I Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Workout. It Nearly Broke Me. Pumping iron with RBG’s personal trainer is no joke,” and the motivation behind the article was quite clear, as he appears to dispel Democrats’ concerns about her longevity on the bench in before his story even begins.

“In the early hours of Nov. 9, as stock markets began to rally on the news of Donald Trump’s upset win, there was another dramatic spike afoot – interest in the bone density and cholesterol levels of an 83-year-old woman from Flatbush, New York, was also soaring,” Schreckinger reported in Politico back in February 2017. “Many people wanted to know whether two-time cancer survivor Ruth Bader Ginsburg – the oldest and perhaps the most liberal justice on the Supreme Court – had enough gas in the tank to outlast the Trump presidency, or whether Trump would get a chance to fundamentally alter the balance of the court by replacing her …”

The left-leaning reporter went on to inquire of Ginsburg whether she had enough energy to stay on the bench until Trump is out of the White House – or if he would get the opportunity to replace her.

“As it turns out, the answer to that question lies largely in the hands of a staffer in the clerk’s office of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia,” Schreckinger wrote. “Asked earlier this month about the most important person in her life, Ginsburg said, ‘My personal trainer.’”

Limbaugh took this answer with a huge grain of salt.

“She’s 83! … The most important person in her life is her personal trainer? Are we buying this?” he asked. “My grandfather was one once 83, didn’t have a personal trainer, so I didn’t have a chance to ask him. She’s 85 now?”

A year and a half after the article – with Kennedy’s conservative replacement looming for Democrats – Politico attempted to revive confidence that Ginsburg is in it for the long haul by posting a tweet reading, “Our 27-year-old reporter did Justice Ginsburg’s workout. It nearly broke him,” and Limbaugh says he still does not buy the story.

“They tweeted this thing out yesterday,” Limbaugh pointed out, referring to Politico resurrecting the Ginsburg workout video. “This just goes to show you how scared to death – they’re assuring everybody that this woman’s workout is one that a 27-year-old journalist can’t even keep up with.”

He noted that Politico reportedly ran another headline – “Right-Wing Twitter Is Angry over a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Workout Video” – written in response to conservatives’ reaction to the story.

“Far-right Twitter keeps getting angry over a video of a reporter doing Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout,” Politico claimed.
“After the news outlet reposted the story on Twitter just hours before President Donald Trump chose the replacement for Kennedy, right-wing Twitter exploded, and was convinced the workout was easy.”

The conservative political expert maintained that the leftist media’s attempt to douse Democrats’ anxiety over Ginsburg’s replacement under a Trump administration is proof that they themselves are fearful that Ginsburg will not last another two to six years.

“This just shows you … the degree of panic, that they’re out there assuring leftist radicals, ‘Don’t worry about Ruth, don’t worry about Justice Ginsburg – we had a 27-year-old reporter assigned to her and he can’t even keep up with her workout,” Limbaugh emphasized. “So, she’s 85 years old. I think they’re worried to death and I think they’re privately cursing Obama and Hillary for not having figured this out.”

The vocal political analyst went on to dispel the “liberal construct” that there has to be a political “balance” in the high court and that replacing Ginsburg with a conservative would upset this so-called balance.

“There is no balance of the court – the only balance in the law is the scales of justice,” Limbaugh argued. “This needs to be nuked and done away with ASAP, and every conservative out there had better learn real quick – don’t fall for this business of be concerned with the balance of the court. There shouldn’t even be that characterization.”

Looking ahead …

As opposed to Democrats’ take that Ginsburg hanging around the Supreme Court showed her toughness, conservatives in the media see her move as sabotaging future liberal rulings.

“Ginsburg might have – at the very least – placed the liberal wing in a very shaky position,” Townhall’s Matt Vespa argued. “Conservatives are in a solid position to direct the course of the court for the next generation with a solid 5–4  majority. Given Ginsburg’s age, 85, and the notion that Trump winning a second term is not insane, it’s possible that another vacancy could open up. The 60-vote threshold on SCOTUS nominees is no more.”

He noted that there is still a possibility that things might not turn out as conservative Republicans planned, but this scenario is not considered too likely.

“Now, Sens. Murkowski (R-AK) and Collins (R-ME) could give their own party heartburn,” Vespa posed. “Barring a defection from at least one red state Democrat, if both defect, the game is up. Yet, the odds still favor confirmation ...”

He also addressed Democrats’ failure to remove and replace Ginsburg before Obama left office.

“Had Ginsburg left, the liberal wing could have at least maintained its position with a vibrant and much younger centrist who could have avoided the lurch to the right under President Trump,” Vespa insisted. “Looking at the 2020 Democratic field, it’s full of candidates who resonate with the liberal northeast, but not much elsewhere. It’s very rigid concerning geographical appeal.”

And with Trump’s approval rating and the economy soaring, it does not appear things will get any better for Democrats in the high court any time soon.

“With a booming economy, record low unemployment, the highest marks in consumer and small business confidence in years, and three million jobs created, Trump has a solid record to run on – especially with conservatives, who not only got tax reform and cuts to regulations from his White House, but also two Supreme Court justices,” Vespa concluded. “It’s very likely – at this point – that Trump wins a second term and could add another justice to the court with Ginsburg’s departure. Talk about a liberal meltdown: that’s a 6–3 conservative majority.”

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