Muslims raped, beat, prostituted or killed 1K girls in UK town

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Islam in EnglandThe “worst ever” child grooming scandal exposed in Great Britain reportedly came at the hands of Muslim migrants in the small town of Telford, where up to 1,000 girls as young as 11 years old were raped, drugged, beaten, forced into prostitution, and even murdered over a 40-year period.

An ongoing probe by a British daily has shown that Telford is not the only locale in the United Kingdom where Islamic sex gangs lured young girls away from their families to sexually exploit, torture and in some cases, murder them.

“Despite similar high-profile cases in Rochdale and Rotherham, authorities in Telford ­repeatedly failed to stamp out a network of abusers,” The Mirror reported. “The … 18-month investigation reveals abuse on unprecedented levels.”

It was stressed that the gang members’ Islamic identity was not only suppressed by local authorities, but by the investigating journalists, as well.

“Just as with previous cases of mass sexual abuse of minors in Rotherham and Rochdale, British police, social workers and city authorities in Telford reportedly took measures to cover up the crimes and the fact that their perpetrators were overwhelmingly of ‘Asian’ descent (Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians, or Sri Lankans),” Townhall reported. “Although the Mirror report does not mention the religion of the alleged abusers, if the Telford case corresponds to the Rotherham and Rochdale incidents as closely it appears to, the Asian men are likely Muslims.”

Trend of hiding Muslim atrocities

The ongoing epidemic has persisted for four decades – with three girls being murdered and another two dying as a result of the atrocities – even though victims report that repeated warnings were given to social workers.

“Social workers knew of abuse in the 1990s, but police took a decade to launch a probe,” The Mirror’s Nick Sommerlad announced. “Council staff viewed abused and trafficked children as ‘prostitutes’ instead of victims, according to previously unseen files.”

Not wanting to be condemned for racial or religious profiling, U.K. officials withheld valuable details about the Muslim gang members.

“Authorities failed to keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of ‘racism,’ [and] police failed to investigate one recent case five times until an MP intervened,” Sommerlad informed. “One victim said cops tried to stop her finding out why her abusers had not been prosecuted because they feared she would talk to us.”

Even though 1,500 victims of similar abuse have been found in Rotherham – with a population of 260,000 – the magnitude of the atrocities endured by girls in Telford, with 170,000 residents, is reportedly longer and more malicious than any other sex-slave scandal ever revealed in the island nation.

After the British newspaper revealed the epidemic, a public inquiry was demanded by Telford’s Tory MP Lucy Allan.

“[The investigation’s ­findings are] extremely serious and shocking,” Allan impressed, according to The Mirror. “There must now be an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford so that our community can have absolute ­confidence in the authorities.”

Dino Nocivelli – a specialist child abuse solicitor serving with the law firm, Bolt Burdon Kemp – is determined to make sure that the Muslim perpetrators involved are apprehended and locked up.

“These children were treated as sexual commodities by men who inflicted despicable acts of abuse,” Nocivelli told the British daily. "The survivors deserve an inquiry, [and] they need to know how abuse took place for so long and why so many perpetrators have never been brought to justice.”

More speaking up

It is feared that only the tip of the iceberg has been revealed so far in the probe, but many hope that the entire Muslim sex-slave ring will come tumbling down as more and more victims come forward.

“Our investigators have spoken to 12 victims – most of them unconnected,” Sommerlad noted. “They accused more than 70 abusers and claimed that violent rapes were still taking place just months ago.”

Many of the victims have kept quiet over the years out of fear for their lives, and one 14-year-old Telford girl was groomed and abused after her phone number was sold to pedophiles through the suspected Muslim gang.

“I hated what was happening and my abusers made my skin crawl, but I was told that if I said a word to anyone, they’d come for my little sisters and tell my mum I was a prostitute,” the teen victim shared with The Mirror. “Night after night, I was forced to have sex with multiple men in disgusting takeaways and filthy houses. I must have been getting the morning after pill from a local clinic at least twice a week, but no one asked any questions.”

Despite the fact that the community witnessed clear indications of abuse, nothing was done or reported.

“I fell pregnant twice and had two abortions, [and] hours after my second termination, I was taken by one of my abusers to be raped by more men,” she continued. "The worst moment came just after my 16th birthday, when I was drugged and gang raped by five men. Days later, the ringleader turned up at my house and told me he’d burn it down if I breathed a word of what had happened.”

This is just one of a long trail of cases of abuse where authorities failed to act – and even attempted to obstruct justice.

“Documents which will be passed to the Home Office reveals authorities knew of the horrors a decade before investigating – and shows how they tried to hamper our probe,” The Mirror reported. “We presented our findings to Professor Liz Kelly, from the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit at London Metropolitan University. She helped estimate the number of victims based on figures gathered by our investigators.”

In the 14-year-old’s case, those who were supposed to help her essentially threw her back into the hands of her torturers.

“The girl, now 47, says she reported her abuse to the council and school but does not believe action was taken,” Sommerlad noted. “She says her doctor said she was mentally ill and should take medication.”

It is reported that young white girls were predominantly targeted by the Muslim gang members, but victims also came from Telford’s Asian community.

Back in 2013, an admission of knowledge about the atrocities was revealed in a report commissioned by the local Telford and Wrekin Council.

“From the late 1990s, professionals had concerns about the nature of some of the child sexual abuse cases presented to them,” local officials admitted in the report, according to The Mirror. “[The failure to act can be blamed on] understanding and learning at that time [and] existing procedures.”

Arresting the wrong Britons?

Even though few arrests of suspected Islamic sex gangs have been made in Telford, authorities have been diligent to apprehend those who offend local Muslims in the U.K. via social media, as seen here in 2013.

“[M]en were arrested under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred [against Muslims and] our inquiries into these comments continue,” a British detective told the local press at the time,  according to the Daily Mail. “These comments were directed against a section of our community.”

It appears as if sexual abuse is more tolerable than racial discrimination in the U.K.

“Comments such as these are completely unacceptable and only cause more harm to our community in Bristol,” the detective continued. “People should stop and think about what they say on social media before making statements as the consequences could be serious.”

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