YouTube sued over white, Asian hiring freeze

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

YouTube iconA former YouTube human resources employee is suing Google for allegedly putting a freeze on hiring any white or Asian males seeking technical roles with the company last year – in an effort geared to “improve” its “diversity” rankings.

After working at Google for 9 years – with the last four spent as a recruiter for YouTube – Arne Wilberg is claiming that the quotas set up by Google in order to hire only minorities and exclude white and Asian males constituted an illegal practice of discrimination.

“The lawsuit … alleges the division of Alphabet Inc.’s Google set quotas for hiring minorities,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “Last spring, YouTube recruiters were allegedly instructed to cancel interviews [with those who were not minorities or females].”

New hires were expected to meet specific demographic criteria at Google, the lawsuit states.

“[Google has a policy of] systematically discriminating in favor [of] job applicants who are Hispanic, African American or female, and against Caucasian and Asian men,” the complaint reads, according to the Telegraph.

Not owning up

Google has prepared its legal team to defend itself entirely against the lawsuit.

“We have a clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity,” a Google spokesperson stated, according to Breitbart News. “At the same time, we unapologetically try to find a diverse pool of qualified candidates for open roles, as this helps us hire the best people, improve our culture, and build better products.”

Yet this account appears to contradict the policies that other employees with the world’s largest search engine insist Google has put into practice for some time – hiring strategies that corroborate Wilbert’s “witch hunt” allegations.

“Witch hunts are a well-known cultural problem at Google,” one Google employee told Breitbart in August. “The company is currently facing a Federal complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board in April for interfering with employees’ legal right to discuss ‘workplace diversity and social justice initiatives.’ The complaint alleges that Senior Vice President Urs Holzle and numerous managers in his organization actively stoked up witch hunts in 2015 and 2016 intended to muzzle low-level employees who raised concerns about the company’s practices.”

Wilberg’s complaint argues that Google discriminated against him for being a white male and eventually fired him for bringing this to the company’s attention – noting that the tech giant violated antidiscrimination laws during the termination process.

“Wilberg claims that he made multiple complaints to managers about YouTube’s hiring process and escalated these complaints to superiors at Google before being fired last November,” Breitbart’s Lucas Nolan reported. “Wilberg’s lawsuit alleges that in the first quarter of 2016, YouTube recruiters were told that they were expected to hire five new employees each. Each of these new employees allegedly must have been from an underrepresented group, and recruiters used what was known as a ‘diversity tracker’ to keep a count of the number of minorities hired.”

Because Wilberg would not comply with YouTube’s diversity hiring agenda, his performance reviews reportedly became worse and worse, but Google appears to have been busy lately covering up its discriminatory practices.

“He alleges that YouTube attempted to hide their blatant hiring bias and that he was told in a meeting in January 2016 that the company had to ‘clean up’ its diversity hiring practices,” Nolan added. “Managers then reportedly deleted all emails about diversity goals in an attempt to hide them from any further scrutiny [and] the lawsuit alleges that sometime in mid-2017, managers were instructed to stop tracking the number of employees they hired from minority groups and told them to drop all hiring bias based on diversity quotas.”

Not alone

Wilberg is far from alone regarding his account of what goes on at the information giant, as former Google employee James Damore – who authored the famous viewpoint diversity memo – corroborates many of Wilberg’s claims.

“Damore and his lawyer, Harmeet Dhillon, have brought a case against Google, alleging that Damore – amongst other employees – was fired for questioning the company’s liberal groupthink,” Nolan noted.

Dhillon explained what has been going on at Google and gave some details about the lawsuit during an interview earlier this year, which also exposed the California-based company’s anti-Trump and pro-LGBT agendas.

“Well, the lawsuit is punitive class-action, so we’re seeking class status,” Dhillon told Breitbart News Tonight in January. “The two named plaintiffs are James Damore, who you mentioned and another fired software engineer David Gudeman, both of them are conservatives, both of them are white men. Both of them complained in the workplace about the quota system that Google has in place for hiring people and the incessant social justice warrior mentality that forces everybody at Google to toe the line with regard to hating on people who supported the President, or refusing to acknowledge people’s right to believe that there are two genders instead of multiple genders.”

Damore said that instead of going through a talent search to strengthen Google’s team, he was instructed to do a demographics check.

“There’s a lot of ways in which they pressure people to ‘increase the diversity of their team,’” Damore told Canadian psychologist Jordan B. Peterson in an August interview, according to “And you know there’s no way to do that besides actually choosing someone based on their race or gender.”

White male purge for morality’s sake

The lawsuit provides further detail about Google’s crusade to engineer a workforce weighted with women and minorities.

“The TGIF meeting on March 30, 2017, was entitled ‘Women’s History Month,’ and Google brought in two presenters for this get-together: Ruth Porat, the Chief Financial Officer of Google, and Eileen Naughton, the Human Resources Director of Google,” the lawsuit states, according to “During the March 30, 2017, TGIF meeting, either Porat or Naughton pointed out and shamed individual departments at Google in which women comprised less than 50 percent of the workforce. Alternatively, they applauded and praised departments, such as the sales department, where women comprised more than 50 percent of the workforce.”

Google allegedly justified this practice on moral grounds.

“During the event, Porat and Naughton also discussed that when looking at groups of people for promotions or for leadership opportunities on new projects, Google would be taking into account gender and ethnic demographics,” the lawsuit continues. “They then mentioned that Google’s racial and gender preferences in hiring were not up for debate, because this was morally and economically the best thing to do for Google.”

Yet Google still vehemently insists that former employees are making these accounts up.

“Google denies using any quotas in hiring – which would be illegal – and I have no doubt they have an army of lawyers who will ‘vigorously defend’ that stance in court,”’s John Sexton explained. “Still, it’s interesting that people working for different segments of Google seem to be reporting the same kind of intentional discrimination aimed at creating racial and gender equity.”

No-bro culture

Facing a lawsuit claiming that it has a “bro culture” discriminating against women, Google and other technology companies have allegedly been vigorously trying to shift the demographics of their workforces by purging white males.

“Google, which files regular diversity reports on its employees in the U.S., says 69 percent of are male and 56 percent are white, against 35 percent Asian and 2 percent black,” the Telegraph divulged. “In high-tech roles, the gap is greater, with 80 percent of roles filled by men.”

Besides the problem of what D amore called Google’s “politically correct monoculture,” the company is facing new challenges.

“Last month Loretta Lee, a former Google engineer, sued the company claiming it had done little to address a culture of sexual harassment,” the Telegraph’s James Titcomb announced.

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