Dad of boy killed by illegal: Steinle jurists are 'left-wing nutjobs'

Sunday, December 3, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (

SF: Sanctuary CityAfter a San Francisco jury acquitted a five-time deported illegal alien for fatally shooting Kate Steinle with a stolen gun, a father and mother whose sons were also murdered by illegals blasted the jury.

Jamiel Shaw, Sr.’s son was fatally shot by an illegal alien while walking down the street in 2008, and he blasted the jury for acquitting Jose Ines Garcia Zarate.

“[The Steinle jury is full of] left-wing nutjobs,” the deceased son’s dad insisted, Fox News reported. "I expected [the verdict]," Shaw said, according to Fox News. "I remember telling people he's going to walk."

Outrage over Steinle

The mourning dad called what the activist jury did a “swipe” at President Donald Trump.

"He's going to be the one that so-called takes down Trump," Shaw pointed out, saying he was disgusted that the San Francisco jurors do not appear to care about the families affected by illegal immigrant violence.

"They act like this guy [Zarate], this piece of garbage is so innocent," he continued.

The mother of a son who also fell victim to an illegal immigrant crime also lamented the verdict.

"[I am] sickened [by the verdict, which is a] mockery of the justice system," Laura Wilkerson – the mother of Joshua Wilkerson, who was beaten to death in 2010 – lamented, according to Fox News, in a separate report.

Injustice by the Bay

Unlike the Steinle case, Wilkerson’s murderer, Hermilo Moralez, was brought to justice when he was found guilty in Houston, Texas, and sentenced to life in prison in 2013. Laura Wilkerson would like to see the same justice administered in the Steinle lawsuit with a future ruling against Zarate in an appeal.

“Wilkerson said the jury should have heard the evidence that Jose Ines Garcia Zarate had been deported five times before Steinle's death and committed seven previous felonies,” Fox news reported. “Zarate admitted that he picked up a previously-stolen gun, but maintained that the shooting was accidental.”

It was argued that if so-called “sanctuary cities” like San Francisco would simply abide by the law and follow directives given by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – which is fully backed by President Donald Trump – Steinle would not have suffered such a violent fate at the hands of an illegal immigrant felon.

“Wilkerson said Steinle would be alive if San Francisco authorities honored the ICE detainer and kept Zarate in custody instead of letting him go,” Fox News informed.

Even though federal officials announced that Zarate is now slated to be deported – for a sixth time – Wilkerson is confident that he will soon return to commit more crime and wreak more heartbreak on American citizens.

"He'll be right back – it's ridiculous,” Wilkerson insisted. “It doesn't seem to be too hard for him to do it five times.”

She gave her full backing to the completion of Trump’s border wall spanning the United States-Mexico border from California’s West Coast to Texas’ Gulf Coast. He also fully supports Trump’s maneuverings to defund sanctuary cities through Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"How many more American citizens have to die?” Wilkerson asked. “There will be some today – whether you hear about them or not. It's absurd, and my heart is just broken."

Lone Star justice

Just north of the border in Houston, Texas, the illegal alien murderer of Josh Wilkerson – 19-year-old Hermilo Vildo Moralez of Pearland, Texas – was issued a different fate than Zarate after he was charged with murder, first-degree felony, failure to identify and attempting to take a weapon from a peace officer … for the disappearance and murder of her son … three years after the brutal attack of the teen took place.

“A Brazoria County jury … convicted Hermilo Moralez, who was charged with murder in the beating death of his missing classmate, Josh Wilkerson,” the Houston Chronicle reported in 2013. “Wilkerson's partially burned remains were discovered in a Fort Bend County field, where his body had been dumped with his hands and feet bound.”

The Texas murder was at first concealed by the illegal, who was soon found out.

“The week before Thanksgiving 2010, Wilkerson disappeared after leaving the campus of PACE Center – Pearland school district's alternative high school,” the Chronicle’s Carol Christian reported. “His parents notified police later that evening when they found his truck in a strip mall parking lot. After an extensive search by authorities and volunteers, the teen's body was found the next day across the county line.”

Psychiatrists were successful for some time in keeping Moralez from being held accountable for his malicious concealed murder.

“In November 2011, Moralez – a Belize national – was transferred to a state mental hospital after it was determined that he was not competent to stand trial,” Christian noted. “At a hearing [in 2012], jurors heard from two psychiatrists who testified that Moralez was well enough to go through the judicial proceeding.”

Moralez soon fessed up to his heinous crime.

“Authorities said Moralez – then 19 – admitted beating Wilkerson to death with a wooden rod,” Christian added. “At the time of his arrest, he did not have legal status in this country, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

Judge Jeanine chimes in on Steinle verdict …

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro expressed nothing but contempt for Steinle’s jury verdict and the court system in the City by the Bay, where Zarate shot and killed Steinle on Pier 14 back in 2015 – a killing that has ignited and fueld a major illegal immigration controversy ever since.

"How much is your child's life worth on the open market? … How about the open political market?” Pirro asked on her Justice with Judge Jeanine show, according to Fox News Insider’s Sunday report. “Kate Steinle's family found out this week in San Francisco – nothing … absolutely nothing."

During her program, Pirro recounted to her audience how Steinle cried for help after being shot only to helplessly die in her father’s arms.

"Zarate – not God – decided when she would die," Pirro insisted.

She also brought up – similar to Wilkerson’s mother – the absurdity that Zarate’s criminal record and his illegal alien status was not allowed to be presented to the jurists while the trial proceeded in the courtroom.

Pirro was also dismayed that Zarate – also known as Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez – got little more than a slap on the wrist and a free ride home back to Mexico for fatally shooting a woman with a stolen gun.

“[The fact that Zarate was also cleared of the lesser manslaughter charge is] a moral outrage [and a] legal outrage,” the legal expert argued. "This was not a verdict based on truth, justice and facts, but [instead] on leftist rejection of the law and order."

She contended that sanctuary cities are only a safe haven for illegal immigrants to freely commit crimes without punishment—making them war zones for law-abiding citizens.

“[With sanctuary cities like San Francisco], the only sanctuary is for criminal illegals," Pirro concluded.


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