Franklin Graham: NC transgender bill 'wicked, filthy'

Sunday, February 28, 2016
Michael F. Haverluck (

Franklin Graham preachingAfter the passage of a controversial ordinance that permits transgender residents in Charlotte, North Carolina, to use either a men’s or women’s restroom — depending on their chosen gender — Rev. Franklin Graham called the bill “wicked” and “filthy.”

The pro-LGBT ordinance was passed by Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and city council members to the dismay of many pro-family advocates.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association President Franklin Graham criticized Roberts for putting the homosexual agenda above the protection and well being of Charlotte’s children, women and families.

"Shame on Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the city council members [for passing the ordinance],” the world-renowned evangelist wrote on his Facebook post last week.

Graham expressed his disgust for the bill in his home state soon after local officials voted to approve and pass the measure.

According to the new ordinance, businesses are no longer permitted to discriminate against “gay,” lesbian or transgender customers. Venues that are specifically targeted by the new law are restaurants, bars, taxis and other places of public accommodation.

Battling the LGBT law

The Christian leader is appealing to the Tar Heel State’s governor to stand up for its largest city’s residents and see to it that something is done to uproot the new law.

A Closer Look"It's not over though,” the president of Samaritan’s Purse promised, according to the Christian Post. "North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has been clear that this is a bad policy and said if the city passed it, immediate legislative action would likely be taken by the state.”

Graham is confident that with the appropriate action, the transgender bathroom law will be shortly lived.

“I hope they will take swift action to strike down this dangerous ordinance or bring it to a referendum for voters to decide," the son of the iconic world evangelist, Billy Graham, expressed.

Agreeing with the younger Graham, McCrory indicated that the new LGBT-motivated ordinance would likely receive “immediate” action by the state’s lawmakers, the local newspaper, The Charlotte Observer reported.

As a strong voice for family values, Graham insisted that the transgender restroom ordinance would never have passed if voters in the city of Charlotte were given a chance to decide the issue at the ballot box and vote to protect those they love.

"I'm sure it would be overwhelmingly defeated by Democrats and Republicans alike," the outspoken reverend assured.

He went on to give accolades to the city council members Greg Phipps, Kenny Smith, Ed Driggs and Claire Fallon for casting a “No” vote on the highly contested bill.

Simply outrageous

Before the city council members voted on the ordinance, Graham expressed amazement that the bill had even made it that far.

"It's really hard to believe that such a ludicrous law would even be seriously considered — and even harder to believe that at least 8 of 11 council members have said they would vote for it!" Graham wrote in a previous Facebook post shortly before the bill’s passage.

The vocal evangelical leader could not understand how the present generation could actually support such destructive laws that endanger youth and women.

"Are people just not thinking clearly?” Graham asked. “This law would allow pedophiles, perverts and predators into women's bathrooms. This is wicked and it's filthy.”

He couldn’t imagine recklessly approving any law that would put his own family in harm’s way.

“To think that my granddaughters could go into a restroom and a man be in there exposing himself …  what are we setting our children and grandchildren up for?” the irate evangelist continued. “There's not a public restroom in Charlotte that would be safe!"

The champion of Christian values blames politicians for caving in to those lobbying for the homosexual agenda.

“[Charlotte's mayor and the city council members voting to pass the ordinance] succumbed to the pressures from depraved sexual activists and are willing to put women and girls at risk like this," Graham argued.

To stem the wave of immoral legislation being passed in Charlotte and across the nation, the North Carolinian urged Christians to vote and serve in public office.

"What a difference it could make if we had more city council members and mayors who were willing to stand up for morality and biblical principles for our cities and communities,” Graham concluded. “Less than 10 percent of voters turned out for the last Charlotte mayoral election — that's just a shame, and look what's happening as a result."


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