Who's in charge in corporate boardrooms – CEOs or HRC?

Thursday, August 27, 2020
Chris Woodward (OneNewsNow.com)

corporate LGBTQ emblemsThe general counsel for a public policy research group declares that hundreds of businesses across America are victims of a form of cultural Marxism being imposed upon them by those pushing the LGBTQ agenda.

Corporations are now going out of their way to celebrate the LGBTQ community – and not just in June for "LGBT Pride Month." These days, it's not uncommon to see advertisements and logos for various companies with rainbow colors, the internationally recognized symbol of the LGBTQ community.

How could so many companies have changed in a matter of a few years?


"This boils down to a single word: engagement," says Justin Danhof, general counsel and director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research. "LGBT activists have engaged with companies relentlessly over the last two decades."

Danhof also engages with companies at shareholder meetings, the idea being that if liberals can do it, so should conservatives. The problem is that Danhof is "only one man," and has long called for other conservatives to make their voices heard.

"While conservatives and liberty-minded Americans tend to think of culture as emanating from the political class, legislation, and the courts, the left knows this is not the case," he continues.

In Danhof's eyes, politics is downstream from culture. "Therefore, you don't need to change a law to change the culture," he explains. "The LGBT community knows this well, and that's why they have worked to the point where they can quite actually dictate corporate action and demand corporate support for their causes."

Danhof also points to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and its constant promotion of LGBTQ causes before various companies. "Through what is called the Corporate Equality Index, HRC rates companies based on their actions on LGBT causes," he explains.

VISA Pride CollectionFor example, in order to maintain a perfect score on that Index, companies must have three outward facing events each year promoting LGBT causes.

"So, adorning your corporate logo in the pride colors accounts for only one action," adds Danhof. "These companies must now come up with two more public shows of support or be docked."

Furthermore, Danhof says all companies that wish to stay in HRC's good graces must have three annual internal trainings to advance the LGBT agenda.

"This is, of course, a form of cultural Marxism, and has nothing to do with advancing corporate interests or fiduciary responsibility to shareholders – but the Human Right Campaign doesn't care," Danhof stresses. "They don't engage with corporations to help them succeed. They engage with the business community to get them on their side of the culture wars – and they are winning."

Disney LGBTNot everyone taking it sitting down

2ndVote, a conservative watchdog for corporate activism, publishes information allowing consumers to shop their values. For example, 2ndVote has completed research on over 800 companies and formulated a scale for each one that reflects their stances on marriage, life, and the First Amendment, among other issues.

"On a scale from 1 to 5, you can easily see how your money is used after it is spent," the 2ndVote website explains. "A score of 1 indicates direct support to a liberal organization, 3 indicates neutrality, and 5 indicates direct support to a conservative organization."

2ndVote also recommends people shop local, adding consumers know the small business owners of their community through church and civic activities. In many if not most cases, a dollar spent in a small business stays in that community and does not go on to support national or international causes with which some consumers may disagree.


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