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Whether it's a story about prayer in public schools, workplace restrictions on Christians, or battles for biblical truth within our denominations, the American Family News Network (AFN) is here to tell you what the newsmakers are saying.

AFN is a Christian news service - with more than 1,200 broadcast, print, and online affiliates in 45 states and 11 foreign countries - that exists to present the day's stories from a biblical perspective. We not only feature the latest breaking stories from across the United States and around the world, but also news of the challenges facing Christians in today's society.

At OneNewsNow.com, you will get your news from reporters you can trust to give the latest news without the liberal bias that characterizes so much of the "mainstream" media.

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Fred Jackson - News Director

Fred JacksonFrom time to time, you may have seen labels that say "Product of Canada." It happens to suit me also. I was born and raised on a farm on the east coast... and did the things that most Canadian boys do while growing up.... including, of course, playing hockey and falling through the ice while playing hockey.

After graduating from high school, I followed a lot of different paths. Four years at university gave me a degree in Biology and Chemistry. Then a stint in the Canadian Armed Forces taught me how to fly airplanes. After that, came my journalism career.

In between all of this, the Lord led me to Baptist Bible college in Springfield, Missouri, for a year of study. He also had other plans. I met my wife, Suzy, there. We've been married since 1980 and have two lovely daughters.

After nearly 20 years in broadcasting in Canada, God once again stirred my heart about taking what I had learned in secular news operations and applying it to Christian broadcasting. A meeting with Dr. Don Wildmon at American Family Radio in October 1996 led me to my present position ... News Director at AFR. God has been so good to me in so many ways over the years. I praise him for giving me the privilege to serve him.

Proverbs 3:5 and 6 have always been among my favorite Bible verses -- and now I am old enough to say with assurance that God's way is always the best way!


Jody Brown - OneNewsNow.com Editor-in-Chief

Jody BrownIt was a long and circuitous -- but God-directed -- route that Jody traveled to get to AFN. After 20 years as a technical writer and editor for research groups in New Mexico and California, he encountered an open door that led him back to his first professional love: writing and reporting the news. Jody now finds himself in what (for him, at least) is the perfect situation for a self-described "news junkie" who loves to write, and who has been saved by God's grace: Generating news from a Christian worldview.

After six-and-a-half years as editor of AgapePress -- an online Christian news service that drew upwards of 1.5 million readers a month -- Jody's horizon expanded to OneNewsNow.com, which offers even greater opportunities to keep his fellow Christians informed on events and issues affecting the body of Christ. Who would have ever thought God could use a scrawny, Frisbee-throwing, 1970s-era hippie in such an endeavor? As Jody says, "It had to be God, because I sure didn't know where I was going back then."

Jody and his wife both hail from the small southern New Mexico town of Alamogordo. They now live in northeast Mississippi, where they attend Tupelo Free Will Baptist Church and serve in both music and teaching capacities. They have four children, two terrific sons-in-law, two beautiful daughters-in-law -- and seven of the brightest grandchildren in the world!

Jody carries two degrees from New Mexico State University: a B.A. in journalism and an M.A. in technical communication.


Charlie Butts - Reporter

Charlie ButtsI was born in 1943 in Nebraska, grew up in Oklahoma, and spent most of my adult life in Texas -- which is why, with that background, I go into a state of confusion every football season. I mean, who do you root for? But I got to Tupelo, MS to work for American Family News as soon as I could.

It was a long journey, considering the fact that I was an atheist for the first 48 years of my life, actively promoting non-belief, working as a volunteer for Madeline Murray O'Hair to help her get on talk shows around the country...until I pulled back from the scene and did an interesting thing: read the Bible. Realizing there was so much truth between Genesis and Revelation, I accepted that which couldn't be explained and made a confession of faith, never since regretting it.

Interestingly enough, for the past 16 years working at the old USA Radio Network and now AFN, I'm fighting vigorously against the very things I promoted as an atheist.

I will continue to do so mainly because I ain't dead yet -- but also because it's just the Christian thing to do. Stand up and be counted!


Chad Groening - Reporter/Anchor

Chad GroeningChad came to AFN after spending more than 20 years in the secular media and becoming frustrated with the liberal bias that even permeates smaller market stations. Chad says "Working for AFN has given me the opportunity to tell the unfettered truth, without having to worry about some liberal producer or news executive filtering the story. Most importantly, working at AFN gives me the opportunity to serve Jesus Christ."

Chad came from a military background (his father was in an Air Force fighter pilot who served his country in two wars) and holds a commission in the Army Reserve. His military background is a major reason why Chad is responsible for keeping up with national defense issues for AFN. His other area of concentration is politics, digging for the Christian family perspective from news makers in Washington.

In his free time Chad loves to follow his favorite baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, "and help my lovely wife, Christa, with her garden." Chad and Christa are members of Harrisburg Baptist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi.


Russ Jones - Reporter

Russ JonesAs a national correspondent for American Family News (AFN) and OneNewsNow, Russ has a passion for reporting where news of the day and faith intersect. During his tenure, he has reported on numerous stories -- ranging from Iraqi refugees living in Jordan, to ministries' response to natural disasters in the U.S., to the national debate on healthcare mandate, to state and federal elections.

Previously, Russ served as a general assignment reporter for KSNW TV3 in Wichita, Kansas, and as owner/publisher of Christian Press News, one of the largest Christian newspapers in the U.S.

A 25-year award-winning journalist, he has covered breaking political stories, was on the ground just days following the tragic 2010 earthquake in Haiti and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East. Reporting assignments has taken Jones to countries like Cuba, Vietnam, India, Italy, Nicaragua, Honduras, Israel, Jordan, Thailand, and Egypt.

Based in Oxford, Mississippi, he has also served as a contributing reporter for Crosswalk.com, ReligionToday.com, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and the Total Living Network.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Russ earned a bachelor of educational studies degree in broadcast journalism at the University of Missouri and a master of divinity degree from Saint Paul School of Theology.

Believing it is truly important with whom he is surrounded by, one of his favorite quotes is "You can't fly with the eagles when you are walking with the turkeys."

Jones is married to Jackie, and together they have four children.


Rusty Pugh - Anchor

Rusty PughRusty began his broadcasting career in earnest after landing a job at WSUH/WOOR in Oxford, Mississippi in 1980, while a student at Ole Miss. With more than 30 years in broadcasting, he has worked in every aspect of radio, including programming, sales, management, and of course news.

Rusty handles the majority of radio anchor duties for AFN, beginning his day at 4:00 a.m.

Rusty and wife Caroline married in 1991, and have made their home in Tupelo since that time. They are proud parents of two boys, and are members of Harrisburg Baptist Church.


Chris Woodward - Reporter/Anchor

Chris WoodwardAmerican Family News / OneNewsNow is the first radio and web job for Chris. His previous work involved television news, where he served as a news producer for top-rated morning and nightly newscasts in the southeastern United States.

It was in that TV production role that Chris really got involved in newswriting, story planning, and interviewing, which helped him hit the ground running upon his arrival here in August 2010.

He also knows how people in media think, giving him insight on mainstream coverage of today's issues.

In addition to covering business, government spending and regulations, and environmental policy, Chris also monitors programs on the AFR Talk network for interviews and commentaries that are added to newscasts on the American Family Radio network and to OneNewsNow articles.

A born-again Christian, Chris lives with his wife and daughter on his in-laws' cattle farm. He assumes the cows don't mind, as they've never told him otherwise. Chris and his family attend Lakeview Baptist Church.





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