Carly Fiorina hitting Hillary on all fronts

Monday, March 16, 2015
Michael F. Haverluck (

As if prospective Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton didn't already have her hands full with the Benghazi scandal, questionable foundation contributions and her latest "emailgate" crisis, she now has a sharpshooter taking aim at her record on multiple fronts — and her name is Carly Fiorina, a likely GOP rival come 2016.

A Closer LookWhen it comes to putting the spotlight on Clinton's political blemishes, Fiorina has been credited with pointing a laser beam on the former first lady with razor sharp accuracy and stinging like salt in her open wounds.

"What has distinguished [Fiorina from other potential GOP candidates so far] aside from her gender, is not her private-sector experience or her pro-market policies, but her increasingly pointed attacks on Mrs. Clinton," Fiorina's New York Times profile reads.

Under the inspection lamp

Fiorina is getting more recognition not only for shining a new light on Clinton's flaws, but for being the first to expose them to the media.

"Even before the Times reported that the Clinton Foundation accepted millions in donations from repressive Middle Eastern regimes, for instance, Fiorina called out Clinton for her hypocrisy on women's rights," Breitbart reports. "The Times, in its profile, did not highlight Fiorina's numerous remarks slamming Clinton's family foundation for accepting shady donations from countries like Algeria."

The Times also reported that Hillary likely copied Fiorina's 2007 book, Tough Choices, by publishing Hard Choices in 2014 with a strikingly similar cover. It also mentions that Hillary told women to "unlock our full potential" in a speech last month, emulating Fiorina's PAC, "Unlocking Potential," that she formed last year.

At last month's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Fiorina pulled back her bow to launch some fiery arrows straight at Clinton's women's equality movement.

"She tweets about women's rights in this country and takes money from governments that deny women the most basic human rights," Fiorina told the crowd. "She tweets about equal pay for women but won't answer basic questions about her own offices' pay standards — and neither will our president. Hillary likes hashtags. But she doesn't know what leadership means."

Fiorina has also taken aim at Clinton's allegedly empty boasts about her extensive track record overseas.

Carly Fiorina 620x300"Like Hillary Clinton, I too, have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe, but unlike her, I have actually accomplished something," Fiorina asserted at the Iowa Freedom Summit earlier this year. "Mrs. Clinton: flying is an activity, not an accomplishment."

To trust or not to trust?

Not missing another chance at target practice, Fiorina pulled back her high-tension string once again last week to let loose on Hillary's private email indiscretions that took place while she served as secretary of state under the Obama administration.

"In effect, @HillaryClinton told us to trust her," Fiorina tweeted. "Nothing in her track record suggests we should do so."

Touching on Clinton's years at the State Department, where she served from 2009 to 2013, Fiorina couldn't help but mention the former secretary's career in foreign policy, which she says is not as illustrious as Clinton would like America to believe.

After taking jabs at Clinton's empty boast that she hit the "reset button" for the Obama administration's new Russia policy — which Fiorina discounted as being "gimmicky" at best — the former Hewlett Packard CEO moved on to Clinton's blatant mishandling of the Benghazi scandal. Referring to Hillary's emotional "What difference does it make?" response on Capitol Hill during hearings addressing the forewarned murders of four Americans, Fiorina had this clear and cutting message for America's former chief diplomat:

"If you are attacked deliberately by a terrorist, it makes all the difference in the world how you respond," Fiorina scorned Hillary, according to Breitbart.

Adjusting her sights

And just in case Clinton doesn't make it to the final round against her potential Leftist contender, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.), Fiorina pulled out some extra projectiles from her quiver.

"Elizabeth Warren is right: Crony capitalism is indeed alive and well," Fiorina told an attentive CPAC crowd. "Government and government programs have grown so big, so powerful, so costly and so complex that only the big and the powerful can prosper."

Fiorina insisted that Warren stands against everything the Republican ticket is supposed to be dead-set against — big government and socialism.

"But Elizabeth Warren is dead wrong about how to end crony capitalism," Fiorina continued. "You see, whether it is Dodd-Frank, ObamaCare, or net neutrality, all this government complexity means the big get bigger, the small disappear, and the powerless are trapped."

Playing the gender card

Fiorina also took issue with Clinton about her frequent tendency to play the gender card.

"Clinton loves to play the gender card and cast herself as a victim," Breitbart's Tony Lee points out. "It's a playbook she goes to over and over again whenever she is under attack. And she tried to do it again during her Tuesday press conference addressing the email scandal when the first questioner — who happened to be a Turkish reporter — that her press secretary deliberately selected after Clinton read her prepared spin, asked, If you were a man today, would all this fuss being made be made?"

Playing off her eagerness to turn the media gathering to a race war, Clinton reportedly rattled off a demure response: "Well, I will — I will leave that to others to answer," she replied.

Recognizing Clinton's proclivity to pull out the race card when the going gets tough, Fiorina hit the nail on the head.

"The Democrats and Hillary Clinton have made gender an issue with their ridiculous 'war on women,'" Fiorina explained to the Times. "I think if Hillary Clinton faces a woman opponent, she will get a hitch in her swing."


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