'American Sniper' fatally shoots Leftist agenda

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Shooting down a Super Bowl weekend record by pulling in $31.9 million at the box office in its third week in U.S. theaters, Clint Eastwood's American Sniper is breaking more than tallies at the box office — it's breaking the back of an anti-war, anti-America campaign that has maliciously attacked the movie and anti-terrorist maneuvers by the United States.

A Closer LookOver the last few weeks, David French – senior counsel with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and a sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve – has been keeping tabs on the on the vitriolic outrage voiced by the Left over Eastwood's movie. He says he's been amazed at the fortitude Americans have had to not only ignore but also repudiate the Leftists' rants. Around the time of American Sniper's nationwide release, liberal film documentarian Michael Moore called the real sniper portrayed in the box office hit a "coward," while actor Seth Rogan called the film "Nazi propaganda."

But instead of Moore's and Rogen's anti-war sentiments ringing in their ears in response to the movie, American moviegoers are grasping a new appreciation for the U.S. military that bravely protects the very things they hold dear in the U.S. — and often take for granted.

"Friends of mine are relating how, days later, the movie is still having an impact on them, making them think more about the war, about the experience of veterans, and the nature of our enemy," French shared. "All of this represents a defeat for a cultural Left that is used to getting its way."

Is the Left behind?

French argues that the days when Leftists took control of the media and blasted patriotic and biblical values are quickly coming to an end. "It is used to exercising the power to name and shame — to exclude politically incorrect discourse and entertainment from American pop culture and public life," French added. "Until recently, anyway."

Besides the fallout progressives have had while trying to use American Sniper as a platform from which to forward their anti-war, anti-America campaign, French points to several other fights liberals have picked in recent years that have backfired on them.

French, David (ACLJ)"If one looks back at the large-scale cultural fights of the past three years, there's an emerging pattern: When the Left butts heads with a 'red' institution, seeking to diminish its influence in red America, the backlash is intense," the ACLJ attorney points out. "Remember the Chick-fil-A boycotts so swamped by 'buycotts' that restaurants actually ran out of chicken? Or remember A&E's capitulation in the face of overwhelming support for Phil Robertson? Then there was of course the almost laughably ineffective boycott of Hobby Lobby, where hosts of people who never go to craft stores anyway pledged to somehow put the company out of business for resisting the HHS abortion-pill mandate."

The Army reservist says instead of trying to play it safe and just attack the concept of war in general while keeping a façade of respecting those who serve in the military, the Left declared full-scale war on those within America's armed forces and the U.S.'s global efforts against terrorism.

"The attacks on American Sniper follow this same script," French asserts. "While veterans are hardly ideologically monolithic, they do tend to be more conservative, and conservative Americans recognized quickly that many of the movie's leftist critics dropped entirely the 'support the troops but oppose the war' façade and went right after Chris Kyle personally — creating a false moral equivalence between an exceedingly precise sniper who killed identified enemy combatants and depraved terrorists who intentionally killed and maimed as many civilians as they could."

French says that even though many on the Left are on board with the full-fledged attack on everything military, a good percentage of liberals watching American Sniper commend troops such as the actual sniper (Chris Kyle) for his honorable sacrifice.

"Certainly many liberals have enjoyed the film and honor Chris Kyle for his service (including friends of mine), but outside of the fever swamps of Lew Rockwell-land, the attacks on the film have come overwhelmingly from the Left," French insists. "And they've mainly succeeded in making the movie more popular and — ultimately — more influential."

It's far from over …

However, French concedes that the Right's fight against the Left isn't all a downhill battle.

"But while it's a promising development that red culture is increasingly immune to the politically correct left — leaving them howling with impotent rage as 'our' institutions continue to prosper — the news is much less good if you're a red individual or red institution in America's blue regions," French contends.

He points to last year's attack on Gordon College, when the New England Association of Schools and Colleges pressured school officials to rethink its biblical code of ethics regarding "homosexual practice" in order to not jeopardize its accreditation. Today, many other colleges and universities across America — even Christian ones such as Gordon College — are being pressed to normalize and promote homosexual behavior, much like the Obama administration's enforced LGBT-friendly military policy that did away with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

French argues that everyday battles — such as the one facing the aforementioned Christian college outside of Boston — don't garner the same kind of support as Chic-fil-A and Hobby Lobby did when they stood for orthodox Judeo-Christian sexual morality.

"And it's fighting its battle without (so far) a groundswell even of Christian support, much less conservative support," French added in regards to Gordon. "Yesterday, I wrote about the California Supreme Court barring judges from serving as scoutmasters, with minimal controversy. And while Phil Robertson kept his job and still reaches millions of Americans every week on his TV show, Brendan Eich was forced out of Mozilla with the greatest of ease."

Even though gains have been registered here and there by Christian organizations, the end results have by no means worked toward national unity concerning the social issues, as dividing lines between conservatives and liberals continue to expand and isolate the groups.

"The Left's recent culture-war failures show that they haven't yet succeeded in drowning out conservative voices, but the end result hasn't necessarily been increased liberty but increased tribalism," French concludes. "We protect our turf. They control their turf. Meanwhile, liberty — and our shared American identity — wither away."

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