Parents defy schools forcing LGBT lessons on students

Monday, November 4, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

British flag with London skylineOutraged parents of students attending public schools in the United Kingdom are challenging officials at Parliament and via a petition for forcing their children to take mandatory lessons that indoctrinate them in the LGBT agenda.

In addition, the Christian parents' group is going straight to the British government to put an end to the mandatory LGBT-inclusive curriculum that directly attacks their biblical beliefs on human sexuality.

"OCOFOR – which stands for Our Children Our Faith Our Rights – held a demonstration [at London's] Parliament Square on Saturday to demand that the government allow parents to opt their children out of the LGBT portion of relationships education," U.K.'s Premier broadcast network announced. "Following the passing of the Children and Social Work Act (2017) – as of September 2020 – all secondary schools in England will be required to teach Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and primary schools to teach relationships education."

From tolerance to forced propagation

One parent of four who participated in the protest is wary about the effects of the pro-LGBT instruction taught under the banner of inclusion.

"A large chunk of it just goes against our Christian faith," Tom Akinola told Premier. "It's normalizing LGBTQ relationships and it's being enforced on faith groups. It's gone from being tolerant to now a forceful acceptance, which goes against our Christian faith."

He is drawing strength from other Christians and faith-based organizations who have been vocal and taken action steps to protect children from being subjected to a curriculum – without parental consent or supervision – that aims to dismantle their biblical understanding of morality and human sexuality.

"We see Muslims coming out, we [see] Jewish communities coming out, but as Christians, we would rather just sit in the armchair, sign a petition off, and pray in our closet, and hope that does the job, but we're increasingly seeing petitions don't do anything," Akinola pointed out.

The committed believer warned that complacency will end up uprooting current and future generations from their Christian beliefs.

"We've constantly seen the Christian faith is being persecuted in this country … and it's something that's increasing and that's largely because Christians – especially in this country – don't take a stand," Akinola warned. "In our silence, the state assumes that we agree with certain things which go against our Christian faith."

But school officials maintain that the pro-LGBT instruction does not propagate the LGBT lifestyle or attack religious beliefs on sexuality.

"The Department for Education has advised that the lessons are age-appropriate and take into account the religious backgrounds of pupils," Premier's Tola Mbakwe informed. "It also insists that the lessons 'don't promote' LGBT relationships, [but] rather, they educate."

Signing on support

OCOFOR's demonstration at Parliament Square is being supplemented by an online petition that calls for the government to allow students to opt out of the pro-LGBT lessons.

"[Society is] in the process of liberating the LGBTQ community, [and taking away] the rights of Christians who chose to live according to biblical views and other religious groups regarding homosexuality," OCOFOR's online petition reads. "OCOFOR is fighting to protect the rights of people of faith to peacefully live out their beliefs according to the Holy Bible … in the U.K. without fear of persecution or prejudice, especially as it relates to the LGBTQ agenda currently in full swing."

It argues that – similar to Darwinian evolution overriding the biblical account of creation in Genesis – LGBT indoctrination in schools is setting up Christian students who believe in biblical sexuality for ridicule by their peers and teachers.

"Religious freedom is fast becoming marginalized, with those of the Christian faith being especially set apart for public mockery and shaming" the organization asserts in its petition. "If proper consultation was carried out with practicing Christians, then a true perspective will have been understood as to what the Christian position is directly from Scriptures."

It is argued that instead of just teaching inclusion or anti-discrimination, schools are actively working to undermine Christian beliefs on human sexuality and demonize those who don't ascribe to a pro-LGBT mindset on sexual morals.

"Alongside the right of religious freedom being threatened, the right for active and present parents to take the lead in navigating the mental and emotional development of their children – who are deemed minors in the eyes of the law – based on carefully derived moral and religious values is also being threatened in place of societal ideals," the petition explains.

The Christian group contends that by pushing LGBT sexual mores on sexuality – to the exclusion of biblically based mores – schools are taking sides and setting up Christian students to be targeted for hate because they do not support sexual behavior labeled as sinful and immoral in the Bible.

"How do these actions reflect a diverse and liberal nation that supposedly embraces all?" the petition poses. "What the government is threatening, is to hand one minority group over to the firing squad in place of rescuing another."

Within a year, parents whose children are enrolled in public school in the U.K. will be prohibited from protecting their children from unbiblical teachings.

"Under the newly approved law … parents no longer will be allowed to remove their children from 'Relationship & Sex Education' classes," WND informed. "The children will be forced to listen to lessons about LGBT activities that conflict with the family's religious faith in the government's bid to 'normalize' the LGBTQ lifestyle."

The state's teaching on sexuality essentially attacks Christian teachings on the issue as wrong and hateful.

"To force faith families across the country to participate in lessons that teach that which is contrary to their faith is nothing short of cruelty and a blatant affront on their religious freedom," the petition impresses. "The Bible's view of homosexuality is consistent throughout the Scriptures, and followers of the Bible and other religious books should be free to live by that without fear of repercussions."

Christian parents make the argument that their parental rights are being usurped through the impending mandatory sex education program.

"It appears that the government's plan is to put a boundary around the faith of Christians and other people of faith in the U.K., and it is necessary that we take a stand against this and tell them to back away from our faith and afford us the liberty to live and raise our children according to our faith," the petition states. "While the Christian faith does not stand in the way of the LGBTQ community having the freedom to live as they please, their choices must not be imposed on us."

In direct contrast with biblical teachings, the pro-LGBT curriculum maintains that same-sex attraction and cross-gender behavior is natural and even commendable.

"They still teach as normal all of the various configurations of the LGBT lifestyle," WND noted.


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