Major homeschool resource sneaks LGBT agenda into lessons

Thursday, June 20, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

"Celebrate Diversity" bannerHome educators seeking to shield their children from harmful influences are seeing the LGBT subtly work its way into online resources they often utilize – as the Khan Academy has laced its free educational curriculum with a pro-LGBT worldview.

A politically correct take on the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) way of looking at things riddles Math and English lessons – sending the clear message that the liberal-sponsored Khan’s take on the issue of human sexuality is the normal, accepted or preferred way of looking at things.

LGBT’s Trojan Horse for homeschoolers?

On example of Khan dangerously and surreptitiously indoctrinating millions of unsuspecting American kids into an LGBT-led way of approaching gender issues is seen in the following fill-in-the-blank problem interwoven into an English curriculum lesson, with only two “correct” options being offered to students.

"Choose the correct plural noun to use in this sentence: 'Brittany and Sofia went to lunch with their _____ every Saturday,'" the Khan drill instructs students – providing “wifes” or “wives” as the only two possible answers in a lesson teaching students basic English principles, titled “Irregular Plural Nouns: from ‘f’ to ‘ves.’”

Sneaking the LGBT agenda in through the locked doors of Christian homeschoolers seeking to escape the LGBT propaganda of public schools – in order to raise their children in an environment that embraces a moral and biblical mindset – is believed by many conservative homeschoolers to be the Trojan Horse LGBT activists are using to win the war on human sexuality inside the homes of Americans.

Homeschoolers: Beware of ‘Khan job’

It is contended that the Khan Academy is not all about educating America’s children in the basics of education – but in the prescribed mindset on morality- based on million-and-billion-dollar corporate sponsors’ belief systems.

“Along with the money from corporate and private investors comes the expectation to follow certain agendas” CBN News informed

Elizabeth Johnson – more popularly known as the “Activist Mommy” – laments how Khan Academy has turned from being a leading resource offering free world-class education for all children to a puppet touting its corporate sponsors’ secular leftist mindset on moral issues.

“While Khan Academy was founded to offer ‘free, world-class education’ to all children – especially those who struggle in a traditional classroom setting – it clearly didn’t take long for leftism to creep in,” Johnson argued on her blog. “In 2010 alone, the non-profit accepted $3.5 million from donors like Bill Gates and Google – which alone speaks volumes about their agenda.”

The conservative Christian homeschool mother of 10 children assures parents that pushing the LGBT agenda in Khan curriculum is by no means an isolated instance.

"Some might say that a parent could simply skip this one question while working with their homeschooled child, but the only reason this question even exists is that we have buried our heads in the sand and skipped over this garbage for far too long," Johnson continued. "If you think it's just this one question, think again. There's no doubt more material from this company, and likely others will soon follow suit."

In fact, two years ago, similar pro-LGBT issues in Khan's curriculum were reported on by OneNewsNow.

As millions of Americans – homeschoolers and public schoolers alike – tune into Khan Academy as a supplemental educational resource, millions of dollars are being funneled into the preferred resource … and with money comes agendas.

“In 2010, the 501(c)(3) non-profit received $1.5 million from Bill Gates and $2 million from Google, [and] since then, AT&T and other corporations have poured money into Khan Academy – including $9 million from Gates, $4 million from the Broad Foundation, $5 million from the O'Sullivan Foundation, $3 million from Netflix founder Reed Hastings, and millions more from various foundations,” LifeSiteNews recounted. “But with success comes responsibility – and with so many corporate and private investors come expectations to follow various ulterior agendas.”

California MassResistance Director Arthur Schaper argues that the LGBT agenda is permeating every last vestige of Americans’ lives under the pretext of “anti-discrimination,” “tolerance” and so-called “civil rights.”

"This is proof, once again, that the gay agenda has never been about assuring equality for all," Schaper told LifeSiteNews. "It's about imposing a destructive agenda on our culture and our society – and is determined to undermine Judeo-Christian values and the United States as a whole. It is anti-family, anti-life and anti-biology."

Besides bombardment from the entertainment industry, mainstream media and corporations, public education is aggressively and incessantly pushing the LGBT mindset on youth.

"The long-term goal to indoctrinate children has been to normalize these destructive behaviors so that these children, as adults, will not only accept homosexuality and transgenderism as normal parts of life, but fight to ensure their protection," Schaper added.

But he sees the godless agenda as ultimately doomed to failure in the grand scheme of things.

"In my view, this elementary academic approach to imposing LGBTQ views onto children will backfire," Schaper foretold. "The younger generation – Generation Z (born on or after 1998) – is resisting this rigid secularization. Turning the whole LGBTQ agenda into a set of dry homework assignments will only further de-legitimize the movement."

Above and beyond acceptance of LGBT students, the education system is demanding that every facet of alternative, unbiblical and immoral lifestyles is not only tolerated, but esteemed – and even encouraged.

"The LGBTQ agenda is forcing recognition of same-sex marriage and transgenderism in core courses of our public education system," Schaper noted.

As a result, a growing number of parents are turning outside the public schools to educate – as opposed to indoctrinate – their children.

"Even in ultra-liberal San Francisco, private schools are outpacing government-run public schools, and one can assume that private Catholic or secular education is not going to dabble in social engineering," Schaper ventured. "After all, parents expect their children to learn key subjects and succeed in life – not turn into unemployed social justice warriors for the homosexual-transgender lobby."

Shifting from education to indoctrination?

Khan Academy’s founder began his educational venture devoid of political objectives.

“Salman Khan’s educational enterprise started with personal phone calls to help his young cousin overcome her struggles learning mathematics,” LifeSiteNews informed. “Khan supplemented tutoring phone calls to his cousin with helpful math videos, which she came to prefer over their phone tutoring. Soon he made educational videos for some of his other cousins and then began posting them online for anyone.”

It was just over a decade ago that Khan began his adventurous pioneering instructional enterprise.

“In 2006, the man with multiple degrees from MIT and Harvard founded Khan Academy,” LifeSiteNews’s Mark Hodges informed. “Khan Academy seeks through its short online videos to make education on all topics easier, clearer, and allow for individual progress. Its motto is ‘a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.’"  

Its easily digestible lessons – complete with easily understandable visual and audible explanations – have helped make Khan the go-to resource globally.

“His videos are being used by public and private schools to help students learn at their own pace,” Hodges pointed out.  “Using a video, kids can go back over a topic if they didn't understand it the first time, and likewise, they can fast-forward through concepts they have already mastered.”

Via the Internet, it exploded as one of the world’s premier free educational resources – available to anyone on the planet with a computer and wifi access … at the click of a button.

“Khan's free instructional videos caught on, to say the least,” Hodges stressed. “Now, it has grown into a multimillion-dollar online academy seeking to revolutionize education around the world.”

Don’t give in … do something

Johnston laments that fleeing the public schools no longer offers a safe refuge for parents to escape leftist indoctrination for their familes.

“Unfortunately, as far-left progressives continue to dominate all forms of mainstream educational material, even homeschoolers must be on the lookout for LGBT propaganda in their children’s curricula,” the conservative home educator warned.

She exhorted concerned parents to contact Khan and not make concessions by continuing to use the popular instructional resource – unless it gets its act together and stops catering to the ultra-left with its deep pockets.

“We can’t silently ignore this brazen indoctrination in this otherwise reputable homeschool program,” Johnston insisted. “If you use Khan Academy, stop. Not only that, contact them to let them know that you will not support an organization that purports to educate when their true intention is to indoctrinate.”



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