95% of UK's PC Islamic 'deradicalization' programs fail

Thursday, June 7, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Islam in England 2A government report revealed that the United Kingdom government’s “deradicalization” initiatives have a failure rate of greater than 95 percent – which is blamed on their politically correct delivery because instructors are too scared to use a “religious extremist” context and resort to discussing “Islamophobia,” instead of Islamic terrorism.

“More than 95 percent of deradicalization programs are ineffective, according to a study commissioned by the Home Office that raises questions about the government’s Prevent program,” the UK daily The Times divulged. “The study revealed failures in the approach to deradicalization in schools, youth centers, sports clubs and English-language classes.”

Geared for failure

Only a miniscule fraction of the programs were assessed to do what they intended because timid teachers repeatedly resort to using “unoffensive” rhetoric. Yet one program that was deemed effective did its job because its instructor defied politically correct conventions and hit difficult issues head-on, while the other successful program addressed Islamic terrorism directly by going straight to Islam’s holy texts.

“The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) – the so-called nudge unit formerly part of the Cabinet Office – examined 33 deradicalization programs across the country designed to safeguard vulnerable people from far-right and religious extremist threats,” The Times’ Fiona Hamilton reported. “The Times understands that most were funded by or fell under the label of Prevent, [and] the study found that only two programs were effective, [while] some projects were counterproductive. Some participants said that they restricted their freedom of speech.”

It was discovered that instructors’ reticence to directly tackle the topic – and their personal fear to address it – was the main obstacle impeding their ability to get the message across to students.

“However, in another case in a school, researchers concluded it was ineffective because it was too restricted and treated groups of Muslim and non-Muslim students as the same – despite the obvious relevance of Islam,” Breitbart News London reported. “The study also found that those delivering the work often shied away from sensitive topics and would often refuse to engage entirely when they were mentioned.”

Britons have been terrified by militant Muslims for so long that many instructors refuse to even mention the word “Islam” or talk about it in the context of terrorism.

“Some teachers were too afraid to even mention matters of race, religion and radical Islam with students and sought to avoid politically correct accusations of discrimination, so key topics were sidestepped completely,” Breitbart London’s Liam Deacon explained. “Other schemes placed too much emphasis on hurt feelings, offence and so-called ‘Islamophobia,’ which had the counterproductive result of convincing Muslim participants to turn on the principle of free speech after being painted as victims, the authors say.”

U.K. Security Minister Ben Wallace appeared to be fearful about BIT’s report exposing the government’s PC approach to tackling Islamic terrorism at the roots in the island nation.

“I am interested by the results of the BIT evaluation, but they do not show the full picture,” Wallace announced, according to Breitbart London. “Their findings will help improve future interventions.”

The push behind the UK government’s political correctness

One of the forces driving the politically incorrect and ineffective instruction implemented by government counterterrorism programs comes at the hands of Islamic organizations – many of which are suspected of having ties to Islamic terrorism.

“In recent years, a massive anti-Prevent campaign pushed by Islamists, Muslim groups, leftist teachers’ unions and senior Labour politicians has claimed it unfairly targets Muslims and is even ‘racist,’” Deacon noted. “Britain’s most prominent Muslim lawyer has claimed such groups are hindering the fight against terror by ‘undermining’ authorities and spreading misinformation about Prevent.”

Another reason for Prevent’s ineffectiveness has to do with the fact that they are targeting the far right instead of dealing with the growing problem of the increased militancy among Muslims in Britain.

“However, police have reacted by publicizing cases where they target so-called ‘far right’ extremists, and 50 percent of the Prevent caseload in some regions is now taken up with the ‘far right,’” Deacon added. “Those targeted alongside potential terrorists included people who oppose the full-face Islamic veil and school children supporting UKIP and making jokes about transgenderism.”

Instead of deterring terrorist cells from popping up in UK communities, it appears as if the government is inviting and endorsing such developments.

“UK Government Plans to ‘Bribe’ Returning Islamic State Fighters with Houses and Jobs,” Breitbart London tweeted last October.

And England’s problems with militant Muslims continues to escalate as the government focuses on the “far right,” instead of overtly militantly minded Muslims.

“70 Percent Rise in ‘Right Wing’ Referrals to Govt Anti-Extremism Program in South-West England,” Breitbart London tweeted in March.

UK gov’t more than just PC

Evidence indicating the pro-Muslim leaning of the UK government was showcased two years ago when British parents and community members were outraged after the local school called the police to report a student for looking up a conservative UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) website in class.

“A schoolboy was hauled out of class and interrogated by detectives after politically correct teachers reported him to the police for visiting the UKIP website,” the UK daily, the Express reported in February 2016. “Teenager Joe Taylor was flagged up for political extremism by the deputy head after he used a school computer to click on the party's website.”

He was merely visiting the site to look up statistics on immigration pertaining to a class activity, but the teacher apparently would have preferred him to get his information from a left-leaning politically correct website. 

“The 15-year-old went online earlier this week to research immigration following a classroom discussion on the subject, logging on with his school username,” the Express’ Nick Gutteridge explained. “But he was stunned when teachers subsequently reported him to the police, claiming he had raised welfare concerns by visiting ‘politically incorrect websites.’”

Subsequently, the student was escorted out of class as if he had just been an apprehended suicide bomber jihadist strapped with live explosives.

“Amazingly, he was referred to a specialist team, whose usual brief is preventing vulnerable youngsters from being groomed and indoctrinated by Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis,” Gutteridge continued. “The youngster – who attends Wildern School in Hedge End, Southampton – was then hauled out of class on Wednesday morning so that he could be quizzed by an officer from Hampshire police.”

The student’s father, Mick Taylor, was outraged that his son was treated as a criminal for visiting a right-leaning website that disagrees with campus politics – school political leanings that embrace Islam and loathe a conservative Judeo-Christian worldview.

“During the interrogation the detective reportedly accused the youngster of being a UKIP ‘activist’ and said it was ‘not right’ that he had visited the party's website,” Gutteridge recounted. “UKIP said the revelations were ‘astonishing’ and provided further evidence of a ‘pervasive left-wing culture’ amongst public sector workers.”

It was also discovered that politics was the motivation behind the police visit, especially with the school’s and police department’s overt opposition to the conservative British political party.

“The party's candidate for Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) also raised concerns that teachers and officers may be carrying out an ‘anti-UKIP campaign’ to influence young people,” Gutteridge added. 

The boy’s father, Mick Taylor was dismayed at the news that the police had interrogated his son – as if her were a convicted criminal.

"On Monday, I received a phone call and they said he's been looking at some politically incorrect material at school,” the father explained, according to the British daily. "My first reaction was to ask them if it was porn, but they said no - it was the UKIP website. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. We went into reception with the police officer and their first question to my son was, 'Why are you a political activist for UKIP?' I asked why are you worried about the UKIP website, and they said, 'Well, we don't think it's right.'" 

The concerned dad stressed that he discusses politics with his son on a number of issues – including immigration – on a regular basis and emphasized that he and his son are free to have their own worldview … even if it disagrees with the school’s and local police department’s.

"I was furious that they flagged him for looking at the UKIP website – I think it's outrageous, really,” the dad, who is a UKIP voter, said. "They tried to call him a political activist for UKIP and they asked him, 'Why do you believe that's the way forward?' I'm a UKIP supporter and I said, 'What's wrong with that?' They really quizzed him over UKIP. They are almost like the thought police. It's shocking, really. They were trying to quiz him on all this stuff, whether he'd gone to Luton [a political event]. They said, ‘We have to do it, you could be being groomed by the EDL.’ I just find it in this day and age that you're being monitored, so are we in a free society? That's what it comes down to. The main thing I'm very angry about is people are being monitored in school. I can understand if it's ISIS, but when someone's just looking at the UKIP website, it's absolutely ridiculous." 

UKIP Education Spokeswoman Louise Bours agreed with the concerned parent over the matter.

"It is absolutely outrageous that a school is trying to censor its students in this way,” Bours proclaimed at the time, according to the Express. “Teachers are supposed to promote learning and understanding, not narrow their pupils' worldview and stifle debate. I find it astonishing beyond belief that officers saw fit to interview a child who was simply trying to complete his homework, and I am deeply disturbed that both the police and this school appear to consider UKIP an extremist organization. UKIP is Britain's third largest political party and was backed by 4 million voters at the last General Election. This is just another shocking example of the pervasive left-wing culture which has infected large parts of Britain's public service." 

UKIP's Hampshire PCC candidate Roy Swales also blasted the local school and police department for their handling of the situation.

"This is a worrying incident,” Swales insisted following the incident. “I can only assume that the police and some educators are engaged in an anti-UKIP campaign to prevent young people looking at our party. As a candidate for Police Commissioner, I am troubled that the police may be covertly attempting to influence the election ..." 


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