Parents enraged over school's sex vids for 14-y-o's

Saturday, April 28, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Planned Parenthood signOn behalf of parents enraged that their 14-year-old girls at a Virginia high school were exposed to pornographic videos and curriculum, a Christian legal group is demanding that the Planned Parenthood-affiliated agency presenting the obscene material be prohibited from continuing its so-called “education” classes.

Liberty Counsel’s demand letter is calling on the Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) in Charlottesville, Virginia, to discontinue the controversial teachings administered by the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) through its “Family Life Education” classes – the latest of which were presented on April 13.

Sexual libertines’ Trojan Horse

Parents of students at West Albemarle County High School (WACHS) were particularly upset over the fact that they were not asked – or even forewarned – about the sexually explicit content being presented to their early teens.

“The ‘Sex Positivity’ curriculum was presented – without the consent or knowledge of parents – to two classes of ninth-grade girls by Lexie Huston, who is an employee of SARA,” Liberty Counsel announced in a press release Thursday. “Huston publicly opposes abstinence education, claiming it is ‘ineffectual and unethical.’”

In fact, the instruction was found to be in direct opposition to the more biblically aligned sex education approved by the state.

“The SARA curriculum does not align to the Virginia and ACPS Family Life Curriculum and the promotion of abstinence,” the release pointed out. “Nowhere in the SARA curriculum are the words ‘abstinence,’ ‘legal,’ ‘moral,’ ‘faith,’ or ‘parents. However, the word ‘sex’ or derivatives appears more than 49 times in the document, including the sentence ‘I'd like to have sex tonight, would you?’ as well as the statement that ‘There is no ‘right way’ to have sex – as long as it's consensual and safe.’”

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver is adamant that school officials cease from exposing students to the raunchy sexual presentations immediately – by parting ways with Planned Parenthood and its affiliates.

“The Albemarle County Public Schools must sever its relationship with Planned Parenthood’s shocking assault on children,” Staver stated in the press release. “This kind of gutter trash has no place in public schools. This is not education – this is raping children. The school district has caused irreversible harm to children and parents. The school must never allow this to happen again.”

Another complaint about the sexual content relayed to students was made about the guttural manner in which it was presented.

“As part of the presentation, the students were shown two different YouTube videos describing sexual acts in graphic detail,” Liberty Counsel explained. “Both videos contained crude colloquial terms for genitalia. One video, entitled ‘Male Pleasure!’ contained discussion and images of how to provide sexual pleasure to males, [while] the other video, entitled ‘How to Help Her Orgasm,’ also went into graphic detail regarding female sexual pleasure.”

It came as no surprise to many that the nation’s most prominent and radically left legal group, the world’s largest abortion provider and a porn shop are all connected to the provocatively sexual videos.

“The producer of the videos served on the ACLU's Board of Directors for three years and works with Planned Parenthood,” the nonprofit Christian group divulged. “The videos are sponsored by and contain multiple advertisements for the website of a seller of pornography and sex toys.”

Planned Parenthood infiltration in the schools

The sexually explicit material reportedly made its way into Virginia public high school classrooms covertly.

“SARA – which is affiliated with Planned Parenthood – claims Huston obtained ‘approval’ from the school’s physical education department, however, apparently the department chair did not review the curriculum and videos before giving approval,” Liberty Counsel revealed. “Yet, Huston and SARA intentionally failed to mention the addition of this obscene material to the previously approved curriculum. Despite this deception by omission, SARA expressed no regret, instead shifting responsibility back onto the school.”

Besides being immoral, the sexual content is also allegedly illegal.

“The videos violate Virginia laws protecting minors, which prohibit ‘display of child pornography or grooming videos or materials to a child’ and makes it a felony for any person to take indecent liberties with children; and provides that any ‘person 18 years of age or over, who, with lascivious intent, knowingly and intentionally commits any of the following acts with any child under the law,’” attorneys with Liberty Counsel argue. “The videos’ instructions on various activities could constitute ‘grooming’ under the law.”

The promotion of sexual libertinism – by essentially forcing students to reenact sexually suggestive encounters – was also addressed by lawyers.

“In addition to the egregious videos, the SARA ‘Sex Positivity’ curriculum contains roleplay activities which are coercive; expose children to the sexual beliefs of others which may be far removed from their own; require them to publicly debate and defend their personal and family’s beliefs about ‘boundaries,’ and require them to take part in activities that violate their religious beliefs, upon penalty of social ostracism,” Liberty attorneys added. “Among other things, the children are instructed to write their own personal boundaries on paper; the papers are collected; and then ‘anonymously’ redistributed to the class.”

Three steps of a 15-minute activity called “Keeping Consent Sexy Brainstorm” – which is devised and administered by SARA to young teens – include the following instructions and tenets: 1) “Have students get a partner. Within their groups, have them brainstorm different ways to talk to their partners about consent that would keep it ‘sexy,’” 2) “Have groups share as they are willing,” and 3) “Consent doesn't have to be a rigid and awkward conversation. Some sex is completely rooted in consent conversations. It can be built into the ‘moment.’”

Cease or face legal action

Liberty Counsel put ACPS Superintendent Pamela Moran on warning that her district must cease and desist its liberal sex education instruction implemented by SARA.

“At this date, I understand that the district has disavowed SARA, and media reports that the district will be disaffiliating with SARA because of this shocking lack of judgment, and what amounts to mental rape of 14-year-old girls,” the demand letter reads. “Yet in an email, WACHS Principal Darah Bonham has implied that SARA will eventually return: ‘We don’t need them [SARA] back in the building until the dust settles.’”

The legal team and Liberty Counsel insisted that it will no longer tolerate the school’s continued subjection of children to porn-based curriculum.

“It is not acceptable for SARA to remain affiliated with ACPS as a provider in any fashion,” the letter continued. “Beyond the rights of the girls, ACPS has also violated the rights of their parents. The law is clear that parents – not agents of the state like teachers, and not outside radical groups – have the right to direct the upbringing and associations of their children. It cannot be seriously argued that the videos were shown without the ‘intent to entice, solicit, or encourage the child[ren] to engage in the fondling of the sexual or genital parts of another’ while engaged in …. The videos said as much. The narrator in the videos was intentionally made up to look as young and ‘child-like’ as possible, for the target audience of girls.”

A number of stipulations must be met by the school officials to “prevent further irreparable harm to [parents’ and students’] rights” if Liberty Counsel is to refrain from suing the district.

“The letter asks the district to confirm in writing by Tuesday that SARA is no longer affiliated with the school, nor will Huston present material there, that the ‘sex positivity’ training will no longer be used, that future contractors will follow approved standards, and all materials be given to parents beforehand,” WND reported.

Successful prosecution likely?

When asked about possible litigation against the district, Charlottesville-based defense attorney Scott Goodman contended that a prosecutor would most likely be successful with his or her criminal charges against an adult who showed SARA’s sexually graphic videos to 14-year-old girls.

“If it came to light that an adult showed a ninth-grade girl that video, there’s no doubt in my mind that that adult would be charged with a crime – in a private setting, in someone’s home” Goodman said, according to The Daily Progress. “Whether or not a prosecutor would want to prosecute an educator when this is shown in a school setting – that’s going to be a judgment call for the prosecutor.”

It was then ventured that Liberty Counsel would not use the full force of the law against Huston.

“[Goodman] said an adult could be charged with the crime of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor carrying up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500,” the Daily Progress’ Allison Wrabel noted. “He said he did not think a prosecutor would take it as far as felony charges.”

But after WACHS School Board member Katrina Callsen asked whether the district is still permitted to mention SARA as a resource, ACPS Deputy Superintendent Matt Hass indicated that the district is planning on abandoning the controversial curriculum – at least for the short-term.

“I really feel like it was very important for us to – as I’ve said to other people – to really put a strong time out on our use of the SARA programs as a curriculum resource and just across the board,” Haas proclaimed at the school board meeting, according to the Daily Progress. “I feel that we owe that to our students and their families – they were not aware that this was going to be presented at the school.”


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