Berlin teachers decry Muslim students' 'religious bullying'

Sunday, March 11, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Germany flagComplaints about the skyrocketing number of incidents of Muslim students bullying their peers along religious lines have been waged by teachers in the schools of Berlin, Germany, that have the highest-concentration of Islamic migrants.

Peter Peterson Elementary School Director Hildegard Greir-Gross reported numerous accounts of young Muslim students engaging in seemingly relentless religious bullying.

Cafeteria chaos

The German school official mentioned numerous threats, beginning with trivial issues such as Muslims students warning that Islam forbids pork when bullying non-Muslims for bringing their ham sandwiches to the school cafeteria at lunch.

The educator from Neukölln, Germany, even reported incidents of Muslims demanding that other students stop eating gummy bears because they are made from gelatin – a beef byproduct that most likely does not go through the “halal slaughtering” process required by Islam.

“Even gummy bears are not considered clean,” Greif-Gross stressed, according to the German daily, Berliner Zeitung.

Because the intensity of the problem continues to escalate, teachers are pressing for laws that ban religious displays in schools throughout Germany’s capital city – where Christian, Jewish and other religious students have coexisted peacefully for decades upon decades.

“The teachers made their comments after the launch of a petition called the ‘Pro Berlin Neutrality Act,’ which supports existing legislation that has banned religious symbols from classrooms in the German capital,” Breitbart London reported. “The act has come under strain as of late after a State Labour Court sided with a female Muslim teacher who had been rejected for a position due to her Islamic headscarf.”

It has gotten so bad in Berlin schools that officials are calling for the banishment of Muslim teachers wearing hijabs over their heads.

“Greif-Gross argued that if teachers were allowed to wear the headscarf, then religious bullying could intensify and said that there could be a ‘ghettoisation’ of schools across the capital along ethnic and religious lines,” Breitbart London’s Chris Tomlinson noted.

High school hell

The problem is even more serious with older students in the high schools of Berlin.

“Anti-Semitism has also risen substantially in Berlin schools with high migrant populations,” Tomlinson pointed out. “Last year, Breitbart London reported on a Jewish boy who was forced to switch to a different school because of threats, harassment and physical assaults from other students.”

The incident was posted on Twitter at the time.

“A Jewish teenager has left a Berlin school following beatings and anti-Semitic abuse from Muslim classmates,” Berlin London tweeted last May. 

The teen, who was identified London-born “Ferdinand” – for anonymity’s sake – is the grandson of Holocaust survivors, and his Jewish roots have made him live in fear that his Muslim peers would kill him after suffering beatings and other abuse at their hands.

“Ferdinand, 14, who was born in London to a British mother and a German father, told The Sunday Times he feared for his life after being repeatedly kicked and punched by students of Middle Eastern and Turkish origin,” The Sunday Times reported in May 2017. “One of them even threatened to shoot him with a mock gun he believed was real.”

Because of cases like this, German officials are being forced to reconsider their liberal immigration policies.

“The case is under investigation by prosecutors and has added to soul-searching in Germany over the rise of anti-Semitism in immigrant communities,” The Sunday Times’ Bojan Pancevski announced at the time.

So young, so violent

Muslims’ hate for Jews can be heard from elementary school yards across the Bavarian nation’s capital, where young Islamic children are also becoming more violent with their non-Muslim peers.

“In certain school playgrounds across the capital, the phrase, ‘You Jew!’ has become a common insult, according to the American Jewish Committee (AJC),” Tomlinson informed.

Besides insults, physical attacks at the hands of Muslim migrant students have become mainstream – to the point of armed professionals being called to campuses to help alleviate the problems caused by militant Islamic youth.

“The level of violence in some schools is also becoming a cause for concern,” Tomlinson added. “Schoeneberg Spreewald Elementary School – in which 99 percent of the students come from migrant backgrounds – was forced to hire a security company because of a rise in violence among students and directed at staff.”

Biggest German anti-Semitic threat: Muslims – not neo-Nazis

Journalists and law enforcement officers alike have given excuses for the Muslim surge of anti-Semitism in the schools.

“Writing for the German newspaper, Die Welt, commentator Ulf Poschardt described the recent anti-Semitic outbursts as an expression of ‘ethnic, naive anti-Semitism of the Muslims,’” reported. “Poschardt is not the only one to misdiagnose the character of the growing Muslim anti-Semitism in the country, [as] the spokesman for the Berlin Police described the Muslim gangs chanting ‘death of Jews’ were ‘behaving emotionally.’”

It is argued that this renewed call for the extermination of the Jews is nothing to discount just because it is being recited by youth in Germany’s schools, as they are actually reciting the chants of their parents who have protested and condemned everything and anything affiliated with Israel.

“Islamists calling for the annihilation of Jews while standing next to Holocaust Memorial in Berlin are neither ‘naïve’ nor behaving ‘emotionally,’” noted. “They aren’t reacting to President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital either, which, in spite of its historic significance, is a mere statement of fact.”

However, Poschardt did get one thing right when reporting on the rising anti-Semitism throughout Germany.

“With the migration of tens and thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Near East, anti-Semitic attitudes have received new and powerful resonating spaces,” Die Welt’s Poschardt stressed. “Not a week goes by in which Jews – who are not wearing Kippah – are attacked, spat at, kicked and humiliated. ‘Jew’ is a ‘normal’ term of abuse in underprivileged neighborhoods.”

Because of the rampant influx of Muslim immigrants into the country, German Jews no longer feel welcome or safe in a place their posterity has called home for decades on end.

“Kids with Jewish roots deny these or must change schools after a process of tortuous bullying,” added. “This is relativized in a macabre way by teachers and parent representatives, who blame it partially on the situation in the Middle East.”

The way of life for Jews in Germany is not getting any easier due to Muslim migrants, who force them to hide their identity of face persecution.

“Germany’s tiny and dwindling Jewish population has been a regular target of Muslim anti-Semitism,” the Muslim watchdog website concluded. “These recurring attacks have forced the community’s leaders to urge German Jews to refrain from wearing Jewish symbols in public.”

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