Maine schools trash parental rights for transgender policy

Sunday, December 3, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (

transgender high school bathroomThe Portland School District in Maine is enforcing a new comprehensive transgender policy for students that school officials say creates a safe haven for the LGBT community on campus – rules that pro-family advocates contend undermines parental rights.

In a unanimous decision, the Portland Board of Education approved a motion last Tuesday that forces all schools in Portland, Maine, to administer annual staff training addressing gender issues.

Parents no longer over parents

The instructions tell them to defy parents’ wishes when it comes to raising their children.

“[District personnel must] use a student’s preferred name and personal pronoun and take the student’s side at school if there is disagreement with a parent’s wishes,” the policy reads, according to Townhall.

The way the policy is presented, many have been convinced in the ultra-liberal city to believe that the policy works toward mutual respect.

“The intent is to create a space welcoming for transgender individuals and pupils questioning their identity … The main purpose is so teachers and students now respect whatever their peers choose to identify as,” Townhall’s Timothy Meads informed. “The policy is consistent with state law, which, since 2014, has allowed boys and girls to use whatever bathroom they please based on their identity.”

However, it should also be noted that children are permitted to make serious, life-changing decisions about their sexual identity – devoid of parental influence or control.

“Under the Portland School District’s new policy, if a 7-year-old wanted to be called King Tut after learning about Egypt in first grade world history, the teachers would have to abide,” Meads theorized. “They would even have to call him ‘your majesty’ if he chose that as his new personal pronoun. If the parents said, ‘This is absurd, he’s an imaginative young boy – let’s not feed his fancy by calling him King Tut anymore,’ the teachers would have to ignore their requests.”

This fantasy world instituted in public schools has some serious ramifications.

“[T]his opens some serious questions about the role of a parent in their child’s upbringing,” Meads explained. “If students can determine their gender and name at any age, why bother having any parental oversight at all? Can’t a young girl under the age of 18 who decides she is a boy then also have the same mental capacity to see an R-rated movie? And if a young man can identify as a genderless being and prefer the pro-noun Xe, then why can’t he sign his own approval slip to attend a field trip?  Or, if a high school student wants to take the basic level math class, but her mom wants her to take the AP Calculus, who gets the final say? Why should the mom be allowed to force her daughter to take a higher-level math class, but not have any say in what teachers call her?”

It is pointed out that leftists in the northernmost New England state fail to see the dire ramifications of their politically correct policies that they embrace in the purportedly innocuous name of tolerance or diversity.

“[I]n the left’s seemingly earnest desire to make a welcoming and inclusive society, they have opened a Pandora’s box stripped of any logical or reasoned thinking,” Meads continued.

At least one official seeing things clearly

In a surprise move, Portland Superintendent Xavier Botana is mulling over the controversial issue from the side of conservatives who support parental rights as he advocates both local control and state’s rights in the schools.

“You know, mostly we’ve heard really positive – you saw really positive comments today,” Botana expressed, according to Townhall. “You know, we’ve gotten some not so positive comments – not, frankly, from people from Portland, but from people in other parts of the country who’ve heard about it and have chosen to react in ways that suggest they know what we should do better than the people in Portland do.”

The conservative media stands in agreement with the school official.

“It is doubtful the people of Springfield, Illinois, are too concerned with Portland, Maine’s, school district teachings on Maine’s lobster and fishing community,” Meads reasoned. “That’s why conservatives for years have advocated for a small federal government that allows parents and local communities to make educational decisions – not Washington, D.C. Obviously, there are cases of abusive parents where they should be stripped of custody and decision-making responsibility for their child. We need laws to protect those kids. But shouldn’t parents across the nation be wary of the left’s attempt to wrangle away parental rights through the guise of transgender advocacy?“

LGBT activists pushing indoctrination

Even though pro-family advocates have clearly alerted Americans that such pro-LGBT policies dangerously usurp parents’ rights to decide what is best for their children, those promoting alternative lifestyles would rather rehearse residents in their new guidelines to redefine the sexuality of the human race.

“Gender expansive is a term used to describe people whose gender expression and identity goes beyond what is perceived as expected gender norms,” the local newspaper, the Bangor Daily News, reported.

This teaching is the basis behind the indoctrination that Equality Maine’s Gia Drew prescribes for the entire campus community.

“Having grown up as a bisexual, transgender person and not having any support, I probably never thought there would be a place and a time where schools would be voting on a policy that would affirm my identity,” Drew told the Daily News. “And having been a teacher for 20 years and having to teach – and hiding most of that time – I, of course, thought this would never happen. And so here we are, and I think this is going to be a great beacon to other schools across the state.”

Pro-LGBT attorney, Mary Bonauto – who argued before the Supreme Court of the United States in the landmark case that ultimately gave same-sex couples the right to “marry” across America – is also a parent of two high schoolers enrolled in the Portland School District who assisted the school board in drafting the controversial policy.

“This is a watershed moment in the state of Maine,” Bonauto told the Press-Herald.

Other than Botana’s skeptical take on the policy, virtually all of the comments and local coverage on the new anti-family school policy praised the new pro-LGBT directives as if they were a ushering in a groundbreaking civil rights movement.

“This policy is about knocking down walls between our students and their learning and their well-being,” said Jeanne Crocker, Portland School District Assistant Superintendent Jeanne Crocker claimed, according to the Press-Herald.

The preponderance of positive reactions can either be seen as a reflection of the leftist lean in Maine’s most populous city, or as an indication that an overwhelming progressive bias exists in this part of the Pine Tree State. In fact, not one community member challenged the policy undermining the rights of parents to guide and influence their children.

“Several members of the public spoke in favor of the policy during the public comment period,” Press-Herald Staff Writer Noel K. Gallagher informed. “No one spoke in opposition.”

Another public school official joining the LGBT propaganda machine, Portland High School Assistant Principal Kathie Marquis-Girad, celebrated the launch of the policy.

“Thank you for a policy that is truly reflective of our priorities,” Marquis-Girard said in appreciation to her fellow LGBT advocates. “It took courageous leadership to make this happen. I can’t tell you what this will mean for so many students.”


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