Parents beware: Schools annulling your 'bigoted' views

Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Children readingParents in a northern California community aren't happy with a kindergarten teacher for discussing transgender issues with students – something one family advocate saw coming years ago.

According to CBS 13 in Sacramento, the incident happened at Rocklin Charter School Academy just before students left for the summer break. Concerned parents went to the school board meeting Tuesday night to speak out on the issue. They say a kindergarten teacher, who stands by her actions, read "gender identity" books to her class before a student changed clothing as part of an effort to reveal that student's "true gender."

Concerned parent #1: "I want [my daughter] to hear from me as a parent what her gender identity means to her and to our family – not from a book that may be controversial."

Concerned parent #2: "My daughter went home crying, shaking. She was so afraid that she could turn into a boy."

Not happening only in 'crazy California'


Karen England, executive director of the Capitol Resource Institute, was advocating on behalf of many troubled parents at Rocklin Charter School Academy. Following are her comments Wednesday on the radio program "Washington Watch":

  • "Something that was omitted [in news reports] was that when this all took place and the boy became a 'girl' ... the parents had pre-arranged with the school and the teacher to actually read two books about changing your gender and coming out on the same day that all this took place. So these kids, these five-year-olds – who aren't even thinking about transgenderism – were actually read the book[s] I Am Jazz and then Red: A Crayon's Story that says 'I'm a red crayon, but I really am blue. They mislabeled me when they put me in the box.' – basically promoting you can pick your gender just like a crayon is a different color.'"

  • "There was another parent [whose child] came home and said, Mom, when he said he was 'she,' I went and told him that God made him 'he.' That's right, isn't it mommy? Now, as a parent of a five-year-old, how confusing is that to even deal with? Am I [as a parent] going to encourage my child to go back and [advise] Yes, speak God's truth – and risk being considered and labeled a bully and have that in his student file that follows him throughout school ... How do you handle that? Because this isn't something we should be having to handle."

  • "Every person, with the exception of one, who spoke in favor of this teacher doing that was another teacher. Everyone else ... was a parent saying Hey, we want to know. We want to have these discussions with our children. We picked this charter school for that reason. And I think it's important for [people] to know because four years ago is when the law in California changed [AB 1266] and everyone nationwide was saying, Oh, that's just crazy California. Well, this is happening everywhere. Your listeners need to know. This is not just crazy California. This is a very conservative charter school in Rocklin, California. But this kind of activism is going on ...."

Speaking about this on American Family Radio on Wednesday, American Family Association executive vice president Ed Vitagliano said teachers and school systems do this on purpose.


"[About] 12 or 13 years ago, I was writing [for AFA Journal] about homosexuality in the schools – and almost across the board, these activists were saying: We can't change the bigoted parents, but we can change the next generation – and we need to get them while they're young before their parents' bigoted ideas take root," said Vitagliano.

"That is why they're going after these young children," he continued. "They want to twist the way they think to conform with the progressive mindset before their parents' ideas set in." Vitagliano went on to describe this as demonic.

Meanwhile, the teacher in Rocklin stands by her actions, saying she was given the books by a student reportedly going through a transition. At one point, the student changed from one gender specific clothing to another.

"It was never my intent to harm any students, only to support them through a difficult situation," the teacher told the school board meeting on Tuesday.

On that note, Vitagliano said many people are confused people on the issue of gender and gender identity.

"I'm not saying they're demonic and I'm not saying that we should disrespect or harm them; but doing this with children, that's demonic," he clarified. "It's part of the war against God. God made us male and female, and the progressive, secular left hates God – so they hate his order in biology."

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