America strikes back: No Islamic indoctrination in schools

Friday, April 24, 2015
Michael F. Haverluck (

An outcry of American citizens is being voiced to public school officials and the Department of Education to express their dismay about the Islamic indoctrination taking place within school gates. Their reaction was spurred by the latest "Pretend you are Muslim" assignment recently given to some high school students in Wisconsin.

A Closer LookMore than 100,000 disgruntled Americans have signed a petition spearheaded by the American Center for Law and Justice to both state and federal public education officials, calling on them to stop implementing pro-Islamic curriculum geared to familiarize students with religious practices of Muslims and empathize with their daily struggles.

ACLJ asserts that the required "Pretend you are Muslim" class writing assignment — given to students as homework by Union Grove High School faculty in the city of Union Grove — runs in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

"[T]his type of religious activity clearly crosses the line into unconstitutional religious indoctrination by the government," asserts ACLJ litigation counsel Carly F. Gammill, who focuses on First Amendment issues.

Objection to the required five-paragraph point-of-view essay reverberated across America, as ACLJ reports that in less than five days, more than 100,000 American citizens jumped on board demanding the school system eradicate Muslim indoctrination from high school students' curriculum in the future.

"This overwhelming response, and in such a rapid timeframe, sends a clear message that the citizens of this nation expect their government to abide by the law and refrain from incorporating Islamic religious activities into our public educational system," Gammill expressed.

In case you didn't know …

Gammill explains that public schools overstepped their authority by guiding students to favorably view Islam, regardless of their own personal religious convictions. This was outlined by the ACLJ and presented to the Union Grove UHS School District.

"We have issued a letter to the school district informing its officials that requiring students to personally adopt a religious viewpoint operates in direct violation of the restrictions imposed on the government by the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment," Gammill points out. "We have explained that school personnel must be made aware of the law in this regard and demanded that any future instruction involving religion at the school must comply with the Constitution."

The letter lets the district know that America is well aware of the propagation of Islam that is taking place at the high school level.

ACLJ logo"As you are aware, in early April 2015, Union Grove students in a World History class received a writing assignment," Gammill wrote to district officials. "According to news reports, the assignment required students to write a report 'pretending' that they were Muslims in the United States. Although students have studied other religions in this class, students were not required to personally adopt a religious persona or write a 'point-of-view' essay in the course of their study of any other religions except Islam and Hinduism."

Gammill tells district officials exactly how it is breaking the law through exposing students to Islam in this fashion.

"By requiring the students to adopt the viewpoint of a Muslim, Union Grove has gone well beyond teaching 'about' a religion," the ACLJ attorney clarifies. "In fact, this advancement of the Muslim viewpoint is specifically what the Supreme Court has deemed a direct violation of the First Amendment. Whether or not the same assignment was used for another religion is irrelevant, as any and all advancement of a religious viewpoint by Union Grove is prohibited. Such conduct operates in direct violation of the school's obligations in complying with the Establishment Clause."

Even though other religions were covered in instruction, Islam allegedly received special treatment.

"While Superintendent Alan Mollerskov has clarified that this assignment was not in isolation and that '[t]he intent [was] to give students an "overview" of how Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism developed in history,' any instruction about religion offered in the future at Union Grove High School must comply with the First Amendment," the letter reads.

After warning the district that the Establishment Clause prohibited it from presenting Islam in that manner to students — constituting a violation of their constitutional rights — the letter went on to demand that it cease from indoctrinating students.

"We request that you advise all appropriate school officials and teachers of the above-mentioned constitutional principles to ensure that any future instruction on religion will be consistent with the First Amendment," Gammill stated. "Simply seeking parental consent will not cure an otherwise unconstitutional endorsement of religion through homework assignments, unconnected to objective curriculum, that favor one religion over others."

Note to parents, concerned citizens and educators …

Exposing what's going on behind classroom doors, ACLJ's petition candidly expressed exactly what students are "learning" as part of their required coursework.

"These kids are being indoctrinated into Islam," ACLJ's petition reads. "They've been forced to watch 'documentaries' and other in-class 'work' to prepare them."

And Wisconsin isn't the only state where Islam is championed to disarm students and portray it in a predominantly favorable light as a religion of peace.

"All across the country, there are reports of innocent school children being taught to pray Islamic prayers, make prayer rugs, and practice other Islamic rituals," the petition informs. "At the same time, Christian children are being harassed for bringing Bibles to school and praying — which are their constitutional rights."

ACLJ's message through its 100,000-strong petition is made loud and clear to the U.S. Department of Education and Public School Officials in Wisconsin.

"Public schools are a place for religious freedom, not indoctrination," the non-profit Christian legal organization declares. "Stop Islamic indoctrination in our schools and protect the religious liberty of students."

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