NV bill would impose mandatory preschool at 6 mos.

Monday, February 16, 2015
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

With many states still concerned about their public schools making preschool mandatory, the state of Nevada is honing in on bringing children into the school system who have yet to graduate from their diapers and cribs.

A Closer LookThe Nevada Legislature is pushing to pass Nevada Senate Bill 25, which could conceivably put private daycares out of business and draw children out of their homes nearly five years earlier than ever before. It also reflects a trend sweeping the nation, as President Barack Obama's Department of Education has been pressing for years to force children out of their homes and into public school classrooms years before kindergarten.

However, any immediate concerns – for now, at least – are contained to Nevada, says the Home School Legal Defense Association.

"Nevada Senate Bill 25 would give to the superintendent of public instruction oversight over education from birth to pre-kindergarten," warns HSLDA president J. Michael Smith. "Currently, that office has jurisdiction over kindergarten through 12th-grade education in Nevada."

Smith contends that taxpayers with or without children will be picking up the tab for infants' and toddlers' education, which essentially amounts to glorified daycare, ostensibly free of charge.

"If SB 25 becomes law, Nevada would have the legal authority to create schools for children six months old or even younger," Smith explains. "Everyone knows that this is simply a glorified name for child care paid for by the people of Nevada."

Smith insists that if the bill does pass, there is no way it would pass the standard legal requirements.

"Any bill contemplated for passage should satisfy the general welfare test before being enacted into law," Smith explains. "This type of legislation clearly fails that test. Research proves it's not in the best interests of children to be sent off to 'school' at early ages."

In fact, instead of benefitting the youngsters in any way, pulling them out of their homes at such premature ages, he points out, has been clinically proven to be detrimental to children's development on numerous levels.

"It doesn't advance the children's education beyond preschool, and it contributes to severe behavioral, psychological and physical problems," Smith points out. "These children need the support, care, love and direction of parents and others close to them to help them prepare to enter school when they are truly ready to learn and behave."

Flushing kids out of their homes

Attempts to draw children out of their homes at younger and younger ages are nothing new, especially under the Obama administration, argues Smith.


"This effort to provide childcare at taxpayers' expense is being pushed by President Obama, the U.S. Department of Education and many in the educational establishment," the attorney based out of Purcellville, Virginia, attests. "Several years ago, Washington, DC, entertained a bill to lower compulsory attendance to age three. This should be shocking, but there are early childhood 'experts' supporting [ages] three and younger for mandatory school attendance."

According to Smith, parents and private educators should be well aware of a number of factors regarding earlier education.

"Although the programs would start out as voluntary, two things will happen: first, the private preschools will dry up (why pay when you can have it free)," Smith warns." Secondly, it won't be long till attendance is mandatory to get more kids into the program."

And he expects it won't be long before such legislation is pressed by school districts across the country.

"This is a warning to you in other states, as early childhood education laws will be proposed in every state where the folks pushing it think it has some chance of passing," Smith alerts citizens from coast to coast. "They will not be deterred with failure; this will come back again and again until they win or there is no hope of success."

Smith ends with an exhortation that he says shouldn't be taken lightly, insisting that state officials are far more concerned with wresting control away from parents than it is in the proper development and best educational interests of children.

"Be ready to protect your state from this clear abuse of legislative power," Smith urges. "It doesn't pass the common sense test or the general welfare test."

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