Angered by Floyd's death, public grows tired of 'mostly peaceful' streets

Friday, September 25, 2020
Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl (

Kenosha riots - flagMore than 100 days of mob violence in American cities is starting to wear thin with the American people, a new poll shows.

Back in June, just weeks after George Floyd’s death by a Minneapolis police officer, more than half of Americans approved of say-their-name protests being waged in cities across the country to protest police violence and call for justice.  

Now, four months after Floyd’s death, an Associated Press/NORC poll finds that the number supporting the demonstrations has plunged to only 39 percent from 54 percent.

Forty-four percent said they disapprove, meanwhile, which political experts would call being “underwater” with the public.

‘Mostly peaceful’ protests

The already-mistrusted left-wing media has been ridiculed for its “mostly peaceful” description of protests, even with a burning building in the background. That eye-opening claim from MSNBC, which dates back to May, was followed more recently by CNN and other news outlets that reported 93 percent of the protests have been “peaceful and nondestructive.”

George Floyd protestThe news reports cited the U.S. Crisis Project, which collected and analyzed data from 10,600 demonstrations around the country, including those that become violent.

According to CNN, the Project reviewed 7,750 protests linked specifically to the Black Lives Matter movement and claimed fewer than 220 protests became violent.

Looking at those statistics from the view of a business owner with a burned-out storefront, or a police officer dodging Molotov cocktails, American cities witnessed more than 200 demonstrations over the summer that the Project acknowledged turned violent.

According to the CNN story, the report went on to blame police departments for making the demonstrations worse – they “re-escalated tensions” --- when the officers were deployed to keep the peace on violent city streets.

Portland riots - fenceRandy Sutton of The Wounded Blue says the American people were turned off by the rioting and looting they are witnessing on TV news. The public has turned against the protests, he adds, even though much of the news coverage attempted to downplay what is happening in major U.S. cities.

“Even the news coverage that tries to sugar coat the protests, you're still seeing cities on fire,” he says. “You're seeing lives destroyed, who are innocent business people caught in the middle. You're seeing government leaders that have completely abdicated their roles in governing.”

The poll of 1,108 adults was conducted Sept. 11-14, which means pollsters surveyed the country before violence broke out in Louisville, Kentucky after a grand jury announced its decision in the Breonna Taylor fatal shooting. Two police officers were wounded during rioting that same night, when more than 100 were arrested.

Black support drops

According to AP’s analysis of its own poll, support from whites dropped from 53 percent in June to 34 percent in September.

Among blacks, 63 percent support the protests compared to 81 percent in June.

The drop of support from black Americans is not a surprise since many who marched in the streets witnessed whites, who ignored their pleas for a peaceful protest, and who appeared to be hipster, college-educated anarchists rather than Americans demanding justice. 

BLM protest in Pittsburgh June 2020In a breakdown of political parties, support from self-identified Republicans has dropped from 56 percent in June to 9 percent in September.

Among people who identify as Democrats, 70 percent told AP they still support the protests.

Although the new polling numbers were just released, political observers have speculated for weeks that Democrats that have defended and praised the protests were looking at poll numbers that could hurt them on Election Day.

CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, in fact, openly discussed the bad look for Democrats in an August 26 broadcast. Lemon warned that Democrats were ignoring a “blind spot” that could hurt them with voters if Joe Biden and other leaders fail to condemn the violence.

“Chris, as you know and I know, it’s showing up in the polls,” Lemon told Cumo. “It’s showing up in focus groups. It’s the only thing right now that’s sticking.”

Dems kneeling in honor of George Floyd“People will do what they do,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters back in July, when she was asked if she condemned Baltimore protesters yanking down a statue of Christopher Columbus.

That view changed, however, last week.  

“We support peaceful demonstrations. We participate in them. They are part of the essence of our democracy,” Pelosi said in a Sept. 17 floor speech in the House. “That does not include looting, starting fires or rioting. They should be prosecuted. That is lawlessness.”


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