If nobody comes to 9-1-1 call, did protesters win?

Friday, September 18, 2020
Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl (OneNewsNow.com)

Deon Kay shooting (1)To listen to today's anti-police activists, shoplifters should be left alone to steal again and, even worse, an officer facing a lethal threat must accept being shot or stabbed or risk kicking off a riot.

That warning comes from attorney-author Heather Mac Donald, a criminal justice analyst at The Manhattan Institute, who is warning such activists that their outrageous demands have consequences, and those consequences mean a police cruiser won’t show up with you call 9-1-1.

Police academies across the US have seen a 60-percent decrease in applications over the last year. In New York City alone, there has been a 49-percent increase in the number of retirement requests since June 2019.

OneNewsnow has reported that dozens of police chiefs across the country are resigning, and hundreds of rank and file police officers are following them out the door to find a community that supports them.

defund policeMeanwhile, in an ironic, sad, and predictable twist, the radical, the abolish-the-police city council in Minneapolis demands to know from the police chief why the maligned police force is failing to stop violent crime in their crime-ridden wards.

In Washington, D.C., a Black Lives Matter activist stalked a CVS Pharmacy manager who called police on two black shoplifters. After witnessing the incident, she accused the store manager of racism and, for risking their lives when police arrived, in order to protect the store merchadise.

That bizarre confrontation, which was recorded by activist Charity Sade, can be viewed here. In another ironic twist, police let the suspects go. 

Mac Donald writes in a Fox News op-ed that law enforcement is quitting rather than face the impossible decision of letting themselves be killed or having their careers, families, and lives ruined after defending themselves.

If that sounds unlikely, she points out that rioters in Lancaster pelted police with battles and bricks, and destroyed stores and a police precinct, after a police officer shot and killed a black man. The officer's body camera showed the officer was literally fleeing from Ricardo Munoz, 27, who was holding a huge knife and charging at the officer.

Mac Donald writes:

Kenosha riots - carThe response from the “community,” after this summer of lethal cop hatred, was predictable. Rioters pelted Lancaster cops with bricks, glass bottles, and sharp projectiles ripped from road barricades. They smashed the windows of police cruisers, the downtown police precinct, the post office, cafés, and stores. They torched a dumpster dragged from another part of the city. They pulled street signs and bike racks out of sidewalks to use against the police.

If that clear case of self-defense can produce street riots, Mac Donald summarizes, what hope is there for law and order?

Randy Sutton of The Wounded Blue says we have created a deadly situation for every law enforcement officer in America.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best“These days officers are scared to death to use the force necessary to even defend themselves,” Sutton warns, “because they are more worried about the consequences of their actions from the media, and from district attorneys, who are putting officers in their sights for political purposes.”

One question asked by anti-police activists is why is deadly force is used when a trained police officer could stop a knife-wielding attacker with a pistol shot to the knee, or shoulder, or the hand. That is not possible, he answers, in a stressful, life-and-death situation when only seconds will decide who lives.


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