Confederate generals? Mobs enraged over Lincoln, Grant now

Monday, July 6, 2020
Chad Groening, Billy Davis (

Emancipation Memorial (Lincoln)A conservative activist who fights the Left in his home state of Massachusetts says he is ashamed to witness public officials cave to far-left mobs that are attempting to erase history right in front of our eyes.

In the history-rich city of Boston, the famous Emancipation Memorial depicting Abraham Lincoln and a freed black slave will now be removed from Park Square after a unanimous vote from the Boston Art Commission. The commission is caving to public demands after a petition to remove it climbed to more than 12,000 signatures.

The memorial, a replica of the memorial in Washington, D.C., is considered controversial by some because Lincoln is depicted standing over a kneeling former slave. It was donated to the City of Boston in 1879.  

Boston’s residents and visitors are “uncomfortable” with the statue, Mayor Marty Walsh said in a statement, because it a “reductive representation of the Black man’s role in the abolitionist movement.”

In a story about the commission vote, The Boston Globe was more honest about the timing:

The monument has come under scrutiny in recent weeks as protests against racism have led communities to reexamine monuments of slave traders and Civil War generals, as well as those that are perceived to demean Black men and women.

Brian Camenker, president of Mass Resistance, tells OneNewsNow that Mayor Walsh has a history of bowing to “left-wing insanity” in the city.

“And it's only gotten extremely more pronounced since this started,” Camenker says. “If they were to come as a mob and tear it down, at least he would have some cover that somehow a mob did it.”

Down with the abolitionist!

Americans across the country, in fact, are witnessing far-left activists demand the removal of historic statues or, in some cases, yanking them down or vandalizing them with a can of spray paint. To date, that list includes a Ulysses S. Grant statue in San Franciso; a George Washington statue in Portland, and a second one in Chicago; numerous statues of Christopher Columbus; a statue of Thomas Jefferson in Portland; and a statue of Philadelphia abolitionist Matthias Baldwin, a vocal critic of slavery. 

Frederick DouglassThe original Emancipation Memorial (pictured at top) in Washington, D.C., paid for by freed slaves, was erected in 1876 and was then known as the Freedmen’s Memorial Monument. Former slave Frederick Douglass (pictured at right), the famed abolitionist and writer-orator, appeared at the dedication ceremony as the keynote speaker.

According to CBS News, someone has now come for Douglass himself: A statue of him was ripped from its base in Rochester, New York, site of a famous July 4th speech he delivered in 1952. 

According to the news story, the statue was removed from Maplewood Park, which is itself a site along the famous Underground Railroad. The statue was found about 50 feet away near the Genesee River and the culprits are unkown. 

“Is this some type of retaliation because of the national fever over Confederate monuments right now? Very disappointing, it's beyond disappointing,” Carvin Eison, who led the project to introduce the Douglass statue, told a local TV news station.

George Washington toppled, too?

In his pre-Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore, President Trump addressed the “angry mobs" toppling historic statues and monument, and he also denounced the “cancel culture” that has cost people their jobs, and the defund-the-police movement.  

Responding to Trump’s speech, which was slammed by the national media, Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth slammed the President for “talking about dead traitors,” a reference to the Civil War and in particular monuments dedicated to Confederate generals.

Christopher Columbus statue (Ohio)Yet there was no mention of Civil War monuments in the speech.

“In point of fact,” responded writer-speaker Ben Shapiro, who is no fan of Trump, “he spent not a single moment talking about dead traitors.”

Duckworth, who is being floated as a vice presidential nominee, was directly asked by CNN if statues of George Washington should be removed.

“I think we should listen to everybody,” she replied. "I think we should listen to the argument there.”

Duckworth, a first-term senator from Hawaii, went on to claim President Trump was “standing on the ground that was stolen from Native Americans, who had actually been given that land during a treaty.”

Seemingly of out nowhere, in fact, Mount Rushmore was considered "controversial" by the Left in recent weeks at the same time President Trump's speech was nearing. 

After the speech, The New York Times described it as "dark and divisive," and accused President Trump of a "full-on culture war against a straw-man version of the left," The Washington Times reported. 

"If by dark and divisive you mean patriotic and unifying, then yes," countered writer Allie Beth Stuckey via Twitter. 

'You cannot appease a bully'

In a radio interview on American Family Radio, author-activist Brigitte Gabriel said public officials are bowing down to bullying Marxist mobs while America watches. 

"What we're learning is you cannot appease a bully," she said, "because the more you give into the bullies, the more they feel more empowered and encouraged to ask for more."

Bob Maginnis, a national security analyst at the Family Research Council, tells OneNewsNow the mob is coming for anyone who gets in its way, and he warns Christians to "wake up" because they are the next target after statues of our Founding Fathers.

"That has happened elsewhere in history," he warns. "That is possible even today given what's going on, because it has to be stopped, and we have to be part of it. We must resist." 


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