Hinting no more: Disney 'opens up the world' with lesbian character

Monday, March 2, 2020
Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl (OneNewsNow.com)

Officer Specter (Disney character)The never-ending push for “gay rights” at iconic Disney has moved beyond subtle hints and guessing games, and is now unapologetically targeting your children.

“Onward” tells the story of Elf brothers Ian and Barley embarking on a magic quest after discovering a wizard’s staff, but the Disney-Pixar film is generating lots of free publicity for introducing the first openly homosexual character to an audience of children.

Lesbian character “Officer Specter” reveals her sexuality in the film during a traffic stop by referring to her girlfriend, Advocate.com, a LGBT website, gleefully reported.

Drag queens and wimpy men

"Officer Specter" represents only one example of the ongoing pro-LGBT push. Disney’s introduction of a lesbian character comes at the same time that drag queens are reading to children, middle schoolers are being introduced to graphic sex acts, and schools are setting apart a day to read a children’s book about a transgender child named "Jazz." 

"Celebrate Diversity" bannerBut the resistance is still out there. A video posted to Twitter last week, showing a drag queen dancing in front of a little girl, went viral after the disapproving public blasted the room of adults who are seen clapping as a grown man crawls toward a visibly nervous little girl as music blares.

“Let me tell you something: Men are responsible for this,” Jesse Kelly, a Texas radio host, responded via Twitter. “Men are supposed to lead and protect. Look at all the men in that video just watching that filth.”

Only hours later, Twitter users were sharing and commenting on a drag queen “twerking” in front of children (see video below) at an unknown public library.

"Does anybody in this room know how to twerk?" asks the man, who goes on to give a "quick demonstration" to the audience. 

'I Am Jazz' (pro-LGBT book cover)At the same time Disney is spending millions to introduce a lesbian police officer, the “story hours” are pitting “intolerant” protesters against “tolerant” attendees who are bringing their children to witness grown men, dressed in wigs and outlandish outfits, read LGBT-themed books.

OneNewsNow reported recently on a drag queen who warned parents it is inappropriate to associate innocent children with homosexual men who have a sexual fetish with women's clothes. 

“As you watch this video of a cross-dressing man teaching toddlers how to twerk,” Blaze writer Matt Walsh sarcastically wrote, “remember that there’s nothing sexual as these drag queen story hours. Only a bigot would object to that.”

Lesbian character ‘opens up the world’

Advocate.com predictably lauds Disney and “Onward” producers for including the lesbian character and for hiring an open lesbian, Lena Waithe, to voice her.


Monica Cole, who leads the watchdog ministry One Million Moms, says gay-friendly Disney is openly indoctrinating children after flirting with it for years.

“They have hinted and tested the waters,” Cole says, pointing to the “Finding Dory” film that raised eyebrows when the “Finding Nemo” sequel hit theatres in 2016.

The split-second scene shows two women standing side by side, and both homosexual activists and groups such as One Million Moms voiced the same suspicions. The film’s producers denied the two “Dory” characters were lesbians at the time but an “Onward” producer has said the lesbian character “just kind of happened” and praised the decision.

“The scene, when we wrote it, was kind of fitting and it opens up the world a little bit, and that’s what we wanted,” producer Kori Rae told Yahoo News.

Protest with petition, vote with your wallet

Cole and One Million Moms, a ministry of the American Family Association, have spent years warning the public that Disney was flirting with LGBT activism in past films such as“Dory” and a live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Such activism often brings ridicule, such as website LGBT Nation describing One Million Moms “wailing” about the "Onward" lesbian character, but the same story admits Disney has included “several hidden examples” in past films.

Transgender reader threeThe LGBT website also mocks the group’s online petition, which currently has more than 23,000 names.

The petition targets Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO, for supporting the “LGTQ agenda” being pushed in the family-friendly films.

Although it’s unlikely that Chapek and Disney will have second thoughts, Cole says, the purpose of the petition is to let them know there are parents standing up and speaking out in today’s culture.

 “By signing the petition,” she says, “you're saying that your family will not go watch the film Onward.” 

Even though Disney may ignore the signatures, Cole adds, parents are also telling Disney that their money will remain in their wallets.


Ed Vitagliano, an AFA vice president, says the only reason Disney is introducing a lesbian cartoon character is to teach children to accept homosexuality as a "normal, natural, and healthy" lifestyle.

That makes the writers and producers of "Onward," he says, "evangelists" for a worldview that rejects biblical teachings and is "openly defiant" of God.

"Parents should not support such a film," he insists," and if they do, they shouldn't be surprised if their children eventually defy God as well."

Editor's Note: The American Family Association is the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates OneNewsNow.com.on of the American Family News Network, which operates OneNewsNow.com.


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