Anti-Semitism hits record high in Europe

Friday, February 8, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

Islam in England 2The United Kingdom broke its record of anti-Semitic incidents in 2018 by more than 200, with a report released by a U.K.-based watchdog group indicating that as tensions rise in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, hostilities against Jews on the island nation also escalate.

The numbers produced by Community Security Trust (CST) indicate that the skyrocketing anti-Semitism is not a sporadic jump, but a violent trend that has been seeping across Great Britain for years – especially in areas that have taken in an influx of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and Africa to alleviate the so-called “refugee crisis.”

“CST recorded 1,652 antisemitic incidents in the U.K. in 2018 – the highest total that CST has ever recorded in a single calendar year,” the CST report divulged. “This is an increase of 16 percent from the 1,420 antisemitic incidents recorded by CST in 2017 – which was itself a record annual total – and CST also recorded a then-record annual high of 1,375 antisemitic incidents in 2016, making 2018 the third year in a row to see a record total; and there was also a record high of 1,182 antisemitic incidents in 2014.”

Palestinian support triggers Muslim rage in U.K.

Spikes in aggression against British Jews has coincided with the escalation of hostilities taking place in Israel, where Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has been consistently provoked to retaliate aganst Islamic terrorists and other Palestinian militants who have waged jihad against the Jewish State, which they publicly vow to eradicate from the face of the Earth.

“Whereas previous high annual totals in 2014 and 2009 were associated with reactions to conflicts involving Israel, there has been no single trigger event to cause the high annual totals in recent years,” the report pointed out. “CST recorded over 100 antisemitic incidents in every month of 2018 – the first time this has ever happened in a single calendar year – [and] the highest monthly total in 2018 came in May, with 182 incidents, followed by April with 151 incidents and August with 150 incidents.”

A number of factors determine whether an incident is considered anti-Semitic, and it is not surprising that the greatest amount of hatred against Jews has been recorded in the U.K.’s most highly populated Jewish communities in urban areas.

“[I]ncidents of anti-Semitism include verbal abuse, damage and desecration to Jewish property, abusive behavior, and mass-produced anti-Semitic literature,” CBN News informed. “Nearly 75 percent of the incidents reported in 2018 took place in the Greater London [950] or Greater Manchester [250] areas, where the U.K.'s two largest Jewish communities reside.”

Anti-Semitism now a mainstay in U.K.?

Today, it has become a rarity in the U.K. when less than 100 anti-Semitics attacks occur.

“In the past three years, there have only been five months where the monthly incident total has dropped below 100; in contrast, in the decade prior to 2016, there were only six months in which CST recorded more than 100 antisemitic incidents,” CST recounted. “The factors that influenced the general, sustained high level of anti-Semitic incidents in 2018 appear to be a continuation of those that similarly affected the level of incidents during 2017 and 2016.”

Anti-Israel bias witnessed by the British government and mainstream media appear to be contributors to anti-Semitic attacks taking place nationwide.

“While there was no sudden trigger event to cause the record annual total in 2018, the months with the highest totals appear to correlate to periods when political and media debate over allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party were at their most intense and most public,” CST pointed out from its research. “These periods saw an increased number of incidents directly related to those debates, while the increased attention paid to the issue of anti-Semitism is likely to have emboldened offenders and encouraged victims to report more incidents.”

Whether it was political motivation spurred by anti-Semitic British politicians or reaction to the ongoing violence between Israelis and Palestinians along the Gaza Strip, a definite rise in hatred against the Jews is consistently witnessed alongside these occurrences.

“CST recorded 148 incidents in 2018 that were examples of – or related to arguments over – alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, of which 49 were recorded in August 2018,” the CST report pointed out. “It is likely that the high monthly totals in April and May 2018 were also partly influenced by reactions to violence on the border between Gaza and Israel during those months – in which several Palestinians were killed. This peaked on 14 May, when 62 Palestinians – many of whom were later reported to have been Hamas members – were killed by the Israeli army.”

Anti-Semitism worse than it appears

As violence in the Middle East escalates, so does anti-Semitism at the hands of Muslims in England, and the number of hostilities targeting Jews there soars to nearly 2,300 when other potential anti-Semitic incidents are included.

“The 182 antisemitic incidents recorded by CST in May is the highest monthly total CST has recorded since August 2014, when Israel and Hamas last fought a sustained conflict over Gaza, and [it] is the fourth-highest monthly total CST has ever recorded,” CST added. “In addition to the 1,652 anti-Semitic incidents that CST recorded in 2018, a further 630 reports of potential incidents were received by CST, but not included in the total number of antisemitic incident …”

Even though the overall number of violent attacks against Jews decreased by 17 percent in 2018, “Extreme Violence” – which CST describes as “any attack potentially causing loss of life or grievous bodily harm” – was recorded last year for the first time in the U.K. since 2015.

"The victim was attacked and cut with a knife, punched and kicked, while the offender stated, 'I'm going to kill you, you [expletive] Jew,'" CST recalled in its report.

A British Jew took to social media last year to report the blatant anti-Semitism plaguing the streets of the U.K.

“Shomrim alerted @metpoliceuk to a female running after kids with a knife shouting, ‘I want to kill all you Jews,’ suspected arrested by @MPSHaringey on Gladesmore Road #N15,” Shomrim tweeted on June 17, 2018.  

Islam purging Jews from Europe?

As Muslim immigrants continue to pour into Europe, the ethnic European population continues to dwindle – while Islamic migrant populations proliferate at an alarming rate.

“[L]ast year … a new wave of anti-Semitism create[d] an ‘ethnic purge’ in Europe,” CBN News’ Emily Jones reported. “For many Jews, the answer is to flee Europe and move to Israel.”

The Jewish Agency CEO Alan Hoffman – whose group is dedicated to returning Jews to their homeland of Israel from around the world – warned that Jews in a number of European nations fear for their safety and their lives because of the huge influx of anti-Semitic Muslim migrants.

"There is concern in Hungary – there is concern in France,” Hoffman told CBN News. “There is concern of a new and very ugly wave of anti-Semitism sweeping Western Europe, and I think we will see more Jews coming to Israel."

He noted that vulnerable younger Jews are increasingly being targeted by Muslims, spurring many families to making Aliyah back to Israel – a return of Jews to Israel in the End Times that is prophesied in the Bible.

"We hear of Jewish children being taunted at school, and so the family says, 'If this is what the future is going to look like, I don't think that this is what I would like to see for my children,'" Hoffman added. "And we see many, many young people making a decision to leave."

Islam targeting Jews

After speaking to anti-Semitism’s consistent escalation over the years following a statistical report last year, Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) Director of Investigations and Enforcement Stephen Silverman asserted that CST’s figures coincide with police records – meaning the Muslim-perpetrated violence is real and must be dealt with more effectively.

“Anti-Semitic crime has been rising dramatically since 2014, and that rise is not explained by an increase in reporting, and we have seen no noticeable impact from Brexit,” Silverman insisted, according to a January 2018 report by The Guardian. “We believe that Jews are being singled out disproportionately and with increasing violence due to the spread of anti-Semitic conspiracy myths originating from Islamists, the far-left and far-right, which society is failing to address, as evidenced by the ongoing disgraceful situation in the Labour party, and because the Crown Prosecution Service declines to prosecute so often that anti-Semites no longer fear any consequences to their actions.”

He expressed his frustration with the British government for not aggressively moving to put an end to the anti-Semitic attacks – reportedly out of its fears of upsetting the Muslim community and due to its desire to remain politically correct in dealing with the Islamic terrorism other Muslim-perpetrated violence spreading across the country.

“[Until the criminal justice system and political parties stop] paying lip service to anti-Semitism, the threat to the security of British Jews was at risk of reaching crisis point,” Silverman continued.




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