Germany's future? An Islamic nation, says author

Friday, October 26, 2018
J.M. Phelps (

Syrian refugees in GermanyWith the relentless influx of Muslims, experts believe a shift in Germany's population will have long-term, "cataclysmic" consequences for the European country.

Raymond Ibrahim, author of Sword and Scimitar, suggests to OneNewsNow that Germany could be a Muslim nation by 2030. "So much would have to happen first, but it's on the trajectory if nothing changes," he warns.

The number of Muslims living in Germany, according to Pew Research Center, increased from 3.3 million to almost 5 million between the years of 2010 and 2016. Earlier this month, a German news outlet reported the findings of a more recent two-year study conducted by the German Federal Statistical Office.

According to that study, 82,000 more Germans permanently departed the country in 2017 than had moved into the Federal Republic. Such a "negative migration balance" has been common since the year 2005. In addition, the deaths of German citizens have outnumbered births by 500,000.

Over the course of the last two years, 700,000 citizens have been lost from Germany. Nearly 1.4 million foreigners emigrated to the country in 2017 alone. Heightened levels of immigration suggest "the country is quickly becoming a migrant society." In fact, one in four of the total population is a migrant.

It is evident Germany is on the brink of a drastic population shift – with western Germany currently feeling the most impact. According to the study, "42 percent of children under six in West Germany come from migrant background." Germans have already become minorities in cities like Frankfurt.


"When those 42% are adults [of potential Muslim majority], at that point, Germany could be declared an Islamic nation," Ibrahim states. "When you look at history and see that, in fact, that is what has happens historically – the majority of what we call the Muslim world is built on former Christian and European territories."

Ibrahim asserts this is not implausible for Germany, as "the numbers very much speak for themselves." He expresses the concern, "considering the timidity of Western men, especially Germans, a 10% ratio of Muslims to 90% of German children is cataclysmic. So, when it's actually 42 percent, it speaks for itself, what do you think will happen?"

He goes on to point out, "there's definitely more of a radicalization among younger generations, so of that 42%, a lot of them – not all of them – are definitely going to be devout Muslims. Look at any of the European nations, even in the Middle East: it's the younger generations that are most often radicalized," he notes.

"I have no doubt that as the numbers grow, Germany will become more and more Islamic," and "as the numbers grow, you'll see it gets more aggressive."


Dr. Bill Warner, founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, says, "it's hard to put the brakes on something when you're not allowed to have a community discussion about it." He explains that "those of us who want to discuss it, such as myself in America, are called racists, haters, bigots, and Islamaphobes."

More important than the name-calling, says Warner, is "we need to understand that demographic conquest is permanent. It's forever. The problem is we don't normally think, as Americans, about demographic conquest, but Islam does."

Warner asserts: "What we are seeing around the world is population being used as an element of war." He suggests some will be offended by his words, but also affirms he is "only repeating what the doctrine of Islam says and what Muslims say amongst themselves."

Ibrahim concludes with a final thought about "Islam's rule of numbers." He contends, "Where Islam is weak and outnumbered, you're not going to have the out and out jihad." Historically, he says, "when the number increases, and especially when it hits that 50-50 mark, that's when you see jihad full-blown with nonstop massacres and atrocities."



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