Unisex changing rooms 'magnets' for 90% of attacks

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

transgender bathroom pinkStatistics reveal that nine out of 10 sexual attacks at British public swimming pools take place in unisex changing rooms, which have now become tagged as “magnets for sexual offenders.”

According to figures obtained by London, England’s Sunday Times, an overwhelming 120 of the 134 complaints of sexual attacks at facilities lodged in the island nation between 2017 and 2018 related to incidents taking place in unisex changing rooms.

“Ninety (90) percent of assault, voyeurism and harassment cases relate to the gender-neutral zones, which have been branded a 'magnet' for sexual predators,” the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail divulged from the data. “The stats compound fears that unisex changing rooms – which are becoming increasingly popular to accommodate transgender people – pose a danger to women.”

Reacting to this report out of the UK, spokesmen with the American Family Association suggest there's no reason to believe things are different in the U.S.


"Because we are now letting them all do that together – boys and girls, men and women – sexual assaults and voyeurism complaints have gone up," says AFA executive vice president Ed Vitagliano. His pro-family organization has pointed out that LGBT activists and their business allies – like Target – continue to push for doing away with common-sense protections in the name of "transgender rights."

But facts, he notes, are stubborn things. "Eventually facts are going to be an abrupt rebuke to some of these polices on the secular left," says Vitagliano.

AFA president Tim Wildmon says this is where liberal logic eventually brings a culture. "You have to deny reality and suspend common sense if you're going to subscribe to the logical place that these kinds of ideas lead you to," says Wildmon.

Endangering women and kids in the name of ‘transgender rights’

It was found that the sexual assaults at these recreational areas are predominantly ushered in by the LGBT “rights” movement – or the new so-called “civil rights” movement – spreading throughout the U.K., which has resulted in numerous unisex facilities popping up throughout the U.K. This is primarily seen as the government granting special privileges to transgenders masquerading as the opposite sex – particularly men posing as women.

“[Virtually all] of [the more than 100] criminal charges revolve around [unisex changing] facilities – compared to [only] 14 for single-sex facilities,” WND informed from the report.

But transgender activists, such as Paris Lee, insist that the problem – despite the statistics to prove it – does not exist.

“Making bathrooms more trans-friendly hasn't led to any problems,’” Lee blithely claimed, according to the Daily Mail.

Yet a British Parliament member from Monmouth, David Davies, contends that – in light of the recent data – the exact opposite is true.

“These figures show that women and girls are more vulnerable in mixed changing rooms, and there is a danger these places are becoming a magnet for sexual offenders,” Davies asserted, as reported by the Daily Mail. “It simply doesn't make sense to enable men to have greater access to women's spaces – the reforms to gender recognition will grant that access.”

This point was echoed by Fair Play for Women Spokeswoman Nicola Williams.

“Spaces where women are undressed should be single-sex – as a matter of course,” Williams argued. “This is obvious, elementary safeguarding.”

Case and point …

One case of such flagrant abuse against female minors as a result of unisex facilities was shared by the U.K. daily.

“Darren Johnson was caught covertly filming girls getting chang[ed] at a swimming pool,” the Daily Mail’s Charlie Moore reported. “It comes after the married founder of a children's soft play area firm was caught covertly filming girls … changing at a swimming pool and jailed for 16 months.”

Unsuspecting young teens and women have been the victims of perverted men such as Johnson taking advantage of problematic unisex facilities.

“CCTV captured Eddie Catz Founder Darren Johnson, 51, 'stalking' two 14-year-old girls from a swimming pool before entering the cubicle next to theirs and filming them changing by poking his mobile phone underneath the partition,” Moore added. “When the company director from Putney in South West London was arrested, police found hundreds of explicit photos of women taken from two 'peepholes' at a public toilet at one of his firm's sites.”

Numerous others were also violated as a result of the U.K.’s pro-LGBT unisex changing rooms that are being established at an ever-increasing rate.

“He also filmed mothers, their children and staff using public toilets at an Eddie Catz Center and of his female employees at his firm's private changing rooms,” Moore noted. “The father-of-two looked to the floor in the dock as he was sentenced at Kingston Crown Court after pleading guilty to five counts of voyeurism in July.”

The judge deliberating Johnson’s case was especially appalled that minors were subjected to such abuse in unisex facilities.

“These were dreadful offences because – first of all – some of them involved children … at the Putney Leisure Centre and almost inevitably at the premises of Eddie Catz,” the U.K.’s Judge Andrew Campbell proclaimed in the courtroom, according to the Daily Mail.

Escalating problem …

As a result of the government wanting to make the nation become more LGBT-friendly, unisex facilities have unleashed a Pandora’s Box of problems on women and children throughout the U.K.

“Gender-neutral changing facilities are on the rise as councils seek to cater for transgender people,” the Christian Institute reported.

Despite the numerous problems that catering to transgenderism has created in the U.K., officials in the western European nation have been busy at work making even more accommodations for the LGBT community.

“The government is proposing to change the Gender Recognition Act to make it easier for a man to legally become a woman and vice versa,” the Christian Institute’s Thierry Caro informed. “This could include allowing people to ‘change sex’ simply by declaring it.”

Some politicians and activists, however, are standing up for the safety of the most vulnerable members of society in the U.K.

“But campaigners say ‘self-declaration’ would endanger women and girls – with some feminists warning it would turn every female facility into a unisex space,” Caro continued. “They say any man would be able to gain access to all-female spaces by simply ‘self-identifying’ as a woman.”

Davies agreed that that the Gender Recognition Act would pose even more problems for women and children – whose safety has already been compromised by the government bending over backwards to appease the LGBT community.

“[Introducing self-declaration would be] wrong and dangerous,” Davies impressed, according to the Christian Institute.

Editor's Note: The American Family Association is the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates OneNewsNow.com.


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