Tens of thousands of Jews returning to Israel

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Jerusalem (aerial view)After being spread throughout the world for 2,000 years – and just 70 years after the rebirth of Israel as a nation – tens of thousands of Jews are returning to their homeland, as prophesied is the Bible.

From around the globe, Jews are making “aliyah” – or returning to their ancient Holy Land – fulfilling Bible prophesy that marks the beginning of the End Times.

“They come from all over the world to a place many have never been,” CBN News reports. “Yet the Jewish people have longed to return to this land for thousands of years.”

No place like home

Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky – who oversees the campaign to bring Jews back home – calls the return to Israel the “Gathering of the Exiles” – a movement that saw 27,000 new Jewish immigrants move to Israel last year – with more than 3,600 of them coming from the United States alone.

"For almost 3,000 years we were disconnected, but we were praying for Jerusalem, so it's really the gathering of the exiles – and it continues every day," Sharansky told CBN News. "I'm very proud to be head of the organization now, which brought 3.5 million Jews from the creation of the State of Israel and 700,000 from Arab countries; a few hundred thousand Jews from concentration camps from Europe; 1 million from [the] Soviet Union. We reached Ethiopia and brought more than 100,000 Jews, [and also] the Lost Tribes."

When asked what inspires Jews from around the world to pack up and leave everything familiar to them – including their culture, jobs and homes – to move to an unfamiliar land, Sharansky shared that nothing can make Jew feel at home and fill that void like returning to his home country.

"I lived a life of an absolute assimilated person, without roots, and I know how shallow, how decadent life is without identity – when you can't really connect yourself to anything … when you don't have any heritage to give to your children," Sharansky explained. "And then, I also discovered a different life – life with identity … life inside history."

In the 1980s, Sharansky made international headlines when he was released from the former Soviet Union as a political prisoner as a result of international pressure. This brought about his immigration to Israel in 1986.

"I meet with a lot of new immigrants, and I love to be in the airport to see the moment of going down from the airplane, because you think that after each of these people, there are at least 50 generations of Jews who were praying and dreaming about coming to Jerusalem," Sharansky shared.  "And here each of them [is] closing a huge circle of thousands of years of exile."

The Jewish patriot is committed to make sure that every Jew from every corner of the world will have the opportunity to move to Israel and fulfill the inner yearning that God has placed on their hearts.

“The ingathering of the exiles continues – Aliyah today is an Aliyah of free choice: Israel is the best place for self-actualization as a Jew and for impacting the future of the Jewish people,” Sharansky declares on the Jewish Agency’s website.“We must do everything to ensure that Israel remains a home to every Jew in the world.”

Homeward bound – no question about it

Today, Jews from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America and North America are making the same trek home that Sharansky made more than 30 years ago.

When 26-year-old Jewish American Katharine was asked why she packed her bags from Arizona to move back to Israel, she indicated that she had no reservations leaving.

"It's a beautiful country – I love it here,” the homeward-bound Jew told CBN News, referring to the U.S. “Arizona's beautiful, but it's not Israel."

A 21-year-old from the Ukraine, David Rujinsky, also had no doubt that moving to Israel was the right thing to do.

"Because it's a country for Jewish [people]," Rujinsky told the CBN News Jerusalem Bureau.  "It's my dream to live here. It's hard to live [the] Jewish religion in Ukraine. I think it's my country, my home."

Hanna, a 22-year-old Jew from Russia, is familiar with Scripture and what it says about Jews returning to their homeland.

"It's our land – all of the Jews," Hanna told the Christian news agency. "You know the history of the Jewish people – it's like the history of my relatives and that's why it's good to be here."

She was referring to Old Testament Scripture.

“Biblical prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, among others, all spoke of a time when God would bring the Jewish people back to the Land of Israel,” CBN News’ Julie Stahl explained before quoting Scripture. “Amos said they'll never be dispersed again.”

"’I will also plant them on their land, and they will not again be rooted out from their land which I have given them,’ says the Lord your God," reads Amos 9:15, NASB.

More than a trend

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) is another organization dedicated to bringing Jews back to Israel, and since it was founded by Rabi Yechiel Eckstein in 1983, an integral part of its mission has been to “promote understanding between Jews and Christians and build broad support for Israel.”

IFCJ Senior Vice President Yael Eckstein is excited about Christians helping Jews meet their calling.

“Christians around the world are able to show their love for Israel and the Jewish people,” Eckstein told Breitbart News.

As of last year, Ecstein’s group is responsible for bringing more than 10,000 Jews back to Israel.

“Eckstein said that her organization is not a fundraising organization but rather a ‘bridge-building’ group that gathered as much as $150 million a year in donations to help repatriate Jews, help care for the poor in Israel and contribute to the effort to protect Israel from its enemies,” Breitbart’s Penny Starr reported last September. “Eckstein said that the interest from Christians around the world to help Israel – especially among Evangelicals – has increased dramatically in recent years, as has the need for Jews to escape persecution around the world. This includes a record number of 26 non-western countries where IFJC is helping Jews repatriate to Israel.”

And as the Last Days approach, Eckstein said more and more Jews from Russia and the Ukraine are making Aliyah to Israel on a weekly basis – for the first time since World War II.

“That has grown dramatically in recent years,” Eckstein told Breitbart. “We see a rising need to escape these countries. We [are] putting in place a whole new reality – tapping into this prophetic reality that is unfolding before our very eyes.”

In addition to bring Jews back home, Eckstein’s organization has also built 5,500 bomb shelters in Israel and continues to provide food for Israelis in need, since there is no national food program in the Middle Eastern nation.


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