Expert: Schools 'programming' transgender ideology

Sunday, February 11, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

transgender high school bathroomPublic schools are programming children to align their way of thinking to the LGBT’s transgender ideology, argues one propaganda expert, who formerly served as an intelligence professional.

Stella Morabito, who is a historian of the Soviet Union, issued a warning at Family Research Council’s (FRC) office in Washington, D.C., that public education in the United States is beginning to implement an LGBT propaganda agenda that is geared to demolish free thinking and force students to embrace its politically correct gender worldview.

"Social and emotional learning is becoming all the rage in the public education policy realm, and if left unchecked, it will result in a monolithic, nationalized mandate demanding conformity to the politically correct dogma of the day,” Morabito alerted attendees at FRC on Tuesday, according to The Christian Post (CP). “In other words, it is a massive state-sponsored propaganda operation intended to isolate and control people, including kids, about how to feel and relate to people.”

She was referring to a strategic progressive operation orchestrated by an organization known as CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning), which uses various materials and processes to indoctrinate children into its mode of thinking.

A new brand of morality in schools

To demonstrate the reality that is taking place today behind closed classroom doors in public schools, Morabito presented video clips showing CASEL experts and supporters proclaiming why such pro-transgender instruction is a necessity for the tens of millions of students enrolled in America’s public education system.

“[CASEL activists] say it is because [transgender indoctrination] is the only way children will acquire ‘life skills’ and children, who are bound to become ‘self-directed,’ are ‘crying out’ for this, noting that data show that approximately 40 percent are ‘chronically disengaged’ in school.” CP reported. “CASEL's curriculum is being implemented in certain places in the U.S. – especially in urban areas.”

Morabito emphasized how the pro-LGBT training is nothing short of state-enforced social propaganda.

"Both the content and process of CASEL are statist in nature ... think of it as Groupthink 10.0: We're the government and we're here to help,” the expert on socialism and communism offered. “The net effect is to build a collective mindset."

According to the LGBT advocacy video, students must be in full compliance with their way of thinking, which is the only acceptable way to view human sexuality.

“The CASEL video also explains how educators ‘need the whole child,’ and the academic content in any subject is now a ‘commodity’ and is less important than SEL instruction since kids can access the internet for such knowledge,” CP’s Brandon Showalter recounted. “CASEL aims to ‘mobilize’ this curriculum – where the dominant emphasis is kids being taught to be self-aware, how to regulate their emotions, build relationship skills, and demonstrate responsible decision-making in their schools and communities – to get it into every school in the nation.”

Morabito explained how the influences behind CASEL range from everything from Obama-supported domestic terrorists, to advocates of social and economic globalism, to transgender activists pushing radical agendas – with a great deal of the progressive thinking coming straight out of Chicago … the former president’s old stomping grounds.

“One of the board members of CASEL is Linda Darling-Hammond – who was domestic terrorist Bill Ayers' choice to be President Obama's Secretary of Education,” Showalter noted. “[Morabito went on to say that she believes there are some decent people who have fallen into the trap of utopian thinking – which by nature is always collectivist. Utopian thinking disregards the individual to build a predictable, mechanical world that demands mass control over everyone's lives and relationships – essentially programming them down to what they can and cannot say.”

Dismantling the biblical worldview

During Morabito’s presentation, she stressed how those promoting transgender indoctrination strategically denounce the family and natural marriage before setting up their new prescription for alternative relationships and lifestyles.

“She referenced the work of gender legal theorist Martha Fineman, who argued that state recognition of the institution of marriage should be abolished,” Showalter mentioned. “Fineman observed that once that happened ‘a lot more regulation (protection)’ would occur once interactions between individuals within families were removed from behind the veil of privacy that now shields them. Those behaviors would then be ‘judged by standards established to regulate interactions among all members of society.’"

The LGBT agenda’s emphasis on mandating the “proper” use of its prescribed “gender pronouns” are reportedly a major component creating its new social order – which begins in the schools.

“[Forcing people to use words and pronouns that do not correspond to their biological sex, but of their choosing] destabilizes thought because it totally undermines the entire structure of our language,” Morabito’s PowerPoint presentation stated. “[One language is overhauled, and thoughtfulness and conversation is replaced with] conditioned emotional reflexes that creates a mob mentality not allowing for differences of thought."

Morabito touched on how the majority CASEL’s partners support the regulation of speech, noting how power elites use psychological manipulation to push their unsubstantiated claims and forward their pro-LGBT agenda. She also talked about the way schools contend that gender pronouns must be used not just because they stand for “tolerance,” but because they ae just “good manners.”

"It's not a matter of manners when you're talking about the destabilization of the entire structure of our means of communicating with each other, which are basic rules of grammar and syntax that aren't supposed to be an infinite list – which is really what it is growing to be," Morabito concluded during her demonstration at the nation’s capital.

Reasons the left is winning

Just a couple years, ago, Morabito explained why the LGBT agenda has been having its way in America’s schools – and ultimately throughout society beyond the school gates.

“American conservatives are, by and large, clueless about propaganda methods and tactics, and it shows – there are virtually no conservative social psychologists around,” Morabito argued in a piece she wrote for The Federalist in June 2015. “You’d think once a liberal social psychologist hits the pubic over the head with this fact, some on the Right would take notice and at least try to get clued in.”

She then highlighted how it is not an accident that the sexual revolution headed by influential liberals has had its way in America.

“Meanwhile, the left has been employing social psychology and depth psychology on the masses for decades, [as former] President Obama’s campaign staff was filled with social psychologists,” Morabito added. “In this context, those who believe conservatives can subsist on reason and logic alone are kidding themselves. It’s no wonder GOP leaders are caving on so many principles – and being absorbed so easily into the left’s machine.”

Conservatives a no-show

For years, it has been argued that conservatives never show up for the fight when it comes to social psychology and what kinds of teaching students are subjected to in America’s academic institutions when it comes to societal mores.

In her October 2014 column for the New Yorker, Maria Konnikova recalled a January 2011 convention in San Antonio, Texas, titled “Society for Personality and Social Psychology,” where the scholar, Jonathan Haidt – who has published papers in Behavioral and Brain Sciences – noted the lopsided presence of leftists when it comes to issues in sociology.

She recounted how Haidt demonstrated in the conference center – where the topic was “A Vision for Social Psychology in the Year 2020,” exactly why the left has a monopoly on the social agenda in America.

“Haidt began by reviewing the field that he is best known for, moral psychology,” Konnikova recalled in her New Yorker piece titled, “Is Social Psychology Biased Against Republicans?” “Then he threw a curveball – he [called upon] the gathering of about a thousand social-psychology professors, students, and post-docs, [to engage in] some audience participation [and asked] by a show of hands, how would those present describe their political orientation? First came the liberals: a ‘sea of hands,’ comprising about 80 percent of the room, Haidt later recalled. Next, the centrists or moderates – 20 hands. Next, the libertarians – 12 hands. And last, the conservatives – three hands.”

She went on to describe how Haidt hit the nail on the head when it comes to figuring out why modern sociology is dominated by leftist agendas.

“Social psychology, Haidt went on, had an obvious problem: a lack of political diversity that was every bit as dangerous as a lack of, say, racial or religious or gender diversity,” Konnikova continued. “It discouraged conservative students from joining the field, and it discouraged conservative members from pursuing certain lines of argument. It also introduced bias into research questions, methodology, and, ultimately, publications. The topics that social psychologists chose to study and how they chose to study them, he argued, suffered from homogeneity.”

Konnikova stressed how because the overwhelming majority of those in academia engaged in sociology are from the political left, students receive a very narrow perspective on the subject.

“The effect was limited, Haidt was quick to point out, to areas that concerned political ideology and politicized notions, like race, gender, stereotyping, and power and inequality: “It’s not like the whole field is undercut, but when it comes to research on controversial topics, the effect is most pronounced,” Konnikova recounted from Haidt’s lecture.


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